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February 5th, 2013

Giveaway + LPK USA booklaunch

Update: Congratulations to the three winners: Rachel Elsey, Chris Demetreas, and Hilary Gardner! Your copies are in the post. Thanks to everyone for your great answers :)

My book, ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’, is launching in the States today February 5, 2013! You can order it online here. Published by Chronicle Books, the US version features some little changes (from the original English book), to accommodate for a US audience. Some updates include cup measurements and Fahrenheit temperatures, and words such as coriander have been swapped for cilantro – after all, you say tomato and I say…

Inspired by my time living and working in Paris, the book celebrates French home-cooking with a modern and accessible twist. My recipes were all whipped up in my tiny Parisian kitchen, so they are designed to add French flair to everyday cooking, in any type of kitchen!

GIVEAWAY: For your chance to win one of three copies of the US version of ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’, leave a comment here on the blog, and tell me your favourite French dish.

I’ll be randomly drawing the three winners on Tuesday, February 12th so you have until Monday, February 1th to enter this giveaway. Bonne chance! **This giveaway is now closed.**

Note: this competition is open to US residents only.

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128 thoughts on “Giveaway + LPK USA booklaunch

  1. I love ALL your recipes! For today….Oeufs en Coccotte! You have made the fear of cooking french, a delightful experience! Thank you!

  2. I don’t know the proper name but I loved the matchstick potatoes with cheese baked in muffin tins you demonstrated on your show. I love. love, love your show.

  3. Congratulations on the cookbook’s Stateside release! My favorite French dish is oeufs en meurette, and it’s one I haven’t had in quite some time.

  4. Your show makes me ache to go back to France! I love pain au chocolat, I used to stop a a patisserie every morning when I was going to school in France.

  5. I love quiche. I have just started watching your tv show Little Paris Kitchen & I no longer feel intimidated by French cooking. The chocolate mouse looks heavenly!

  6. I absolutely adore your show and entire philosophy to cooking. Not to mention the wonderful fashion/makeup style!

    I think my favorite dish (if this counts) is the French macaron – I made it my 2012 goal to learn how to make them and I now can sell orders to friends and family. They’re perfectly French to me. <3

    Can't wait to see more from you! Congrats & Cheers.

  7. Madeleines are my favorite but they aren’t really a dish. My boyfriend and I made your Pistou Soup in our little Arizona kitchen and it was amazing.

  8. I hope i win this book! I loveee your show and asked for this book for my bday next week! I made the quiche lorraine and it was delicious and a.big hit in my house! Cant wait to make the mousse aux chocolat!

  9. My kingdom for freshly baked pain au chocolat. I was going to say raclette but I think that is Swiss. It is still delicious. 🙂

  10. Im a loyal watcher of your show. I was actually watching it last night. You made this savory cheesy bread that looked divine. I would love to have your book. Maybe I would be a better cook and thanks for converting the measurements for us U.S girls.

    P.s. I like the way you say aluminum foil way better than we do. Too cute.


  11. Crepes! Classic and delicious. And I’m dying to make your recipe for cheese, pistachio and prune cake!! 🙂 Thanks for your lovely show!

  12. Hello! My favorite French dish… How can someone choose?? There’s so many! Well, bouillabaisse comes to mind or really anything kind of homey and filling.

    As a student, its hard to find time let alone money to travel somewhere like France so cooking the food is my little way of experiencing a different culture. Literally a taste of somewhere else. Can’t wait to see what your book has in store! I’ve tried your spring lamb stew along with some other dishes and they’ve all been fab 🙂

  13. I Love your Show! It’s so whimsical, fun, & creative! My favorite French dish is tartiflette! It’s the best comfort food!

  14. Rachel, love your show! Being French, watching your show is my weekly trip back to France! My favorite dish is ” endives au jambon “! Delicious!

  15. I really do love all your recipes, and you make cooking so fun and simple! I must say, my favorite French dish would be your “Boeuf Bourguignon WIth Baguette Dumplings”! Congratulations on the release!

    Thank you!

  16. a yummy petite dejeuner would be my favorite “dish”. there’s nothing better than a warm croissant in the morning at a small cafe in montmartre.

  17. Do I have to pick just one?! In the morning I love chocolate croissants, at lunch I love a delicious croque madame, at dinner I will take any cream soup and for dessert……….it has to be chocolate!

  18. Oeufs en Cocotte. They were spectacular looking, simple and delicious. A dish that really speaks to all the senses. I absolutely fell in love with The Little Paris Kitchen.

  19. I thoroughly enjoy your show. I always thought French cooking was so hard. I love that you have made it easier for those of us who are cooks and not chefs! My favorites are Madeleines with lemon curd and Boeuf Bourguignon. Continued success with all you are trying to accomplish!

  20. I must say that prior to catching your show on The Cooking Channel I was very intimidated by French Cooking. Now a spark has been lit and I cant wait to start trying your recipes! Especially Boeuf Bourguignon with baguette dumplings…this one of many that I’m dying to try! I love your show and look forward to adding your book to my collection!

