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August 29th, 2019

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 3: The Forest Flavours

Episode 3 The Forest Flavours

In this episode, my journey around Sweden continues as the Autumn weather settles in. From forest foraging for mushrooms to stirring risotto on the stove, I learn about the slower way of living that captures what I love about my new home in Sweden.

Episode 3 The Forest Flavours

Nature and the forest are a huge part of Swedish culture. Coming from bustling cities like London and Paris, it’s so comforting to be around, and appreciate the tranquillity of the Swedish countryside. Mushroom picking goes hand in hand with the end of Summer for Swedes, who have a great knowledge of foraging, and is a hobby I can turn directly into a delicious meal! Win, win.

To add a little twist to a typical risotto, I’ve toasted some pearl barley for texture, flavour and to bring a taste of the forest! Chanterelles are a foragers dream, but any mushroom would work well in this comforting dish. Find the recipe here.

Episode 3 The Forest Flavours

The first time I had yellow pea soup was on a cold winter’s day in the South of Sweden. We were all freezing! And pea soup was the perfect comforter. Pea soup is almost always garnished with a sweet (not spicy) mustard – a tradition I have definitely adopted willingly!

I visit a quirky ice-cream shop, King Scoopa, (owned by my Swedish teacher, Sem!) that serves the best ice-cream in Stockholm. With old school hip hop playing in the background, I learn how to make the perfect ice-cream using lingonberry and cardamon jam with gram crackers.

Episode 3 The Forest Flavours

Inspired by the unusual flavours of Sem’s ice-cream, I make my lemon and dill (a key Scandinavian flavour!) parfait.

Find all of the recipes in my latest cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen, which is available to buy on Amazon!

Some of the items of clothing you might recognise from previous shows or photoshoots. I’ve listed where I got them from, but there’s a high chance that the items may no longer be in stock. Here’s what I was wearing in episode 3:

Petit Bateau yellow raincoat, Uniqlo Green cardigan, Uniqlo green corduroy skirt and Dubarry boots.

Watch the episode online, here. (UK only)

Don’t miss out! Catch the show on FoodNetwork UK. Sky channel 140, Freeview channel 41, Virgin media Channel 291, Freesat Channel 148

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