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February 27th, 2014

Have you spotted me on TV recently?


Remember the various behind the scenes sneak peeks of my new show last summer? Well my new television show is currently airing in various countries around the world, on BBC Lifestyle. ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London’ launched in Poland on January 6, 2014, and is currently airing in the following BBC territories: BBC Poland, BBC Nordic, BBC Middle East, BBC Asia, and BBC South Africa. I’ll keep you posted when I know more details about a UK premiere. Has anyone cooked some of the recipes at home?

You can catch a few recipes on YouTube. Here are some tasters to whet your appetite!

You’ll find my Chocolate Black Forest Gateau bowls recipe here, and a snippet from the show below:


Hope you’re enjoying the new show!




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22 thoughts on “Have you spotted me on TV recently?

  1. Hello Team Rachel!

    First, what a beautiful job this team does with Rachel’s website & social media! Every update is so creative, colorful, and fun. Each new post is a little jolt of spring, and trust me, here in New York we need it.

    Secondly, I have only been able to see the lovely initial episodes My Little Paris Kitchen on The Cooking Channel. While these are divinely enjoyable, we need more Rachel!

    When/where can we view any additional/newer shows? If not on broadcast television, can we buy any full episode DVDs that will work with North American Dvd format?

    Thank you kindly for a response and wishing the entire Rachel Khoo team a *beautiful* day!


  2. Ohh cannot wait! Hope it will air either in uk or the Netherlands soon! Also, saw on instagram your currently in amsterdam, hope you enjoy your stay!

  3. Rachel, as much as I am into cooking I’m also into fashion. Can you write me where did you buy the dress from the film Chocolate Black Forest Gateau and this beautiful red apron from Cheesy Spatzle Sverige? Kisses from Brussels!

    1. Hi Meg! All the aprons on the show are vintage or ones I’ve picked up from second hand stores. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  4. please, get your show televised in the United States ASAP, I have been cooking comfort food our winter has been very cold and does not want to leave! big pans of lasagna, bean soup and fresh bread, mac and cheese, I was also hoping for some tips on a really creamy scalloped potatoes I keep making them drier than I would like maybe higher temp less oven time? thanks

  5. please, get your show televised in the United States ASAP, In answer to your question I have been cooking a lot of comfort food, our winter has been very COLD zero and below and does not want to leave!, anyway I have made big pans of lasagna, bean soup with fresh bread, mac and cheese, for a few examples, I was hoping you could offer some tips for a creamier scalloped potatoes for some reason mine keeps coming out drier than I would like, maybe high temp and less oven time? Thanks

  6. Hi Rachel. Am a big fan of your shows, and am currently watching your London series on DStv in South Africa. Love how much fun you inject into cooking and baking, and just how creative you are. Visit your site at least once a week too for inspiration! Keep sharing your joie de vivre with us, and come visit us in SA soon!

  7. Hello Rachel!

    I love your programs and always feel inspired. Not just the food, but the places you go to, the pictures of London and the different people you talk to and involve in the show.

    The place you go to for breakfast in epsiode 7 (in London), where do I find it? I think is was named Austin’s or something like that?

    Take care:-)

    1. Hi Karina, thanks for the lovely feedback! We visited Austin for the traditional fry-up at Terry’s Café: 158 Great Suffolk Street. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Mario, The show will be airing later on in the year in the US. Once I know the details I’ll pop something on here.

  8. Hi Rachel, I love watching your show. Can you please tell me where your red cutout dress is from in the episode you cooked the smoky trout?

  9. I’ve been watching the show and will definitely make your spiced strawberry can cream cake as I’m a big baker.
    I love the red dress you have cut the leaf pattern cut out.
    Please could you let me know where it’s from?
    Thank you

  10. Rachel,

    I think you are a fresh air in cooking entertainment programmes. Stunningly well presented and good cooks. Email me sometimes. Wish you all the best.

    p/s: your dad/mom a Chinese?

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