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October 14th, 2014

My Little French Kitchen launches in the US today (plus giveaway)!

Rachel Khoo My Little French Kitchen US Cover

For all my US fans…the wait is over! My fourth book, ‘My Little French Kitchen’, is being published today (14th October 2014) by Chronicle Books. I really enjoyed travelling around France and discovering regional traditions and delicacies for this book (see previous blog posts on BrittanyProvence and Bordeaux). I hope you’ll enjoy making the recipes as much as I enjoyed creating them. You can see some behind-the-scenes snaps here.

The book is available to buy from today through: IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Chronicle and Amazon.

Giveaway alert – Please note this competition is now closed.

Thanks to my American publishers, Chronicle, I have a copy of the book to giveaway to one of my American fans. To win, just tell me what your favourite French dish is and why in the comments below (remember to include a valid email address when commenting) – bonus points for anyone who spreads the word via their social media channels.

The competition will be open until Tuesday 28th October – I will be contacting the winner after this time to let them know. Good luck!

Note: this competition is only open to those living in the USA. 

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108 thoughts on “My Little French Kitchen launches in the US today (plus giveaway)!

  1. Gougeres are proof of magic. Airy little cheese puffs that disappear as quickly as they appear.

    I know most people would pick coq au vin or cassoulet but for me – an afternoon in the sunshine with a mound of gougeres and some good wine is as close to perfect as life gets.

  2. I love coq au vin blanc because it’s a lovely light dish that combines two of my favorites, wine and chicken. I prefer the white version versus the red because I feel it pairs better with chicken breasts.

  3. I love French food, generally. Okay, I love FOOD generally. But if I have to pick a favourite, it’s going to be croque monsieur for me. The simplest foods are the best in my mind, and croque monsieur is a classic example of a simple meal where the flavours combine into absolute delight.

  4. I love a good steak au poivre with a shallot and red wine sauce. It’s hearty and the peppercorns add a nice kick for a traditional steak dish.

  5. boeuf Bourguignon is my favorite dish to make and to eat. It’s so rich and decadent. I love it. I especially love sauce mopping with a french baguette! I love all things french though. They really know how to joie de vivre!

  6. Quiche Lorraine is my favorite! I followed your recipe from watching your show and made it after . It came out so delicious! Since it was the first french dish that I attempted to make and came out so good, it is my favorite. I make a light spinach and kale salad alongside the quiche. It’s a perfect meal to eat for lunch 🙂

  7. i love lemon roasted chicken… The flavors are all so clean and pure when you follow a French recipe for roast chicken. It is the only chicken that you cannot mess up… Alwaysoist, flavorful and most of all beautifully simple. Both in preparation and taste.

  8. i love Beef bourguignon – especially now that it’s fall here and the temperatures are dropping. it’s the perfect dish to warm you up and share with loved ones!

  9. Boeuf bourguignon is a go-to weekend favorite at my house, particularly when the weather gets cool. I can make it earlier in the day and let it cook away while I get some other things done, no need to check on it.

    Honorable mention goes to the Tarte Tropzienne that I discovered when I studied in France. Miam!

  10. My favorite French dish is Boeuf Bourguignon – I made it for my French host family at the end of my stay, but I couldn’t open the bottle of Burgundy wine. So I just used a small bit of leftover red wine and hoped for the best. My host family loved it and thought I was very faithful to the classic dish. Success!

  11. I guess it’s not really a dish, but my favorite has got to be Madeleines – especially yours à la crème au citron. Light and fluffy, its the perfect sweet treat that always brightens up my day. Mmmm…now I’m craving them!

  12. Really hard pressed to pick one dish, but if I had to go to France for 5 minutes, and had the choice to have only one dish, it would be in a pastry shop, and it would quite possibly be a Crème brûlée 🙂

  13. My favorite is more of a combination of french ingredients, rather than a specific dish – Sliced Aged Compte Cheese and Violette Mustard on Sliced Baguette. I had this as a snack at the end of a food tour on my last trip to Paris.

