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September 5th, 2019

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 5: A New Diverse Cuisine

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 5: A New Diverse Cuisine

In this week’s episode, I visit the diverse Southern city of Malmo. Sitting across from Copenhagen, Malmo has a rich immigrant population which adds to its eclectic food scene. Falafel is almost considered Malmo’s national dish (and is as Swedish as meatballs these days!). It’s a unifying dish that’s perfect for all diets and cultures. Inspired by the diverse food culture of Malmo, I make a fusion of falafel and veggie meatballs. Meatballs are so popular in Sweden – from the nursery, school canteens, at work and in the home – and have become a go-to meal in my recipe book.

As well as meatballs, I make my green shakshuka – a simple spinach dish with poached eggs and a Swedish touch. A versatile dish that can be adapted with what you have in the fridge.

I meet with a local “fika” expert (what a great job) and try the best pastries and cakes. Swedes sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a treat up to four times a day. It’s mandatory in Swedish culture! But it’s not always about the cake – it’s about taking time for ourselves and connecting with friends and family.

For my own fika recipe, I prepare my simple-to-make yet very tasty chocolate oat cookies. Best enjoyed with family or friends, as per the Swedes!

Some of the items of clothing you might recognise from previous shows or photoshoots. I’ve listed where I got them from but there’s a high chance that the items may no longer be in stock. Here’s what I was wearing in episode 5: 

Zara Brown knee-high boots, The pretty dress blue dress, petit bateau yellow raincoat, red lipstick.

Find all of the recipes in my latest cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen, which is available to buy on Amazon!

Watch the episode online, here. (UK only)

Catch episode 6 next Thursday at 9pm on FoodNetwork UK. Sky channel 140, Freeview channel 41, Virgin media Channel 291, Freesat Channel 148.

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