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January 28th, 2015

Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs – January 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly the end of January, already – where on earth has the time gone?! I hope everyone’s had a good new year so far – it’s already shaping up to be another busy one for me, but despite that I’ve been continuing with the new year theme of trying new things and thinking outside the box. I’ve already got the ball rolling with the launch of my YouTube channel.

So, I thought I’d share some fun and inspiring bits and bobs that I’ve been enjoying this past month. Have you set yourself any new year goals – attempting to learn something new? I’d love to hear it!

1. Voga

Voga Yoga London

I’m a yoga convert, but sometimes I crave something a little bit more upbeat. I’ve been wanting to try out Voga – that’s yoga + vogueing (Madonna style) – for a while now, it’s definitely on my list.

2. Be my eyes

A really innovative app that allows you to ‘lend your eyes’ to those who are partially sighted or blind. You could be helping with anything from reading expiry dates on food to guiding someone around an unfamiliar location. Great use of technology!

3. Screen printing with Zeena

Rachel Khoo Instagram screen printing London

I do love art (having studied it at uni!), so learning new skills and having some fun in this arena is always appealing. Though I must admit screen printing isn’t something I’ve really dabbled with before, but I was determined to produce something worthy of a spot in my kitchen. Zeena runs her workshops at London’s Drink, Shop & Do and I can highly recommend it – check out their website for more fun classes and activities.

4. Swing patrol

I’m not really one to hit the treadmill, but dance classses that’s a total different matter. My coordination and sense of rhythm could do with some improvement but I love shaking my hips to a good beat. A couple of weekends ago I tried my hand at doing the Charleston. Got myself all tied up doing the bees knees and snake hips, but it was great fun! Definitely will be giving some other classes a go.

5. Future Learn

Rachel Khoo Future learn

When it comes to discovering and learning new skills and knowledge I can’t get enough. I always embark on a new project as a way of learning something new (I certainly did when I was filming this). With my work it tends to always evolve around food (not that I’m complaining) but for my sanity I like to explore other subjects. There’s plenty to discover on this online portal packed full of free online courses.

6. Taking 30 minutes a day to learn something new

Rachel Khoo 30 minutes a day learning

Last year I set myself too high a goal of studying a foreign language for an hour everyday. I failed hopelessly at carving a whole hour out of my schedule. It was just impossible. Hanging out with my brother over Christmas we were chatting about keeping up goals and he had a good point at saying less but more regularly is easier to manage. So I’ve downgraded to 30 minutes and am finding it a lot easier. Thanks bro!

I also read that setting yourself a 90 day goal rather than a ‘year’ one is more manageable too. Who’s stuck to their new year resolutions?

7. Budgeting your time

Rachel Khoo Instagram making lists

I love lists and am constantly writing lists of things I need to do, lists of recipes I need to make, cook… I even try and breakdown my year into a list of what I want to achieve. Reading this interesting article got me thinking about how I budget my time. It’s an interesting concept of working out how you want to spend your year. I might not totally stick to it, but it’s certainly helped me focus more on what I want to get out of 2015.

P.S. Have you tried any time/task monitoring apps? Any you can recommend? I previously tried this.

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9 thoughts on “Loves, Likes, Bits and Bobs – January 2015

  1. I am an American living in England (Salisbury) for the next 2 years. My son and DIL gave me your book LITTLE PARIS KITCHEN for Christmas (because they know I LOVE Paris) Anyway, I love your book and I am learning your French sauces. Thanks so much for your inspiration. Bon apetite!

  2. Rachel, I went through a spate of trying a few task managers At the end I went with Wunderlist, perfect for one and syncs across all pc, android and iOS

  3. loved your Little Paris Kitchen’ series. Would so like to see more of you on British TV. Find your recipes easy to do and the taste wonderful.
    Just bought your book of the series…..for my son! Have to get it for myself.
    Made the Bouillabaise last night. I just love your recipe, so easy. Wonderful dinner party dish, make the soup the day before and add your fish and seafood just half hour before you want to serve.. Make your rouille and slam your part bake baguettes in the oven. Its a breeze. Many other crowd pleasers in your book too. More please Rachel!

  4. Hi Rachel. Just want to say, i’ve made the best quiche’s because of you. Thanks!
    Have you tried the apps, “Remember The Milk”, “Evernote” or “MyLifeOrganized (MLO)”?

    I really like Evernote, but am thinking of giving Remember The Milk a go.

    Happy New Year and good luck!

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