    I love this combination because it showcases both foods made in France and the french cooking tradition of making something delicious out of a few simple ingredients.

    With the help of good artisan bakers in my area and the internet, I am able to make this dish and transport myself back to one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

  14. Crepe! Strawberries, brown sugar, cheese, nutella, lemon; the choies are endless. Simple but can be served at any time of the day and occasion.

  15. Ohhhh… Tough to chose, but my favorite dish is a tartiflette made with a super stinky, proper reblochon!

    This was one of the most memorable French dishes I tasted on my first trip outside of the USA when I stayed with friends in Annecy. It was homemade with all local ingredients. Delicious!

  16. CAn I say Fleur de Sel? What about butter. Both are the essence of jy for means I can’t imagine living or eating without them!!

  17. Ratatouille.

    As a mother that works full time, it can be hard to cook nourishing delicious meals for my husband and son. This is a crowd favorite! My son loves helping me use the mandolin to cut the veggies and stack them beautifully. Your books have made cooking a fun family gathering at the end of a long stressful day! And the best part is getting the guys to eat their veggies!! 🙂

  18. My favorite French dish, of course, is dessert! Tarte Tatin- I love this dish. The smell of buttery pastry and caramel cooking in the oven is amazing. I like serving it warm with a bit of ice cream, just as I would an apple pie.

  19. My favorite French dish is Rachel Khoo’s grandmother’s classic twist on the Chicken Dumpling Soup. I made your version for a friend awhile back who was not only under the weather but was very upset concerning her personal life. This recipe might not have solved her issues but in her words, “made her feel like she was home.” Now she requests it anytime she’s feeling even the slightest out of balance! Food from the heart (and inspired by grandparents) really are the best! Thanks Rachel. I’ll be sure to RT.

  20. Hi Rachel!

    I’m a big fan. My favorite French dish is quiche. The eggs are so light and the crust is crispy. It’s was also the first French food I ate when I visited Paris! Hopefully I’ll be the winner of your new book so I can try all of your twists on classic French cuisine.

  21. My absolute FAVORITE French dish is ‘Coquille St. Jacque’. So great to share with your friends around the table! It is a very filling dish that I love to entertain with. The flavors are delicate, and not too fishy. Scallops are a perfect combination with the guyere cheese mix. The garlic, mushrooms and parley are sharp against the other mild flavors so the whole dish is perfectly balanced. Add some thyme to garnish and your good to go! This is a dish my mom always made us for special occasions, and I love carrying on the tradition. 🙂

  22. Crepes come to mind as my favorite dish! They are so versatile. When I’m craving something sweet, they are stuffed with berries and honey; savory, stuffed with caramelized onions and mushrooms. Yum!

  23. My favorite French dish would have to be salade au chèvre chaud. Its flavorful bouquet is the perfect pair for sun-splashed days of roses and rosés.

  24. My favorite dish is an Alsatian dish called Backofen which our French friend Daniel Beyrath made for us when we visited them in Kirwiller France.

  25. My favorite French dish is your version of boeuf bourguignon it’s the ultimate comfort food yet it’s still elegant. My whole family is also obsessed with the baguette dumplings!

  26. My favourite French dish is Moules au Saffran with frites.It is the perfect meal served in a Staub pot where the wonderful sauce can collect to dip your frites. It is savoury, sublime and utterly perfect.

  27. My favorite French dish is actually yours! Your spring soup. It was light and comforting.

    Ps. I’m not good at baking, but your recipes for deserts make me feel relaxed and they turn out fantastic with ease.

    Thank you!!!! 🙂

  28. My favorite French dish is cassoulet. Is so warm and comforting. I make it when it starts getting cold out. It always puts smiles on my family’s faces!

  29. You can’t beat a lyonaise salad. It’s like breakfast in a salad. Each component is fantastic, but when you put them together in a salad, it’s like satisfaction in a bowl.

