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January 16th, 2014

Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs – January 2014

1. A creative take on Roast Chicken (via @designsponge).

A delicious recipe is one thing, but a recipe that goes in hand-in-hand with an adorable illustration (like this cute chicken above) brings a sense of joy to cooking. Looking forward to trying out this Lemon Basil Roast Chicken recipe. Basil makes a regular appearance in my kitchen (especially when supplies in my garden window boxes are flourishing). I love adding it to both sweet and savoury dishes (makes a nice garnish on some desserts, too).

2. Cafe Kitsuné

cafe kitsune coffee

Next time I’m back in Paris I’d love to pop into the new Café Kitsuné Paris. Fun, a tad kitsch, and all kinds of cool, the Maison Kitsuné collection always surprises (I especially love the illustrated t-shirts), so I’m interested to see how the brand translates its overall fashion ethos into its coffee shop culture. And one day I’d love to visit the Café Kitsuné in Tokyo, too.

3. Felicita Sala Illustration

felicita-salas-aussie-recipes2-600x847Writing a new recipe is a very personal process. Some people test everything hands on in the kitchen, some type up ideas, and others – like me – whip out a sketch book and start drawing. These illustrated recipes by Felicita Sala are right up my street. Simple, with gorgeous colours, and most importantly, easy to follow. I love starting a recipe with a quick sketch or a session with my watercolours.


4. An adorable bucket list (via @oliviawilde).

This four year old’s bucket list certainly puts most new year’s resolutions in perspective. I think the new year is the perfect time for a bit of a reality check, and to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we’ve got.


5. Tales from the Pantry

pantrySome people believe you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress, or their taste in music, or the books adorning their bookshelves. However, I think you can really get to know someone by the state of their pantry! So naturally this series, Tales from the Pantry, caught my attention. In this particular interview with London-based chef Tom Harris, you’ll find interesting snippets and insights into Tom’s relationship with food.


6. ‘Mon Oncle’ (via jalouse.fr)

It’s Oscar season, so therefore it’s the perfect time of year to revisit award-winning classics, such as this lovely gem from French filmmaker Jacques Tati. I like it when cinema provides a break from everyday life, and even though French comedy classic ‘Mon Oncle’ (‘My Uncle’) features everyday, domestic scenes, wouldn’t you love to look this chic whilst vacuuming or mowing the lawn? The cinematography, subtle colours, architecture, fashion (love the red hat) … sublime!

7. Alternative Shakespeare book covers (via The Paris Review)

king learCool to see these traditional titles re-imagined with some quirky and creative new covers. This illustrated take on ‘King Lear’ is my favourite. It reminds me of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

8. It’s Nice That: Bookshelf


A snapshot of book designer Coralie Bickford-Smith’s (very tidy) bookshelf

I’ll be keeping tabs on the weekly bookshelf feature on It’s Nice That. I’ll just need to find a bit of time to squeeze in some reading, first!


10. Illustrated cheese board (via @PegLondon)


Whether you use your cheese boards strictly for cheese (I don’t adhere to a strict ‘cheese only policy’), or if you’re like me and like to serve up anything from pizzas to breakfast on a chopping board, you’re bound to find lots of uses for a chopping board as pretty as this. This piece is part of the ARTHOUSE Meath project and shop, an initiative that runs creative sessions and workshops for adults living with learning difficulties and epilepsy.


10. Wild Raspberries: Andy Warhol’s Vintage Cookbook


Image thanks to Brain Pickings

Wow. Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on an original copy of this book (although might be a bit tricky considering there were only ever 34 copies published) :). A collaboration that was born out of a chance encounter between an interior designer (Suzie Frankfurt) and a young Andy Warhol, the result is charming, witty, and altogether beautiful! And I love that Andy Warhol’s mother helped with the calligraphy.

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8 thoughts on “Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs – January 2014

  1. I’m so happy to be a part of your beautiful, creative world, Rachel. In my absolutely insane NYC life, visiting your pages/blogs is like a mini vacation. I’ve taken a lot of your Paris and London recommendations and each and every one of them has lived up to its expectations and given me infinite delight.

    Wishing you and your staff a most enchanting 2014!

    PS… when can we view your new BBC programs in the USA? I’m dying for more!

  2. The new website looks wonderful. I got your latest book for Christmas and can’t wait to get around to trying some recipies. The “Water is Life” video above, brought a tear to my eye. Everyone should watch it!

  3. Gorgeous and easy to navigate website. The creativity involved with every page is amazing. I love your cooking, your style and your attitude to life.

    My husband bought me your book (it was a signed copy!!) and I can’t wait to try out some recipes!
    Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings!

    Thank you Rachel! X X

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I absolutely loved watching ‘My Little Paris Kitchen’ But they stopped playing it. (because I’m from New Zealand.)Luckily my mum brought your book for my birthday so I have your recipes. Please keep up the BRILLIANT work

    Love Peata

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