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May 15th, 2013

Love, likes, bits and bobs – May 2013

1. Stop telling women to smile (via @Buzzfeed)

The more places I visit the more I realise that street harassment is a real issue. Brooklyn-based artistΒ Tatyana Fazlalizadeh has taken the bold and courageous step to tackle street harassment through her artwork. Sick and tired of being catcalled on the street, she decided to express her frustrations (and those of women all over the world) via her art. Check out her sketches and messages on her blog.

2. Rollware by Altered Appliances (via @Good)

I want! I want! I want! Such a neat idea. Although I would need a bigger kitchen to store all the rolling pins. I’m always on the lookout for new kitchen ideas (storage, utensils, pots and pans…you name it). So it’s great to see such a cool and functional idea pop up online, like these rolling pins designed for rolling cool edible bread plates. I love that the Altered Appliances project celebrates the kitchen as an integral part of the home. Basically, the design project acknowledges that the kitchen is a place where creativity meets practicality. You can read up on the project here.

3. Kindness is contagious (via Creating Clever)

A virus is not usually associated with positive events. However the Good Virus concept is a healthy reminder that many little acts of kindness are usually bound to make more of a difference than a handle of infrequent big ones. Spread the word!

4. Herb drying rack (via @Frankie magazine)

This is a cool kitchen invention. Whether you use it as a herb drying rack, or a handy storage solution for tea towels and the like, you’re bound to put it to good use. The best bit? You don’t have to drill or nail the rack in place – it’s designed with magnetic cubes that can be attached to any steel or iron kitchen wall. Handy if you tend to move around a bit.

5. Everything is a Remix (via Aesop)

A four-part video series, the Everything is a Remix project covers everything from heavy metal and big blockbusters, to the toys that inspired Transformers and graphic novels. The video series looks at the process of creativity, and dissects when, where and how we become inspired. It doesn’t necessarily gloss over the creative process, but rather, presents it in a raw and honest way – and acknowledges that we draw inspiration from everywhere – and that no single idea is ever totally unique.

6. Summer tunes

I’m always on the look out for new tunes, remixes, and playlists to check out. Would love to hear your recommendations! I’m a fan of SoundCloud (love this one). What are you streaming/listening to at the moment?

7. Diptyque scents of spring

Can’t get enough of beautiful scented candles. There’s a whole bunch of lovely spring scents (delightfully fresh fragrances like mimosa, jonquil and Lily of the Valley) in the Diptyque spring range. They have a pretty Instagram feed too πŸ™‚

8. Portes Ouvertes – Belleville (via Paris on Collected)

Check out creative folk in my hood in Paris this month, when a host of ateliers, studios and creative hubs open their doors in Belleville. The ‘open door’ event provides the chance to check out artists at work in their studios. I love these regular events in Paris – it really is a cool opportunity to see how art is created (and a good reminder that it is a real day job too).

9. Nice Things

Finally, time to start taking the winters layers off and wearing more summery clothes. This camping-inspired collection from Nice Things caught my eye recently in a shop-front window in Paris. This dress is called ‘Pitch a Proposal’, so cute. The lookbook and images from the collection are super bright and have a really positive vibe. The brand also has a cool May playlist too.

10. Letterpress Art Print cards

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Well I do have to agree with Cicero. Although my window boxes might not qualify as a garden in some people’s eyes, they certainly do the trick – and every spare inch of my apartment is practically covered in books – so I think I can confidently say I have some form of library! I love browsing the unique bits and bobs on Etsy, especially the handmade pieces. This set of letterpress cards makes me want to learn to how to use a letterpress…just need to find the time…and space for a letterpress!!

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9 thoughts on “Love, likes, bits and bobs – May 2013

  1. Loving this post! Altered applicances is so cool! wish they were on sale somewhere.
    Totally agree with the Stop Telling Women to Smile message. The other day 2 workers told me to ‘cheer up and smile dear’. It made me so angry!!

    Anyway, I think this weekend calls for one of your tasty spring recipes πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, so so happy to have found your lovely blog and I love this post for so many reasons! Garden and a library, OMG he read my mind!! Exactly what I’m striving for. And no, no smiling on demand, couldn’t agree more.

  3. Rachel, good for you for showcasing for stop telling women smile website. I know some of the comments you get aren’t that flattering. I’m thinking of the one with the picture of the guy with the cigarette and his comment was anytime and anywhere. A thump on his head for those crass remarks. You’re a talented and resourceful woman and not a pretty face or exotic ethnic group.

  4. Bonjour Rachel!! I look at your blog everyday and enjoy wen you post new things! This was a good post and interesting!! I have been looking at your cookbook and love what you have come up with and will be trying many of the recipes out. Is there anyway I can send you my book so you can sign it?? I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL!! Thanks for be a great inspiration!! Bonne journee!!

  5. I hate it when strangers tell me to smile and it seems to happen all the time. My natural “face” when I’m thinking is sort of frowny so it’s annoying because usually I’m actually in a perfectly good mood until someone insinuates that I’m not

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