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September 12th, 2019

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 8: A Festive Ending Crayfish Party

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 8 Rachel Khoo

In the season finale of My Swedish Kitchen, I host my own Crayfish Party! It’s one of my favourite celebrations and is the highlight of the Swedish calendar. It’s all about family, friends, singing, drinking schnapps and eating crayfish soup. I learn how to fish for crayfish and how to prepare my catch – the Swedish way – by boiling them in dill and eating them cold.

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 8 Rachel Khoo

In the dark forests of south-eastern Sweden, I visit an incredible glass blowing factory that has been making glass since the 16th century. The factory utilises the hot ovens for more than hardening glass – at the end of the workday, food is cooked in the residual heat of the ovens. A tradition that still lives on until today.

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 8 Rachel Khoo

I invite a few friends over for a traditional crayfish party and together with the cold crayfish, I serve a warm crayfish soup and a cheese pie that is almost always found at a crayfish party. It’s made with my favourite Swedish cheese that is strong, nutty and slightly salty.

My Swedish Kitchen Episode 8 Rachel Khoo

And another Swedish classic a cheesecake, which is nothing like the famous New York cheesecake but instead is served warm with a generous heap of whipped cream and cloudberry jam. The perfect way to celebrate all of what Sweden has to offer!

Thank you so much for following my Swedish adventure. It’s been an extraordinary time both on and off the screen. I’ve learned to appreciate the simplicity of the food and the clean and crisp flavours we often take for granted. I’ve adopted a new way of cooking (and living) that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

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Some of the items of clothing you might recognise from previous shows or photoshoots. I’ve listed where I got them from, but there’s a high chance that the items may no longer be in stock. Here’s what I was wearing in episode 8:

Uniqlo Green jacket, H&M jeans, Denim Shirt, Brown Bluntstone Boots.

Watch the episode online, here. (UK only)

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