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June 26th, 2013

LPK now available on iTunes in Canada

Bonjour to readers in Canada. ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ is now available on iTunes (available to purchase for people who live in Canada). Hope you enjoy the recipes!

To download the show on iTunes, click here.

What’s on the Menu?

Episode 1 – I cook up a unique take on a croque madame and conjure up some madeleines

Episode 2 – I craft baguettes with a master Parisian baker

Episode 3 – We try a twist on the cassoulet, one of the most classic French dishes

Episode 4 – I am treated to succulent scallops in mustard-mayonnaise by the seaside in Trouville

Episode 5 – I prepare gourmet garnishes with a Parisian chef and make iles flottantes

Episode 6 – I cook more great dishes and explores the Asian food trends finding favour in Paris

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6 thoughts on “LPK now available on iTunes in Canada

  1. Awesome! I saw a lot of episodes already on BBC Canada and fell in love with Little Paris Kitchen! Your show is cool and so is your unique style 🙂 Love your cookbook too! Hope you visit Toronto soon 🙂

  2. when will your season be featured on the US itunes store? i tried to find a way to switch to the Canadian iTunes store and it didn’t allow me :/

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