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July 3rd, 2018

The Little Swedish Kitchen soundtrack

Rachel Khoo The little Swedish Kitchen soundtrack

The must have tool to have in the kitchen besides a sharp knife is a good soundtrack. It makes cooking and the  clean-up afterwards so much easier. When I started putting together a Swedish soundtrack to go with the launch of my cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen (preorder here), I realised just how many of these tracks have played a big part in my life.

From listening to Roxette as a kid (I remember visiting my relatives in Austria and my cousins had it on cassette tape), to Ace of Base, The Cardigans (I think I watched Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet at least three times at the local cinema), and the Rednex ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ when I was a teen (I actually hated that track when it first came out – it’s in there for the fun factor), to The Kooks during my studies at art college (I had no idea they were Swedish), then watching The Shout Out Louds in Paris, and then finally listening to Robyn (I’ve seen her shopping at my local supermarket), Avicci, Zara Larsson and more before even officially moving to Sweden. Of course you couldn’t have a Swedish soundtrack without Abba; I was in France recently and saw a group of Swedes go crazy when they heard ‘Dancing Queen’ being played by the DJ at the beach club.

Who would have thought that Swedens music export could match it’s interior export? What are you favourite Swedish tunes?

Check out my favourite Paris tracks here.

Photo by David Loftus taken from The Little Swedish Kitchen cookbook.

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One thought on “The Little Swedish Kitchen soundtrack

  1. I hope for a Swedish event in coming for our own book. Queens of pop is on a tour(Zara Larsson, Molly Sanden, Icona pop and more) over here and Queen of food is living here in Sweden!!!
    Itz time for Swedez to find the chef and nothing but the chef.

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