  30. I learned how to make my favorite French comfort food, Casoulet, while I was training under master chef Jean Louis Palladin in Washington D.C. at Jean Louis at the Watergate Hotel. His take on this classic recipe has traveled with me throughout my career and is my family’s regular Sunday lunch.

  31. My favorite French dish is a clafoutis. A. Because I have a serious sweet tooth.(though I love a savory clafoutis as well) B. Because it never fails to impress, its easy to make and the varieties are endless! Its fun to make a dish that isn’t common in the US and bring French culture overseas.

  32. Oh my goodness you’re chocolate mousse with the little chocolate nibs! A recording just replayed on TV yesterday morning and everyone knows I love, I mean absolutely love chocolate! When you describe the chocolate mousse literally hitting you from every direction there really isn’t a better choice of words! It is a simple, but real heavenly treat that I like to make for dessert for friends or myself! Thank you so much for sharing this and all your personal recipes! Best! XXOO

  33. Madelines. Which I just learned how to finally pronounce in French class today. Too bad I can’t cook/bake. I got to get out of Michigan.

  34. I love making crepes with my two boys on Saturday mornings. The batter is so easy and versatile, and they enjoy stuffing them full of their favorite fruits and topping them with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!

  35. Ooh. Give me a classic cheese soufflé any day. That crisp light pastry crust opens to a warm cheesy inside that makes it my perfect comfort food.

  36. Any kind of crepe, but especially buckwheat savory crepes with mushrooms, mmmmm. Followed up by chocolate or nutella crepe for dessert, of course! Crepes for breakfast also a hit w/my kiddos, they love to fill them after I fry the batter, and they don’t last long 🙂

  37. my favorite French thing to eat is their patisserie. Fresh croissants with strong coffee, macaroons with their crisp outer shell and soft inside. Frasier, with strawberries and cream. The french patisserie is a work of art, they look amazing and taste amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris/Franch a few times, and their bakers are the best.

  38. I am always on the prowl for crepes, but when I find a restaurant that serves them, I see the price and change my mind thinking “I can make those at home.” Well, I finally did something about that, looked up a recipe and made myself some. The batter can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days and I can have sweet or savory crepes any time I damn well please! Love it. So Happy!

    I posted a link to this page on Facebook.

  39. The dish I would choose is one that is centered around fromage frais. What lends itself to be more French than cheese!? I do feel that what can make a dish so “french” is not only what your eating but how you go about making it. The idea of knowing your food, where it comes from and learning the art of making it. This cheese can be dressed up whether it’s with toasted baguettes and jam, part of a pastry, or simple on it own with a bit of berries and honey. This is a perfect example of a dish that is quintessentially french to me.

  40. Seriously, one favorite dish? That is near impossible. My first thought – creme brûlée, because honestly a great creme brûlée just can’t be beat. But, great creme brûlée is hard to find. Second thought – croque madame. There is something about a gooey fried egg that just elevates a croque monsieur to another level. Then there are terrines – always an option. But, in the end, I have to go with a duck croque. In fact, duck in just about anything, like a Quercy salade. C’est si bon!

  41. I cannot pick just one dish. Impossible! My heart melts for so many things from a croissant and cafe noisette for breakfast, a perfect baguette sandwich for lunch, an elcair caramel beurre sale with chocolat chaud for an afternoon nibble, or one of 100 lovely different dinners. Anything from a simple crepe Bretagne with ham, cheese and an egg to a lovely steak au poivre or a pigeon with a lovely wine sauce. Then there are the cheese plates and desserts. Heaven

  42. Croque Madame muffins; Cheese and Potato nests and your Boeuf Bourguigon for starters are our favorites. Loved watching you in your adorable Paris (walk-up; hard to believe you lugged food etc. up those stairs.) I tried to follow you with recipes (DirecTV recorded) from the series on CookingTVchannel but soon gave up and bought your book, The Little Paris Kitchen. Just WOW! And how delightful a book it is. I’ll be 75 years old in January (1/31) and have been cooking and baking for what seems like a bazillion years, but after experiencing your book I became hooked on the simple and elegant touch you have with food.
    Many thanks Rachel.

