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July 8th, 2016

Learning to take things slow

I’ve been learning to take things a little slower this week by embracing life’s smaller moments, getting back to basics, and finding simple ways to get more balance in my life.

The Khoollect team and I have been delving right into the heart of all things ‘slow living’ and the concept has really piqued my interest. Maybe you could do with less hustle and bustle in your life too? If that’s a yes, then get inspired by some of the features below – they’ll certainly give you a bit of food for thought this weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.45.17 PM
Photo: Laura Edwards

Georgina Hayden is an avid supporter of the slow food movement, so much so that this charismatic lady has just launched her first slow food cookbook Stirring Slowly. Her book is centred on the restorative power of the dishes we consume, and cooking and eating food to make you feel great. Start your ‘slower’ approach to food by entering to WIN a copy of her book, or trying out her delicious noodle bowl recipe.

You don’t always need to pack a suitcase and head south when you’re in need of a holiday or some unwind time. Sometimes a home vacation is a much easier, more cost effective and restorative solution. Head over and check out our tips for mastering the ‘staycation’.

Do you treasure your Sundays as much as I do? For most of us they’re the one day of the week we truly allow ourselves to slow down, relax and unwind, or undertake activities that are more basic and meaningful to us. Chiron Cole is a fly on a wall to those Sunday dinner moments, her beautiful photographs capturing what people eat and how they spend the day, who they spend it with and what they do.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.49.49 PM

As always, Khoollect’s hotlist of slow living Instagrammers provides a great starting point for immersing yourself in everything ‘slow’. You’ll discover a bunch of interesting new feeds to follow that will inspire you to wind down a gear in your approach to life.

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Learning to take things slow

  1. Hey, we as a family are going to go back to basics and live slowly during the summer vacation in France. Camping is a must with NO electronic devices. Games are packed in a lovely wicker basket along with acrylics and varnish for sealing rock paintings. Kubb game and boules packed. But most of all, a list of new recipes to try and the children have jobs to do – making the flatbread dough, learning how to bake on a BBQ and inventing Pizza topping combos. Life in the fast lane isn’t healthy so we are heading off on an adventure where we have little choice including clothing. Five outfits each!

    1. Denise! This sounds absolutely amazing – and such a great thing for your children. We’ve become so reliant on technology for entertainment, so I think your adventures sounds brilliant!

  2. Relaxation and quality time in today’s non stop live style is a must. We all spend our desperately striving to achieve with very little time to sit back and enjoy life itself. Hope you and your team thoroughly injoy these special moments in your busy life’s!

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