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September 25th, 2012

Love, Likes, Bits and Bobs – September

1. Don’t Fear the Internet

What a brilliant concept! Thank you, Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer, for demystifying the (at times) confusing realm of the internet. These tutorials are designed to help you take control of your own site, and teach you how to take designing and modifying your web content into your own hands. Via Swiss Miss.


2. Critter: a Moveable Kitchen

Whether you’re camping, picnic-ing in style, or if you simply just aren’t that keen on setting up a fully decked-out kitchen in your home, then the Critter kitchen may be just the thing you need. Nomadic living never looked so good.


3. Edible Selby

One of my go-to websites, The Selby, is always a sure way to find inspiration and ideas after a busy day. Can’t wait to flip through Todd Selby’s new book Edible Selby.


4. Bread Exchange

Image courtesy of Malin Elmlid

Malin Elmlid loves to bake bread. The creative mind behind the Bread Exchange program, Malin trades her bread all over the world – in exchange for almost anything, except money. People can trade ingredients, creative goods, information – you name it. Malin is currently based in Berlin, baking up a storm.


5. Dan Cretu’s food creations

We food creatives love nothing more than to draw inspiration from other people’s wonderful, wacky and truly creative ideas. How cool are Dan Cretu‘s weirdly fascinating food sculptures? My favourite is the citrus-peel camera.


6. Hövding Invisible Bicycle Helmet

As someone who loves zipping around by bicycle (whether it be in Paris, London or Stockholm), I would find this invisible bicycle helmet super handy. Functioning like a portable airbag, (and worn like a collar or a scarf) the helmet inflates upon impact.


7. Hand-sewn ‘meat’ craftwork

Image courtesy of blog.dieregalerie.de

Whilst Silvia Wald’s Berlin butcher shop might appear to abound with mouthwatering cuts of quality cold cuts, upon closer inspection you will notice that nothing in her shopfront is actually edible. A vegetarian, Silvia handcrafts all sorts of meat-shaped goodies and gifts – from sausage-shaped pillows to eye-fillet shaped cushions or throw rugs.


8. Michoucas Design cards

Stationery doesn’t get much more adorable than this. These cute-as-a-button cards from Michoucas Design are almost too gorgeous to write on.


9. Tristram StuartSome interesting (and eye-opening) facts and figures to be pondered here. Tristram Stuart discusses how much good, fresh food is being wasted daily on a global scale. Have you discovered TED talks? Do you have a current favourite?


10. Totem Industries

This Kickstarter project aims to combine organic fabrics and materials, with a minimalist approach to clothing design.

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