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July 29th, 2020

Podcast: A carnivore’s crisis

It’s amazing how putting it out into the universe can help make things happen (ok I know it probably helps that I do have quite a few followers). After the below post went live, a message from Naima Brown slipped into my DM’s, asking me whether I would be interested in working on a podcast series for Amazon Audible Australia with her fellow co-producer, Nicola Harvey.

The idea came about because Nicola moved from Sydney to New Zealand to start farming, and that opened up a whole bunch of questions about the environmental impact of food production. And through conversations with Naima they settled on a storyline: must meat and dairy die in order for the planet to live.” We decided to set the story in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the US to illustrate how interconnected the food trade and food trends are these days.

Now the topic of the podcast series even though food related wasn’t the light hearted banter a lot of people would expect of me. It was a subject that had been on my mind for quite a while. I had been grappling with the current simplistic portrayal of veganism being held up as the answer to the world’s environmental problems. I wanted to dig deeper and find out whether it is as black and white as it’s so often made out.

I’m a strong believer of information being a form of empowerment and the basis of being able to form a more knowledge based opinion. And so Naima, Nicole and I set about on the journey of research, reading and interviewing a whole range of specialists, environmentalists, activists, professors, techpreneurs, chefs, food writers…

A carnivore’s crisis was an opportunity for me to have an honest conversation on a subject that turned out to be a very complex.

I do hope you take the time to listen and digest. As always I appreciate sincere feedback and if you have time, a review on Audible would help other people discover the podcast.

A Carnivore’s Crisis with Rachel Khoo is free for Audible members and those taking Audible’s free 30-day trial.

Audible UK

Audible Australia

It is set to be released on Audible US late August.

The production was commissioned by Audible Originals. It’s a Pipi Films (NZ) and Duststar (AUS) co-production. Funding came from Audible and with additional support from Pipi Films (NZ based company)

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