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January 31st, 2013

Love, likes, bits and bobs – January 2013

1. André Hellé

Illustration by André Hellé.

Even if you’re not a kid, the books by André Hellé will be a joy to look at (also a great way to start reading French too). Born in 1871, André Hellé was a jack of all (creative) trades. Illustrator, artist and children’s toys and furniture designer – he worked in a world where imagination and storytelling ruled. Today, his work remains relatively unknown, so flipping through his books is almost like discovering a little secret to enjoy all on your own. Until June 10, 2013 le musée du jouet de Poissy (outside of Paris) is hosting an exhibition of André Hellé’s toys and games. Check out André’s work here.


2. Train travel

Still from Hitchcock’s ‘Strangers on a Train’

When it comes to modes of transport, travelling by train is by far my favourite. SNCF offers some awesome last-minute deals for the TGV (where you can zip around France in a couple of hours). And more recently I jumped on a fast train from Copenhagen to Sweden (internet connection on the train rocks! Something that is definitely missing on trains in France). Or for a more luxurious option or special treat, there’s the Orient Express. If you need to sell a train ticket (in French) or if you’re looking for a cheap deal, check out this little online gem, quick smart (via secretsofparis).


3. ‘Life of Pi’

I’m a movie-a-holic and go to the cinema almost every week. However, it’s rare if I see a film that makes me want to read the book again. I read ‘Life of Pi’ years ago, and since seeing the movie I’m going to have to read it again. I fell in love (all over again) with the beautiful scenery and the touching story. Also looking forward to seeing this too (brings back memories when I first saw ‘Romeo & Juliet’).


4. Green Kitchen Stories

Italian potato salad by Green Kitchen stories.

I’m lucky that I have access to some amazing and affordable fruit and vegetables in Paris – so eating my greens is never a chore. But when I’m looking for some veggie inspiration I love to browse Green Kitchen stories. Drool-worthy photos and delicious (but healthy) recipes. Surely food like this will get anyone eating their greens!


5. David Loftus on FoodTube


I love David’s work and am very fortunate to have worked with him on my previous book (he’s also shooting my next book). He’s just started a series of short food photography masterclasses on Jamie Oliver’s new FoodTube. Well worth checking out if you’re a budding food photographer!


6. The Amazings (via @swissmiss)

Sometimes the internet serves up the goods, and provides us with a slice of pure amazingness. This great initiative links industry professionals (and amazing elders) with people who are eager to learn new skills – via a series of workshops, classes and short courses. Check out some of the courses listed on The Amazings website – I bet you’ll be tempted to sign up to loads of them, like me. There are plenty of classes I would love to try, like the foraging course, and how to make it in the creative industry sounds like a course every Art Graduate should do.


7. Little Treasures: Made by Hand

If you’re on the lookout for a positive and crafty blog, then head straight to Pia Jane Bijkerk’s site. An author, stylist and photographer, Pia dabbles in all sorts of inspiring projects across the world (she divides her time between Sydney, Paris and also Amsterdam). After the birth of her daughter, Laly, Pia dreamed of publishing a gorgeous little book, ‘Little Treasures: Made By Hand’. She then set up an online fundraising effort to fund her book, with the goal to have it ready to go to print in time for mother’s day this year. The book is nearly ready, and will feature more than 50 handmade gifts, and will include little anecdotes of the treasures that Pia was given after Laly was born. Full of inspiring, homemade and DIY creations, Pia’s book will celebrate unique gifts that can be passed through generations.


8. Biz ladies

Here’s some great advice on running a small business from, to, and not just for – the ladies! Running your own small business certainly has loads of perks, but it also comes hand-in-hand with a whole lot of self-directed learning. The Biz Ladies series on the awesome Design*Sponge blog is full of lots of tips and tricks for running, improving and building your own business. This is one of my favourite posts.


9. Vanessa Paradis for H&M Conscious Collection 2013 (via @BB de la branche)

Love Vanessa Paradis (her hit ‘Be My Baby‘ was the first single I bought), so this video caught my eye. Can’t wait to see the collection, as I’m a big fan of some of the pieces in previous H&M Conscious Collections.  Thought it was an interesting move for Vanessa to take on this role with H&M, especially after her work with Chanel. Combining high street pieces with more longer-lasting staple items is how I try and approach my wardrobe…maybe Vanessa does the same!

10. Santigold ‘Girls’

Perfect tune for the show ‘Girls’. Catchy tune + fun video = awesome combo. Who else has been watching ‘Girls’, and hanging out for Season 2? Finally it’s back, and I’m officially hooked. I love Claire Danes’ interview with the show’s creator and star Lena Dunham, in ‘Interview’ magazine.

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  1. Heya Rachel
    life of PI my fave movie……….. Rachel totally love your cooking ( ur show over on the BBC) are you having another series??
    BTW plz check out my blog and leave a comment

  2. Rachael love your show! Here in the U.S. we don’t see too many French cooking shows. Especially one as real as yours. I love to cook and am always learning and cooking new things. Just ordered your cookbook and look forward to cooking from it. Keep making your show it is so much fun to watch!!!! Rie

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