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August 5th, 2019

My Swedish Kitchen TV show

Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen on Food Network

I’m delighted to announce that my new TV show, Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen, will be released on Food Network UK on the 22nd August at 9pm! Bringing the recipes from my latest cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen, to life and exploring Sweden’s incredible food culture. From the beautiful countryside, to the fresh seafood of Gothenburg – I’ve put my Khoo twist on traditional Swedish culture and home-cooking.

Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen Ep 5 on Food Network

Watch the show online, here. UK only (sorry! coming soon to other countries).

My Swedish Kitchen TV Episode guide
Ep 1: Swedish Pantry
Ep 2: Sausage from Scratch
Ep 3: The Forest sets the Flavour
Ep 4: Swedish House Man’s Food
Ep 5: A New Diverse Cuisine
Ep 6: The Streets of Gothenburg
Ep 7: Fishing on the West Coast
Ep 8: A Festive Ending

Don’t miss out! Catch the show on FoodNetwork UK. Sky channel 140, Freeview channel 41, Virgin media Channel 291, Freesat Channel 148

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4 thoughts on “My Swedish Kitchen TV show

  1. In the Paris little kitchen you made a breakfast in a bun tray with egg and ham. Where can I find that recipe love Philip.

  2. I just did several TV listings searches and On Demand searches before I saw that your new show is only airing in the UK right now. I am so excited, and looking forward to seeing it on the US Food Network. I have subscribed to get emails so my sister and I won’t miss your show when it premieres here. We adore your style and your shows.

    1. Hi Robin, Thanks so much for searching and the very kind compliments. I’m hoping it’ll air in the US very soon. I’ll definitely put all the info in my newsletter so that’s great you’ve subscribed.

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