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September 26th, 2013

Book trailer: My Little French Kitchen

book trailer

Note – this book trailer is no longer available.

You’ve had the teaser, now it’s time for the real deal. Here’s my full book trailer to launch my new book “My Little French Kitchen”.

We had fun filming in and around Paris. You can checkout more of Marie’s lovely films here.

In the trailer you can watch me make a “Charlotte aux fleurs de Provence” – a lovely and colourful treat that makes for an impressive centrepiece at a dinner party.


P.S. “My Little French Kitchen” launches in the UK on October 10 – not long to go. Available for pre-order now on Amazon, or via your local independent bookshop too – pop into your favourite local shop to pre-order a copy!

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20 thoughts on “Book trailer: My Little French Kitchen

  1. Dear Rachel Khoo
    My 13yr old daughter (her name is Erina Nor) adores & is very inspired to be like you, a chef in Paris. She loves your style & your courage. Thank you for inspiring her! Can you give her some tips on how to follow her dream?
    By the way, I simply love your lipstick colour. Do you mind sharing what lipstick brand & colour is it? Thanks a million lemon curd madeleines. From mum of 3 girls from Singapore <3

  2. What a great trailer! Really Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. I’m away next week and I will most likely be making that wonderful Charlotte! x

  3. Your first book is well splattered and used in my kitchen so I can’t wait to add to it with your new book. Everything in the film is beautiful. As a fellow British cook abroad (California) I love seeing you combine the cooking cultures of the two countries to make something fresh. Good luck with the launch!

  4. Rachel, you are so inspiring. I absolutely loved watching Little Paris Kitchen and can’t wait to read your new book… good luck and congratulations. Joanne x Albany Australia

  5. Pre-ordered your book last week, I can’t wait to make it for my french husband who misses home so much now that we live in Australia. I still think you should make tea towels/enviro shopping bags with your drawings as a design. Hope you can come to Oz, so I can get my book signed! Congrats!

  6. por favor necesito saber la receta de los chouquettes, me gusto muchisimo pero no cogi a tiempo la receta. me encanta su programa. enhorabuena,gracias

  7. The German edition of Glamour magazine has a 2-page interview with you – and German Pay-TV is showing your great “Little Paris Kitchen” series – good to see that the media is spreading the word. Your idea of having a teeny restaurant in your flat is inspirational – as T. Roosevelt said: “Do what you can with what you have where you are” – and you did!

  8. I’ve just “cooked” your Poulet Roti au vin rouge.

    There is a serious problem with this recipe!

    When I took the foil off after 30 mins it obviously was nowhere near cooking, so I gave it another half hour. The chicken (Waitrose fresh) was just about cooked, but the carrots, potatoes and onions were still inedibly raw. The oven I have used for over 2 years and it has been reliable and predictable, so I’m sure the problem is with the recipe. Sorry Rachel!
    I had been so pleased to have finally butchered my own whole chicken, only to be severely let down by the vegetables. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello @John. Sorry that you had trouble with this recipe. Unfortunately it looks like a mistake has been made with this particular publication (if you were using the version published in the DM? Temperature is correct in my book). It should be 200°C fan assisted oven. If I’m ever unsure whether the chicken is cooked through, I recommend to pierce the flesh with a sharp knife; the juices from the meat should come out clear. Also, the size of the vegetables will affect how quickly they are cooked. The carrots I use aren’t really big ones, and I use medium sized onions. I hope this helps for next time. Rachel

  9. Oh I do see the name of the song after all. Thanks for posting it and I can’t wait until your new book comes to U.S. Continued success to you!

  10. Hi Rachel
    I have cooked a number of your recipes from ‘The little French Kitchen’ and all of them have been sensational. I look forward to cooking from you ‘Paris Kitchen’ book.
    Many thanks

  11. I love the show – Paris surrounds are wonderful. Will be there next August (2015). Would like to know whether your “little restaurant” is still running and whether I would be able to make a booking.


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