  43. My favorite French dish is the sole meuniere from your “Little Paris Kitchen” cookbook. It’s easy to prepare, healthy, can be paired with salad or a type of carbohydrate, and (of course) très délicieux!

  44. I think my favorite dish right now is your eggs in a tea cup. I put chopped ham in the bottom, this is so easy to make and tastes very good. I love about everything you make, I’m going to try the chocolate cake with the caramel in the center.

  45. I love making mussels in curry sauce. My friend and I had them waterside on a day trip to La Rochelle. Three and a half years later, my friend is now my fiance and making them at home reminds me of our “first” vacation.

  46. You know, so evocative for me is petit suisse. That little cheese, eaten with sugar, was such a comfort when I was younger.

    I lived in Rennes for a time while going to high school, and my French mother (not my relative) gave me a few recipes that I make still today, 40 years later. Buche de noel, clafoutis (though just this year I made a lower-fat version!), soupe de l’oignon gratinee, quiche.

    So looking forward to seeing your book. Congratulations!

  47. The omelette is my favorite French food. When I was 8, my Belgian mother taught me how to cook an omelette. She said that this one dish could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Once I knew how to cook one, I would always have a delicious, nutritions and heart warming comfort food to eat or serve. She was right!

  48. L’assiette de serrano jambon avec petite salade and glass of Beaujolais. The reason I like this dish so much is that it was the first dish I ever had in a Parisian cafe. It was a rainy cold night. I was with the love of my life and Diana Krall was playing softly in the background. It was simple and sublime. Every time I have this dish it takes me right back to that little cafe with my lover. J’aime

  49. France has blessed us with so many culinary treasures, picking one is nearly an impossible request. One such treasure that stands out for me is Crepes Suzette. I remember my mom spending hours preparing them only to be totally devoured within minutes by her very grateful family. (She loved how we all loved to eat them.) We definitely overindulged but it was so worth it.

  50. Crepes, simple and elegant and seriously delicious. They are a family favorite, my husband and children love them as well.

  51. I would say coq au vin as it was the first French dish I learned to make and it gets me excited to have more French food each time I have it.

  52. My favorite French dish right now is Boeuf Bourguignon. I love making it for special family dinners. Yes, it takes time, but it’s not too hard (if even I can make it!) and makes the house smell AMAAAAZING.

  53. My favourite french food is cassoulet. Reminds me of cozy winter nights in Paris in my freezing cold apartment with no central heating! When I moved here to the US i hauled a huge poterie Not Freres cassole over with me so I can continue making it! Havnt used it though coz its too blimming hot in California!

  54. Bouillabaisse- fennel, tomato and saffron is a great flavoring for fish. But it needs rouille on bread and a side of pate and profiterol and white burgundy too!

  55. Definitely Beef Bourginon! I actually use The Barefoot Contessa’s recipe-it’s a crowd pleaser! I had the opportunity to stay in an apt in Paris in August and I shopped for ingredients at local market, then returned to the apt to cook! It was such a phenomenal feeling cooking in Paris!! I’ll never forget it!

  56. I love béchamel sauce. It’s so fun to make and love seeing it transform in my hands. I make it for everything and make so many different variations.

    And I always hear your voice as I make it! Thank you for inspiring

  57. This isn’t necessarily a dish, but my favorite would be madeleines. I love to bake them for my friends and family. So simple but soooo good! I’d love to try out more French food in the future! Congratulations on your newest book Rachel!

  58. My absolute favorite is the Paris-Brest. The bakery where I used to live in Vermont would make them, and they tasted AMAZING! They would put fresh sliced strawberries in the middle. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else but I try to make them whenever I can.

  59. I have to choose cassoulet. There’s nothing better on a cold winter afternoon or evening than this rich, authentically French white-bean casserole. And anything that has confit de canard as an ingredient is fine by me!

