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August 22nd, 2019

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 1: Swedish Pantry

My Swedish Kitchen Episode One
Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen – Episode 01 at Högtorp Gårdon Food Network

I’m so excited that the first episode has aired of My Swedish Kitchen. I’m so proud of the show and can’t wait for you to see it. In this episode, I meet with Högtorp Gård (former chemical engineer and now master of pickles!) to learn about foraging and the traditional Swedish pantry. We see the fascinating process of making spruce oil and try tiny green unripe plums (so delicious!).

Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen – Episode 01 at Orga Kvarn on Food Network

I visit a local flour mill, Orga Kvarn, where grain is crushed, separated and sifted, to make an exquisitely fine flour. I pick up a fruity rye flour to make knäckebrod – one of my favourite things to buy at the local supermarket. Traditionally it is the size of a vinyl record and has a hole in the middle – but for my knäckebrod, I’m keeping it super simple and a little bit rustic.

In the kitchen of a beautiful red ‘stuga’ (cabin), I make a starter of rye knäckebrod with vibrant pink pickle and cream cheese, followed by the most delicious boar burrito (Inspired by the Swedish taco Fridays). For “fika”, I whip up a lemon and yoghurt cake, complete with fragrant rosemary.

My Swedish Kitchen Episode One
Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen – Episode 01 Rye knäckebrod with pickles on Food Network

Starter: Rye knäckebrod with pickles p26
Main: Boar burrito with pink pickled onions (Pork works just as well!) p186
Dessert: lemon and yoghurt cake p134

Find them in my latest cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen, which is available to buy on Amazon!

Some of the items of clothing you might recognise from previous shows or photoshoots. I’ve listed where I got them from but there’s a high chance that the items may no longer be in stock. Here’s what I was wearing in episode 1:

Uniqlo Green Jacket, Uniqlo green cardigan, Zara knee-high brown boots, GP Baker x H & M collab dress.

Watch the episode online, here. (UK only)

Catch the next episode on Thursday at 9pm on FoodNetwork UK. Sky channel 140, Freeview channel 41, Virgin media Channel 291, Freesat Channel 148.

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7 thoughts on “My Swedish Kitchen Episode 1: Swedish Pantry

  1. Hi , so glad you show how fantastic Sweden is 😀
    You used dried sourdough in your recipe, how do you do that(dried sourdough)?
    Just use what is left after baking with sourdough or?

    1. I actually just bought it but you could just spread out a thin layer of sourdough starter on a sheet of baking paper and dry it in a low temperature oven.

  2. Hi Rachel, we were on vacation in Australia and tuned into your show, really enjoyed it as our son and his family live in Trelleborg,Sweden. So any chance I get to see anything Swedish be it tv shows or novels I am interested. Have been over quite a few times and always have a good time.
    PS we live in Canada but originally came from Ireland

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