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April 17th, 2013

Love, Likes, Bits and Bobs – April 2013

1. NPR TED Radio Hour

Via NPR, Kudryashka/Shutterstock

Always good to stumble across something online that discusses the pursuit of happiness! Have you come across the NPR (National Public Radio)’s TED Radio Hour yet? The show (you can listen to it online) features a whole bunch of inspiring interviews and discussions, based on the awesome TED talks. I love this particular talk – The Pursuit of Happiness. The three main guests are Malcolm Gladwell (author of ‘Blink‘, a fabulous book), author Kathyrn Schulz and psychologist Barry Schwartz – so you know you’re in good hands. If you’re pressed for time and can’t listen to the whole show, you can read over the transcripts too (look for the ‘full story’ links).

2. Sabbath Manifesto: The Ten Principles

Sometimes in busy weeks I find it hard to switch off (whether it’s from work, twitter, facebook, my blog … and now I’ve added Instagram into the mix too!), so I love it when I’m flying and I can’t access the internet! When I do get time to chill out away from technology, I find that’s when my new ideas seem to pop up. I came across these Ten Principles for switching off the other day. Love the simple and practical tips.

3. Thrash Lab

Thrash Lab features some awesome short documentaries. Whether you want to learn something, feel something, or simply just chill out, these videos are sure to grab your attention.

Guilty as charged!

I used to go to chess club when I was kid although I was more interested in sneaking to the tuck shop for a bag of sweets then playing chess.

4. Dorothée Meilichzon’s favourite Paris spots

Image thanks to Chzon Design

Anyone planning a trip to Paris? You’ll find some cool tips here in this interview with French interior and product designer Dorothée Meilichzon of where she likes to go in the city. You might even spy some familiar faces whilst browsing the other Red Visitor videos too 😉


5. The Art of the Restaurateur

Good illustration inspiration to be found here. I’m about to start doing the illustrations for my new book, so always on the look out for style ideas and cool inspiration. I could fill my whole apartment floor to ceiling with art books like this.

6. Prada Candy

Love the French clichés (just look at the guys hairstyles!) in Prada’s new perfume ad produced by Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson.

Check out behind the scenes here. Must have been a lot of quirky and cool conversations going on at this shoot!

7. BBC Horizon Documentary

I knew there was a reason why it was good to let my mind wander…this documentary from BBC is worth putting time aside to watch.


BBC have some fab other documentaries too, and they ask some big questions like did cooking make us human? (Love the intro to this video).

8. How to peel a head of garlic in less than 10 seconds

I’m definitely going to try this out when I next have to peel lots of garlic (via @dark-rye.tumbler.com). Thanks Saveur, awesome tips! And good for exercising any frustrations too 😉

9. Anthony Bourdain’s new show

This is my kind of travel. Wouldn’t you love to have Anthony Bourdain as your travel guide in far-flung destinations? I’m a fan of his other shows No Reservations and The Layover, so am looking forward to checking out his new project, Parts Unknown.



10. Delicatessen with love

I’m a firm believer that most people’s culinary inspiration comes first and foremost from family. A lot of my recipes are variations of dishes that members of my family have whipped up for me during my life (you can find some of my recipes inspired by my Austrian grandmother here and here). So naturally, I’m a big fan of any grandma-inspired meals! Love this photography series Delicatessen with love, shot by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti. The photos capture grannies from all corners of the globe, cooking their signature dishes (via Good.is).

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  1. I love seeing so much inspiration and interests here! Its great to see that there’s so much out there to love and be excited by 😀

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