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August 21st, 2013

Love, Likes, Bits & Bobs – August 2013

1. Skillcrush class: create your own website (via FastCo.Exist)


When I first started my blog, I spent a lot of time (and a lot of trial and error) teaching myself bits and pieces of coding. Not an easy task, and very time consuming! It’s great to see initiatives popping up here and there on the web encouraging women to sharpen their tech skills. This Skillcrush course is designed to empower women by teaching them how to code, and build up their own websites. By providing a collaborative environment without the jargon – the class seems like a super helpful approach to getting started in the (often confusing!) tech/coding/online realm.

2. Peeking into Earth’s heartbeat (via Radiolab.org)


This is an awesome look at how the seasons change across the globe each year. Beating like a (snow-capped) heart, these images from the NASA Visible Earth project have been mapped together by designer John Nelson.

3. The ideal workspace


I thought my summertime outdoor office setup was pretty ideal!

Most of us spend a great deal of time in and around some form of office. Often my ‘office’ involves an oven and an Kitchen Aid, so I’m not sure how I’d score on the ‘ideal office’ scale! According to this research, an ultimate workspace steers clear of furniture with sharp edges (interesting), incorporates some plants and greenery, and ideally has high ceilings.

4. Vintage Brooklyn

After my recent trip to NYC, I find I am now constantly on the look out for bits and bobs inspired by the Big Apple. I fell in love with these vintage photographs taken all over the streets of Brooklyn. Clothes, hair, food – such a different scene from today.

5. Art Everywhere (via Not Cot)


Love that this project celebrates all kinds of British art. If you don’t have time to head to a gallery to see the classics, don’t worry – you can check out the works of great British artists on the street this month, as part of the Art Everywhere project. Whether it’s a Hirst or a Turner, all kinds of posters will be popping up here and there. (I love this one above photographed by Michael Cooper). You’ll be able to spy the posters across the UK (keep an eye out at bus stops and car parks) until August 25.

6. Nomad Cinema: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’


Could there be a more fitting place to watch ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ than in the middle of a secret garden? This month Nomad Cinema is screening this gorgeous film at Coram Secret Garden (August 28). Trips to outdoor cinemas definitely rate high on my must-do list for summer. I’ll be bringing some of this along to future movie outings 🙂

7. Vintage saucepans


One of my favourite things about spending summers in France is that you land right in the heart of the brocante season. So many lovely vintage goodies waiting to go to a good home! I love these vintage French saucepans that I stumbled upon whilst browsing Etsy (didn’t have a lot of time for hunting through vintage markets this summer). I’m always on the lookout for vintage bits and bobs to add to my kitchen. Although, sadly these ones won’t fit in my cupboards!


8. Phaidon’s ‘Where Chefs Eat’ app


Love the book, so I was pleased to hear about the app. Another one to add to the slew of foodie-related apps on my phone, Phaidon’s ‘Where Chefs Eat’ app looks like it will come in handy. Inspired by the book by the same name, the app highlights restaurants where some of the top chefs love to eat. You can search by either cuisine type, location or price.


9. Sivan Askayo’s 6 days in Paris


It’s hard to take a bad of photo of Paris, but these images by photographer Sivan Askayo are particularly captivating. I love the focus on quiet, hidden moments. I came across Sivan’s work when flicking through these photos on Huffington Post. (Who knew laundry could look so bright and beautiful?).

10. Souptember


Raising funds for the Malaria Consortium, the Souptember 2013 initiative aims to fight the spread of preventable disease – through the power of soup. This year, the GLORIOUS! Foods’ Souptember project will see a donation given to Malaria Consortium for every pot of soup sold. Nice to see food innovation in action.


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2 thoughts on “Love, Likes, Bits & Bobs – August 2013

  1. Hi Rachel
    Yes im a big sucker for vintage photo’s of new york and paris eg. I just love black n white photo’s! Ive just had a big photo of the Brooklyn bridge blown up on canves looks amazing on my wall.
    All the best with your new show Rachel and looking forward to LFK

  2. Rachel, just a fashion heads up on the time life website there’s a photo in the 1959 before statehood of hawaii picture set of models in fashions of the era. check out that photo. Aloha

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