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March 20th, 2013

Love, likes, bits and bobs – March 2013

Another month is rapidly disappearing, which must mean … time for another round up of my Love, Likes, Bits and Bobs. Even when I’m up to my ears in recipe testing for my new book, I still somehow manage to sneak in some time to browse the web for inspiration (distraction = inspiration, right??).

1. Paperless Post

When I can’t send a letter via snail mail, this is my second option. Virtual stationery that looks like the real deal – some of the Paperless Post cards and letters are so sweet, especially those with a vintage vibe, like this Pride and Prejudice-inspired card.


2. The food programme

Music is a staple in my Little Paris Kitchen. I constantly have Spotify or the radio playing in the background at my place. However sometimes I need to listen to something that I can really tune into and focus on – not just background music. The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 features some awesome stories, and uncovers some really innovative approaches to growing, eating and learning about food. I find it a helpful source when I’m feeling a bit uninspired. And I just found out that presenter Sheila Dillon has worked on the Food Programme for more than 20 years – so when you’re listening to it, you definitely know your in expert hands – bonus πŸ˜‰


3. Orla Kiely – Spring collection

Ever since I was browsing the Orla Kiely goodies last week, I haven’t been able to stop pouring through the new collection. Dangerous. And the lovely bright colours are especially tempting considering all this chilly weather we seem to be having this spring. Those of you in London, have you peeked into the Orla Kiely store in Covent Garden? Call in for a coffee at the teeny-tiny Monmouth Coffee and then drop by the beautiful boutique a few doors up for a browse. Sigh.

4. ‘Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest’


If there’s one band I could see live then, it would be these guys. Absolutely love their songs (gets me dancing everytime)! So, you can imagine how I was an instant fan of this behind-the-scenes documentary. As well as featuring the guys from A Tribe Called Quest, you can also catch guest appearances and commentary from the likes of Mos Def,Β Pharrell, Mary J. Blige and the Beastie Boys. All in all, pretty awesome.


5. Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman

I doubt I’d ever run my own farm (although more than happy to visit them). But I do love flicking through these delightful and informative illustrations in Julia Rothman’s ‘Farm Anatomy’. Heaps more fun than any anatomy lessons in a classroom (in my opinion), the illustrated guide features lots of different vegetables, farm animals (if you ever need to learn your different breeds of turkeys – then get your hands on a copy of this book), edible flowers, cattle, and a whole range of farming ‘how to’s’. Some of my favourite lessons are ‘How to Can Tomatoes’ and ‘The Basics of Breadmaking’.


6. Penguin book covers

Image via Design Sponge

Image via Design Boom

From the cloth bound classics to learning languages, Penguin certainly has a knack for making book covers eye catching. I know I’m still a couple of months off choosing the cover for my new book, but I do know it’s an important part of catching people’s attention! Some of these Penguin Classics would be so lovely to display on my bookshelf, if I only I had enough shelf space πŸ˜‰


7. Right brain terrain manifesto

Love this manifesto that celebrates creativity. Makes me want to grab my Moleskin notebook and turn my scribbles and musings into my own manifesto! When it comes to exercising creativity – I have to say, I really do believe cooking is a good way to use both sides of your brain. The left side gets a work out whilst you’re thinking practically and methodically (measuring, budgeting etc) and you work the ride side when you start thinking about presentation, plating up dishes, and working with colours. Other inspiring manifestos to be found here.


8. Breakdancing videos

When I’m not researching for new recipes, I could spend hours browsing YouTube in search of some breakdancing battles (used to go check them out live). And I think it’s even more impressive when kids bust a move!


9. Vanity Fair vintage postcards

Love these Vanity Fair vintage postcards. Combines my love of vintage, with good-old snail mail. You can find them on Amazon here (via Goop). There’s something satisfying about receiving a beautiful postcard in the mail. Maybe because it has a touch of nostalgia associated with it.


10. charity: water and Google maps

This is a cool and practical application of Google maps. charity: water pinpoints each of its completed clean water projects on Google maps – so that donors can track where their money is going and watch in real-time as clean-water projects are completed.

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  1. Although I liked everything, I have a wakness for Penguin covers. It’s difficult not to be tempted!! And the languages ones are very cool!!

  2. Thanks for the food programme – finally some interestings podcasts on my ipod πŸ™‚ V. good inspiration(al) choice πŸ™‚

  3. NOTE BENE on rue de la Rocquette has yr style vintage dresses but new. I wonder if you know them just up from Ducasses new chocolate factory..

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