  21. I just wanted to say thank you so much for having such an amazing show. Your dishes look c’est magnifique! I hope the cooking channel airs your show more. Best show on the network. I cant wait to try out the cookbook! You are the next Julia Child.

  22. Lavander & Lemon Roast Chicken. I have started splurging and getting uncaged, pasture-raised, real chickens instead of factory raised. The flavor is amazing, and I love the combo of lavander & lemon. Yum.

  23. Absolutely adore your show! My favorite French food…. Oh, that’s a tough one. But I’d have to say Sole Meuniere, a beautiful crusty baguette, and the macaroons d’Alsace.

  24. Just got back – Christmas in Paris! Most memorable meal was a “fish stew” – salmon plus white fish, vegies, in a cream sauce in an oval cast iron pot. Needed lots of bread to sop up the sauce.

  25. Quiche Lorraine. I love simple food done well! Simple doesn’t always mean easy/quick and when done well, it’s so artful!

  26. Hi Rachel! Just discovered your show on the cooking channel and I love it. Trying your Lavender Chicken recipe this weekend. Favorite French food… a perfect baguette.

  27. I love stews, so definitely boeuf bourguignon! I’ve fallen in love with your show and love watching you cook with you heart and no pretension. It is very inspiring for those with tiny kitchens! Thank you for sharing your love!

  28. As an old guy, who loves to cook (also in a tiny kitchen *s*) I know I will not get to Paris but, I can certainly enjoy its cooking and ambiance through your eyes and recipes..

    As for fave recipes…all of them but, the latest I’ve enjoyed is the Cheese, Pistachio and Prune Cake…
    I did switch out the prunes for kalamata olives tho..(its an “old man” thing…*G*

  29. I love me a fresh from the oven, too hot to handle (almost!) baguette–crusty on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside.I’ve never been to Paris, but your show takes me there each time. Thanks for the trip!

  30. I’m a new fan, saw an episode not that long ago and fell in love with the relax feel and recipes. Exciting about the book!

  31. I haven’t decided on a favorite yet, but fresh fruit tarts are high on my list. Just started watching your show, which I absolutely LOVE and would Love to win one of your books… Thanks for the chance!

  32. Pre-ordered your book, got it yesterday & immediatly made your Citrus Fruit Cake (pound cake). Reminiscent of my childhood & it was an amazing treat. Stay as passionate as you are.

  33. I’m a huge fan and I was so surprised to see your book in Anthropologie. I’ve been trying to get it on amazon but wanted it brand new. I love all the recipes and watched your shows. I manage a French boutique in Boston and one of our favorite clients knows of you. Perhaps you know bea? I just bought it a few days ago and I love all the recipes. merci! ~ Janet
    ps- we had the worst blizzard and i’m tempted to make your chicken dumpling soup!

  34. I discovered your show yesterday on the Cooking Channel and I am smitten! My favorite french dishes are salade Nicoise and cassoulet. I look so forward to reading your book and Im sure I will be adding some of your techniques to my culinary arsenal. Thank You!

  35. When I was in Paris, I could not get enough of the crepes. For some reason, I never deviated from Nutella. But after watching you make the chestnut cream, I regret not getting that in a crepe or two. Will just have to make it at home! Yum!

  36. My favorite French dish? It’s hard to choose just one…I will say duck confit, Socca, Cherry Clafoutis, soups au pistou, gougeres, and gratin dauphinois as some of my favorites. Your show is also one of my great favorites. Thank you Rachel!

  37. It was your video of Oeufs en Coccotte that was my introduction to French cooking. You made it look so approachable! That’s perhaps why it is my favorite…and it tastes amazing. I’d love to win your American version cookbook.

  38. My favorite french dish is a tart. Sweet or salty doesn’t matter but you can always be creative with the toppings and make your unique version. Its just such a simple dish and it looks always like a big thing.

  39. I recently discovered your show. I’ve wanted to try all the recipes but I couldn’t figure out the conversions; so so happy to see a version of your book for USA. Yeah. My favorite french food would have to be Mousse au chocolat.

  40. Hello Rachel, I just discovered your show and love it. Can’t wait for your book. Cassoulet is my all time favorite French dish. (Cassoulet De Porc Et De Mouton) How can you go wrong with pork and sausage. Paula

  41. Anything fried in duck fat, like pomme frites, especially the ones we ate at Chez L’Ami Jean in Paris on one of our trips. I also had a compote of bone marrow there yrs later which was awesome, and when I asked the waiter what I was eating, he simply said ” you are eating the marrow of the bone”. So succulent it made my knees weak! I understand bone marrow now from a totally new angle (being I am a nurse and have other experiences with it).

  42. My favorite French dish is not a dish but a scoop – actually two – of ice cream, chocolate and vanilla. Monsieur Berthillon said you could tell a good ice cream maker by his vanilla ice cream, but I have another reason.

