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January 30th, 2019

Veganuary fare to kick-start the year

Tahini Tacos

New Year, new you? Well, I can’t say the same for myself unfortunately – I’ve never been a fan of making big audacious resolutions that I’ll never stick to. However, I am working hard to incorporate more plant-based, vegetarian and vegan dishes into my weekly meal regime.

While there’s been a serious amount of chatter around Veganuary, I’m less about one-off one-month commitments to eating better, and more about making sustainable long-term tweaks that’ll set me up for life.

As you all know, I love butter and cheese. I also love meat and decadent desserts. And I’m well aware the veganism might not be the answer to solving the world’s problems (check out this interesting article by The Guardian). But, there are lots of great reasons to minimise meat and maximise veg, even if it’s just a case of subbing out a few dishes per week.

Vegan dishes don’t have to mean dry lentils and beans, or boring salads and steamed veg – there are so so many exciting ways to prepare delicious, healthy and flavourful plant-based meals. If you need a point in the right direction, here’s a few recipes I prepared earlier:

My own go-to vegan recipes

Here’s just a few of my favourite quick and easy vegan recipes, available on Rachelkhoo.com:

Toasted coconut granola

Toasted coconut granola
Photo: Lara Messer

Falafels Swedish-style with red cabbage and dill

Falafels Swedish style
Photo: David Loftus

Tahini Tacos

Tahini tacos
Photo: Lara Messer

Celeriac and sesame noodles

Celeriac and sesame noodles
Photo: Laura Edwards

Cherry tomato dal

Cheery tomato dal
Photo: Lara Messer

You’ll also find some great vegan recipes inside my new cookbook, The Little Swedish Kitchen, including: The chocolate cake the dog ate; Swedish bean balls with butterbean mash; and Oat cookies.

Recipes by my favourite vegan-friendly authors

A growing number of cookbook authors and food personalities are getting on the vegan bandwagon as part of their food ethos and approach to cooking – it’s great to see vegetables becoming the shining stars of their delicious dishes.

Some of my favourite easy vegan recipes from other authors include:

Blood orange freezer cake by Anna Jones

Blood orange freezer cake
Photo: Ana Cuba

Hoisin pancakes with grilled aubergine by Melissa Hemsley

Hoisin pancakes with grilled aubergine
Photo: Issy Croker

Turmeric and coconut dhal by Georgina Hayden

Turmeric and coconut Dhal

What are your favourite vegan recipes or cooking tips? Share them in the comments below…

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