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April 13th, 2017

I’m hiring! Want to join Team Khoollect?

Team Khoollect is expanding! There are two new job openings at Khoollect HQ; could one of them be for you? We’re looking for a temporary Creative Content Assistant to help the team with photography, videography, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro. We’re also searching for a digital-savvy Deputy Editor who has confidence with all things editorial, copy editing and lifestyle writing. For more details, head over to Khoollect!


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3 thoughts on “I’m hiring! Want to join Team Khoollect?

  1. I love your show, it has inspired me to be a better cook and artist. I also really love your lipstick Rachel Khoo. Is it possible to find out which brand it is?

  2. I watch your show from Toronto Canada on gusto.. impressed by your branding and cooking and checked your webpage, just wanted to say good job ;). . Imma toronto film school graduate 2009.. in tv production.. havent found a stable job in canada.. but i still hope to do something great one day.. my question is.. I want to start my own tv show based on Christian modern spirituality. . I kinda think of myself as a priestly guru type.. and so.. if i brand myself.. what would i need to get world recognition in YouTube and create am online business where i can help people become better individuals .. how do you set up your YouTube? Anyways have a nice day rachel 🙂 keep making shows so i can watch them



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