    On our first trip to France we ate at a small restaurant run by a husband and wife which had the most amazing ice creams – the chocolate was like a soft melted Hersey bar – but cold. The vanilla was like no other, a brown color and extremely rich. On our last day in the area, after we had an early meal & were packing to leave the next morning, I realized I may never have a chance to have this restaurant’s ice cream again – especially the vanilla. My wife & I had been traveling on bikes, and I decided I must ride to the restaurant late at night to have their ice cream one more time. As I left the hotel my wife said, “How will I ship your body home if you are hit by a car?” which I replied “Won’t be my problem”.

    It was foggy, and fortunately there were no cars on the road as I rode the 8 miles over to the adjacent village. When I arrived the husband & wife couldn’t believe I road to their restaurant just for “une boule chocolat glace, une boule vanille glace”. There was no room for me in their small restaurant so I suggested that I could eat beside the building. When I returned my dish to them they handed me a bill which they had marked through the total price and reduced it by one half. I paid the half, and then left the other half as a tip.

    I have yet to find another vanilla ice cream that is so brown, so buttery creamy as what I had in the little restaurant outside Beaune. Each time I have ice cream in France I think of this brown vanilla I will probably never have the chance to have again.

  43. I love melted raclette cheese with bread and cured meats. Thank you for all your recipes and help with French food. My husband and I love your show.

  44. Hello Rachel,

    Congratulations on your book release stateside! It’s about time. I learned about you thru your show. Totally love the show and I continue to watch re-runs. haha Awesome recipes.

    Thank you for doing what you do allowing me to dream and envision a completely different life. haha

    My favorites would be au pain chocolat and crepes. A bit of a sweet tooth in me.

  45. I know it’s not a dish per se but good french cheese and good french wine just can’t be beat.

    The book looks gorgeous, can’t wait to give it a read.

  46. I am squealing with excitement– I just requested a look at your book at a bookstore and they had to go in the back to get it because it’s so new– It is gorgeous! I hope I win (obviously) — My favorite French dish –hmmm, I would have to say a fresh, hot baguette that you can tear into and gobble up as you walk around cobbled streets…

  47. Been watching your show, and love how easy you make everything look! A little french cheese, a hot baguette, and a bottle of beaujolais villages!

  48. Hi Rachael, I actually found you because of the book announcement thru Barnes and Nobel membership, it said new book on French cooking was coming out soon and I had to look you up. I’m hooked on the shows now (unfortunately I can only watch them on Youtube). I grew up in Moscow (Russia) in a tiny appartment where I learned to cook in our 6 sq meters kitchen and dreaming of going to France one day, so watching you cook brings up memories of my growing up (even though not in Paris). I’ve since moved to US and visited france few times. Loved Paris but my favorite recipe comes from Gascone region where I spent a week, it’s cassoulet which is traditional there and I LOVE it! I make it at home often now but wild boar and good duck sausage is not easy to find here :(. Btw, just made your austrian dumpling soup and it was DELISHIOS!!! Kids loved it (and I have some picky eaters). Wish you all the best in your endevours!

  49. My top comfort french food is Moules-frites. I LOVE you show on cooking channel here is the states. We are making your chicken dumpling soup tonight.
    My 8 year old daughter wants to be you when she grows up.

  50. I see I am not alone in my “girl crush” on you. LOVE your show..It’s my favorite weekend indulgence and think your style is adorable. You make me want to try foods that I don’t even like!

  51. Hi Rachel, My wife came across your show in the states recently and we just finished a marathon of four programs. You are very engaging and easy to watch, entertaining and informative. Your dishes and the views of Paris are Fantastic. We love Escargot!!

  52. Hi Rachel, I have recently moved into a small cottage home with a tiny kitchen. I have not baked since the move, lacking motivation. I saw your blog and book, intrigued I have purchased your book as online I saw your little kitchen. I am eagerly waiting the arrival of the book so I can start baking again, I can feel my motivation coming back again. Thank you! Lee from Perth

  53. I love too many French foods! Chocolate mousse is the best thing to eat in France. Also you cannot go wrong with going to the local bakery and getting a baguette, cheese and some wine (French) and sitting in the park.

  54. Just bought your book, and came across your website.. I love it !! I’ve been travelling to Paris for over 15 yrs.. Le Grand Vefour one of my favs !! X.O from Toronto Canada, Richard.

  55. Rachel…I just made your “Oeufs in Cocottes” recipe after having watched you do them on your show. They were marvelous and making my own creme fraiche made me feel so French! I wish we could see you more often here is Providence, RI.

  56. Hi Rachel,
    I have just made your version of ‘croque madame’, it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I bought a muffin tin tray, but sadly, it won’t fit into my miniature oven :> I really wanted to get your books, but there are two versions of Little Paris Kitchen, what are there difference? *(One says it’s 120 simple and classic French recipes and the other one says it’s Classic French Recipes with a fun and fresh approach) Thanks!!

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