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October 30th, 2014

What would you like to see on my YouTube channel?

Rachel Khoo YouTube channel


I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be launching a YouTube channel next year (you can subscribe here). In the meantime I would love to hear what kind of content you would like to see. Are there recipes you’ve always wanted to see me make? Or a pâtisserie technique you always wanted to know how to do? My fridge? My favourite kitchen gadgets?

Ideas bienvenue!

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19 thoughts on “What would you like to see on my YouTube channel?

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I love your show and can’t wait for your YouTube channel! I’m vegan so it would be awesome to see some vegan/vegetarian recipes or some reviews of vege cafés as I’ve seen there are some popping up in Paris. I love seeing the markets and the streets of Paris in your show.
    Good luck for your new adventure 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel, so looking forward to your videos.

    I’d love to see a video on how to make croissants! (it’s a bit naff I know, but I love them and would really like to know how to make them even though they’re probably very challenging).


  3. Hi Rachel,

    Looking forward seeing the video’s!

    I am always keen on pâtisserie techniques. But also coping with a small kitchen it would be nice to hear your ideas/experience on how to organize it and which equipment you think it essential.



  4. Hi Rachel,

    I would like to see a video on what would be the best method in creating the perfect macaron!

    We just got back from our trip to Paris, and after sampling Laduree’s offerings, I am armed and ready to venture into the world of macaron making 🙂

    Looking forward to your YouTube launch!

    Best wishes from Perth, Western Australia,


  5. Subscribed! I’d love to see cooking of course but I also love seeing you out and about at markets, favourite places, special ingredients, meeting vendors and what not. Food but also travel and people and cute finds!

  6. Your favorite music, apple tarts, what you do on your time off. It’s hard to think of ideas because you already cover a lot and we all love you!!

  7. Hi Rachel hope you are well, what i would like would be a book outlining exactly what the french eat we here so much about how good the french diet is but what do they eat for breakfast everyday? If they are having a packed lunch what do they eat? What do they eat for Sunday dinner,christmas,easter or any wednesday night?.A book that shows us every meal everyday and All occasions would sell hand over fist. Or if you know of such a book in English could you give me the title? Many thanks Pól

  8. Thank you for asking!!
    I’d love to see:
    – tea sandwiches
    – story behind your most used cooking tools (favs) you use
    – after school quick snacks when you were a child
    – late night snacks
    – potato gratin (spelling? The yummy sliced potato casserole with cream)
    – fresh fruit filling for center layer of cakes

    That’s all I got for now 😉
    Thank you .. For all your great energy and sharing !!

    With a grin,

  9. Dear Rachel!

    A Youtube channel?? that is awesome.

    I would love to see more raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes. I also love your viintage kitchen gadgets so I would love to see maybe tips to buy these things.

    Thank you for the oportunity to express what we want to see.

    Kisses from Madrid – Spain.

  10. Hi Rachel,

    I would love some how to technique videos, especially in regards to patisserie! Like types of piping bags/sizes, how to use for example.

    I would really like to see some recipes for meals that serve only one or two!! I cook only for myself and it’s so hard sometimes to accommodate recipes or if I make the whole thing, I get really bored of eating the same thing 5 days in a row.

    Very excited for your channel to air though!! Congratulations on all your success so far!

    Sophie xx

  11. HI Rachel! I’m a big fan and a YT subscriber for sure 🙂 I’ve spent a lot of time in France and since then I miss puff pastry ALL THE TIME here in Poland, where I live.

    The worst thing is that it’s impossible to buy puff pastry made of butter in Poland. All the frozen types are made of margarine.

    So I’d love to see you making puff pastry on your YT chanel and maybe some recipes connected with this type of pastry.

    Two more things I’d love to learn from you are: banh mi sandwich and kimchi salad. Everything from scratch 🙂


  12. Hello Rachel!

    Bonne chance with your YouTube channel! I’m sure you’ll make the most inspiring and creative things in your channel as always.

    I would love to see a relation between your musical taste and your recipes, I wonder about the reflection of your taste in music on to your kitchen.

    Loves from Istanbul!
    Hope you can come here again:)

  13. Hello Rachel!

    I love your show and recipes. I would really appreciate if you including more recipes for young adults with little experience cooking or limited budgets for entertaining around the holidays.

    Thanks from Maryland, USA

  14. Fresh fruit ice cream without a machine on YT. Great for Santa time. Love the cep carpaccio. I was lucky enough to live and work in Provincia d’Asti,Italy and long for the funghi,but especially the tartufo. Great blog as usual. Thanks.

  15. As ever, I enjoy your clips from Sweden, you’re actually such an excellent culinary ambassador for our food and lifestyle! Makes me feel kind of homesick, though..!
    A little idea: perhaps you could do something about the great “English Breakfast – with a “twist”?

  16. A YouTube channel, this is fantastic! I am really looking forward to see the videos.
    Ideas about creating a nice apéritif at home, for summer or winter.
    The essentials to have in a kitchen (material wise and food/pantry wise).
    And also, a bit more of vegetarian food.
    Good luck and looking forward to see the videos!

  17. I’d love to see some nice quick ideas for lunches to take to work. Nothing too complicated, things that can easily be made in the morning, or the night before.

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