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March 22nd, 2017

My seasonal spring menu suggestions

If you’re up to date with my online lifestyle magazine Khoollect, you would have discovered my team’s fascination with all things gardeningoutdoors and warm weather. As spring arrives in London we can’t help but be inspired by the blossoming-tree-lined streets, the bright yellow daffodils, and, of course, the delicious produce the season has to offer. I believe that a new season has the ability to inspire a new beginning. That’s why I’m excited about my fresh face makeup look, making a habit of my yoga practice, and serve lighter, delicious food to family and friends this spring. 

If you’re searching for some spring cooking inspiration, have a look at what I’ve put together here. A seasonal menu full of flavoursome recipes and lighter dishes to get you out and about in the sunnier weather. 

Use my menu suggestions to make the most of the upcoming warmer weather. Whether it’s a homemade breakfast to start your morning on a delicious note, or a dessert to share with friends al fresco, after a long and finger-numbing winter, I’m excited to get out and make the most of spring.


Raw ginger martini


Labneh with strawberries, pistachios and honeycomb

Chia seed bircher muesli

Buttermilk and rye waffles


Late spring stew with preserved lemon relish

Vanessa Fletcher’s tomato, pomegranate and parsley salad

Trout parcels for two

Scallops in seaweed butter


Rose water meringue mess

Gluten-free rhubarb crumble

Peach and wine sorbet

What are your favourite things to snack on as the weather gets warmer? 

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