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July 29th, 2016

Make wellbeing your number one

Regardless of whether you’re a mother, a school teacher, self-employed, roll with the corporate crowd, are a bureaucrat or otherwise, I can pretty much bank on the fact that we all put our day jobs at the top of our list of priorities, and leave our own wellbeing lagging far behind. Is this true for you? I’m certainly guilty!

Over on Khoollect this week we’ve put together some practical tips, feel-good activities, and wholesome suggestions to help make a series of improvements to your own wellbeing. Eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, and take time to relax – it all sounds simple really, doesn’t it?! But, if you need a little prompt in the right direction, then pop the kettle on, grab a 15-minute sit down and get amongst some reading to start making some positive steps to taking better care of YOU!

Photo: Lara Messer

Photo: Lara Messer

De-clutter your life with Khoollect deputy editor Lara Messer‘s tips on becoming a minimalist. It doesn’t take much time or effort, so read up and put your own plan into action today!

Photo: Lara Messer

Photo: Lara Messer

Exercise doesn’t have to be arduous to make you feel good. There’s a never-ending list of fun team and individual pursuits to get you moving (and laughing) indoors and out, but our list of suggestions is just that little bit more offbeat.

Photo: Lara Messer

Photo: Lara Messer

Healthy oils are the order of the day and lately we’ve become infatuated with macadamia nut oil. This delicious alternative to your standard olive, coconut and others adds a touch of glam to your homemade dishes and can even pep up your beauty regime.

Photo: Charlotte Bland

Photo: Charlotte Bland

Add some wholesome meals to your repertoire and make yourself feel great both inside and out. Ruby Tandoh’s recipe for smoky butternut squash stew with chickpea dumplings will do just that. It’s just one of her many delicious offerings from her latest cookbook Flavour: eat what you love. Get yourself in the draw to WIN a copy.

wellbeing week - khoollect instagram hotlist feel good

Take a leaf out of someone else’s book: Khoollect’s hotlist of feel-good Instagrammers is laden with accounts to follow that will give you a daily boost of wellbeing warm-fuzzies.

Have a great weekend!

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