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November 1st, 2017

The Little Swedish Kitchen: Cookbook Shoot III

Amongst the building works, unpacking and constant hammering (ha!) we managed to shoot for my new cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen. Squeezing team Penguin Books, genius Frankie Unsworth and of course the brilliant David Loftus into our freshly painted studio kitchen was a bit more hectic than we’d planned but we did it! We even had the help of chief recipe tester, Isla Unsworth, who always gives a magic touch with her paws.

It was so nice to finally be shooting in our new Khoollect kitchen (designed by Devol kitchens) space. With only a few hiccups – we had a drain issue that resulted in work men and volcanic-like sounds – we managed to squeeze in 26 recipes to our jam-packed shoot days.

Linda Berlin selected a beautiful array of props that really brought my vision for my Swedish kitchen to life. We managed to include some of my original pieces that featured in My Little Paris Kitchen too.

Some highlights of the day were a succulent beef stew and delicious vegan Swedish meatballs – I can’t wait for you to try the recipes!

Stay tuned for more cookbook and studio updates. In the meantime, follow along via my Instagram.

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6 thoughts on “The Little Swedish Kitchen: Cookbook Shoot III

  1. So fun to get a little peak behind the scenes ! Can’t wait to see the final product. And I love David Loftus photos, so I am sure it will be gorgeous!

  2. Rachel, you are so beautiful, talented and fun! If ever you get bored of your life in Europe, please come and join me here in Thailand… Bring your baby too and I’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of Thai cuisine. With your looks, cuteness and skills, and my knowledge, we could go far!
    Your number one fan in Asia. <3

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I love your outfits you always look so beautiful and cute. How do I find this dress it’s just stunning I would love to be able to wear it for my bridal shower. Is it possible to post where you find your clothing in a link on your posts here and on instagram? Just finished watching you on Zumbo 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I’ve done lots of posts on the website with links to my outfits. If you use the search button and search for ‘clothes’ or ‘outfits’ some of the posts will come up or otherwise click on ‘fashion and beauty’ section.

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