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April 22nd, 2015

Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs – April 2015

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been travelling around a lot recently – it feels like just yesterday I got back from Melborne and now I’m hopping between Austria and Germany, promoting the launch of my new book. During my downtime this month I’ve had serious kitchen envy and discovered some fantastic notecards that I can’t wait to start using. Here are some more of my favourite April finds.

*1 – Beautiful rustic kitchen

beautiful rustic kitchen

As you have probably seen from my YouTube channel, my kitchen is pretty crammed with stuff. Sometimes I just crave a minimalist, white kitchen. Have serious sink envy here – a Belfast-style sink like the one pictured above is high on my dream kitchen wish-list. What’s the one thing you want in your dream kitchen?

*2 – My Life in Sourdough

Marie has featured in my Eat Share Listen before (read more here). I’m a big fan of her work and can’t wait to catch up with Season 2 of My Life in Sourdough (teaser featured above). If you’re interested in seeing some of Marie’s work, here’s a video that she shot for my YouTube channel.

*3 – Benjamin Clementine on Spotify

Benjamine Clementine cover art

I thoroughly recommend you have a listen to the multi-talented Benjamin Clementine when have a moment. His powerful vocals and soulful tracks are a delight to listen to. ‘Then I heard a bachelor’s cry’ and ‘Nemesis’ are a great place to start. What are you listening to at the moment?

*4 – Cooking with lavender

Lemon lavender polenta cake

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know I love all things lavender. I really love cooking with it too and I know a lot of you enjoy my Lemon and Lavender Chicken recipe from the Little Paris Kitchen (read more here: Flavour of the Month – Lavender). There are some lovely ideas for using lavender to create sweet treats over on Food 52. The Lemon Lavender Polenta Cake (pictured above) looks delicious and sounds perfect for spring.

*5 – Postcard Teas

Japanese tea postcard

I absolutely love tea and always try to buy ethically sourced teas where possible. Discovered this charming tea company online and will definitely be adding it to my list of places to visit when I next have a spare moment. The tea tasting classes sound very relaxing, and I love that you can send tea postcards – what a fab way to keep in touch with friends all over the world. There are some really lovely designs – I particularly liked the Japanese Yame Green postcard (pictured above).

*6 – The food additives debate

Food Additive debate

Some interesting thoughts here on additives in modern food production. Personally I prefer my food as natural as possible. What do you think?

*7 – The new ‘A World of Illustration’ series

Mexican children's book illustration

Really enjoyed scrolling through this new series on the Guardian. Interesting to see how the illustrations of Mexican children’s books compare to the likes of Quentin Blake or Judith Kerr (two of my favourites). Looking forward to seeing more from other parts of the world.

*8 – Present /&/ Correct’s Pen to Paper notecards

Present and Correct Notecards

These Pen to Paper notecards are absolutely gorgeous. I love that each notecard has a different image too. Present /&/ Correct have a whole bunch of great designs – if you are looking to expand your stationary collection, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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11 thoughts on “Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs – April 2015

  1. It’s funny… I shopped around at the antique store this weekend trying to find some stuff to cram into my kitchen just like that! I love your kitchen that is crammed with stuff; I love how busy and loved it looks on both Little Paris Kitchen and KN. Here in the states, kitchens have no character! I much prefer crammed and cluttered.

    In your kitchen, on kitchen notebook, is there a stovetop under the wood on that oven? Do you just prefer to cook on the little gas range?

    1. Aw thanks Molly 🙂

      There was a stovetop on the oven, but I do love to cook on a little gas range. Reminds me of my tiny kitchen in Paris! It also worked better for filming as I could have the stove right next to my work surface :D. When I’m filming my YouTube videos I use a stovetop rather than the little gas range.

  2. 1st – Loved your show – haven’t seen a new episode this summer -I was wondering what brand/model is the blender you use? Your little Paris kitchen is inspirational – certainly takes the size argument off the table in the ability to cook amazing food!

    1. Thanks Donna, it’s amazing what you can achieve in a small kitchen! I use an Electrolux hand blender. There are so many good models out there – when buying, I just make sure my appliances are strong and sturdy and have a good high wattage 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I’m having a lovely at home day watching all of your series. I’m having a Khoo-a-thon while I need to rest. I’ve just discovered your website and was excited to see on this page that you also love that rustic white kitchen. It was the inspiration for my own kitchen when I renovated. I think it might be the kitchen that Sophie Dahl filmed her lovely cooking show in. That’s another favourite show of mine. Of course, if it is, they seriously cluttered it up with beautiful things.
    Thank you for bringing some joy to my life today,
    Ange in Sydney

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