  60. My favorite French dish is Dover Sole Meuniere. It is so clean and crispy, an elegant but simply dish to prepare. It brings back memories of my time in a French restaurant in the 80’s. We served all the classic French cuisine. I loved working there. The Chef,Serge was from Bordeaux and treated me like family. He made the best Dover Sole. When I worked lunch, after we would all sit down together and have crepes and a glass of Rose D’Danjou. A nice memory.<3

  61. I adore pretty much all things French, but one of my favorite food memories is of a duck confit dish with scalloped potatoes that my Parisian friend made for my first wedding anniversary while my new husband was away for work. Delicious and comforting!

  62. Boeuf Bourguignon! Love this classic French recipe with the tender beef, veggies and delicious sauce. This is the first meal I made for my husband when we were dating and it turned out amazing!

  63. Crepes…sweet or savory. Love them! I just saw your show today on the food channel. Fantastic. I don’t really use social media, but did just text a friend whom I think would love your show/website. Thanks!

  64. Hi Rachel – As crazy as it sounds, I have never cooked any French dishes ! My mother mostly cooked American and Italian type foods, so I just really have no experience with it besides the occasional croissant – I suppose it intimidates me a litte….I love your show and would love to work my way through your cookbook! 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance to win one !

  65. So many favorites but the ones I never get tired of are sole meuniere and a great cassoulet. Finish with warm madeleines dusted with confectioner’s sugar and I’m in heaven!

  66. I love Coq Au Vin! It was the very first French dish that I tried to make myself, and seemed (at the time) to be the most delicious morsels I had ever tasted (maybe being that it was a labor of love

  67. Easily, my favorite French dish is a simple Poulet rôti. The reason why I love it is because I feel that it is French cooking boiled down to one basic dish. The basting, the turning, the trussing; all rules that must be followed, yet all there for a reason. When you finish, after eating the gloriously tender and juicy flesh, the crispy buttery skin, you have a delicious bird that tastes exactly like what it should be, a chicken. What’s more glorious than that?

  68. My favorite season is fall, and there is nothing better than a cassoulet for comfort and warmth on a rainy cold day. That would have to be my favorite french dish.

  69. I’ve loved French cuisine since I was a wee one, learning l’alphabet and all about “les grandes artistes” and then after studying in Grenoble, I fell in love with all things delicious with fromage et vin, ranging from gratin and cheese plates and petit suisse, to a hearty beef stew with a nice red wine. My favorites, however, are hot, fresh, melt-in-your mouth Madeleines. Once I get a Madeleine pan – attention, husband *hint hint*, I will be trying to make them as a new challenge! I’ve been looking forward to this new cookbook coming out – SO EXCITED!- and will be sure to tell all my friends on my blog, Where the BlueBoots Go as I did here from your fun and inspiring visit to Boston! http://bluebootsgo.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/2466/. I love love love the illustrations and rich color photos in your cookbooks.

    Bonne Journee!

  70. I love the Lavender Chicken and have made the dish numerous times. Thank you for finally showing the average person they can prepare delicious meals on a budget with little effort.

  71. The first dessert (and a favourite) I tried when I went to Paris was fondant au chocolat. Bought it from a little stall on the street and it was beautiful- perfectly cooked and gooey in the centre. There are so many gorgeous patisseries -bread, cakes and pastries look like perfection in France.

  72. Fresh, hot madeleines are my favorite! I haven’t tried to make them yet, but I have enjoyed them at a bakery, in a small paper box – there is never any left to take home because they are the epitome of melt-in-your-mouth goodness and they go quickly between my husband and I. There’s just something beautiful i the simplicity of this French pastry. I’m excited for your newest book, and am looking forward to seeing all the colorful illustrations and trying new recipes. 🙂

  73. How can you choose. From delicious ile flottante to tiny green de Puy lentils. If I am forced to choose, I would pick perfectly cooked steaks and béarnaise and of course wine all enjoyed with friends.

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