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March 5th, 2014

Mijn Franse Keuken – Launch of Dutch My Little French Kitchen book


Update: Congratulations to Liselotte in the Netherlands. You’ve won a copy of ‘My Little French Kitchen’!

Last Thursday and Friday saw me heading over to Amsterdam to launch my latest book in Dutch. It was great to be back (I had such a great time last time I was there). I found out when I arrived Wednesday evening that I would be a judge on the Dutch baking TV show, Bake My Day. Needless to say, I spent the evening practicing my very best Mary Berry judging expression in the mirror (after an excellent meal at Speijkervet).

Bake my day

An early start on Thursday heading to the studio (a double take and a squeal of delight when I spotted myself on a bus stop poster).

Dutch poster

After ‘deliberating, cogitating and digesting’ the competitors’ dishes (the episode will air in May sometime) I headed back to Mister Kitchen to do a couple of workshops with food bloggers, news reporters and competition winners. There was plenty to do – we made savoury sablé and a selection of sweet and savoury pinxtos.

Workshop in Amsterdam 2014 IMG_1233_lowres

Bellies filled with delicious goodies, books signed and pictures taken, everyone went home happy (I hope!). Another excellent meal at Rijsel and I rolled back to the hotel.


Loved spotting a recipe of mine at a café in Amsterdam!

Friday morning there was a champagne breakfast and interviews before getting on the plane where the passenger next to me thought I would knock myself out because I kept on nodding off, quite violently. Next week I’ll be off to Munich for the German launch. Stay tuned!

GIVEAWAY: I  have a signed copy of ‘Mijn Franse Keuken’ to give away to one of my Dutch readers. Thanks a lot for your support.

For your chance to win, leave a comment here on my blog (bonus points if you spread the word via your own blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – include the hashtag #rachelkhoodutchgiveaway!). I’ll be drawing a winner on Friday March 14, so you have until Thursday March 13 to enter. Veel succes!

The fine print: This giveaway is open to residents of Holland (or you’re most welcome to enter from other destinations, if you have a friend/family member based in Holland who can receive the book at their address). Any queries, send me an email :)


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55 thoughts on “Mijn Franse Keuken – Launch of Dutch My Little French Kitchen book

  1. I’d love to enter! Your recipes are always delightful, especially your oeufs en cocotte and madeleines. I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book!

  2. Dear Rachel,

    I’m a big fan of yours from the moment I saw you on TV. I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and loved them. Being a student and having a small kitchen myself I would love winning your book!

  3. I would love to have your book on my shelf. Since some time I made myself a promise to get the nicest cook books all together. Your style is so pretty (cook, clothing and habit), I just need to add your book to my collection! I am so addicted to watching your cooking show on YouTube, I am so dissapointed I am not able to see your new show! That’s why I would like to have some “Rachel Khoo”at home! <3

  4. I absolutely love the French cuisine and I think you are very good at putting a creative twist to the original food. I am very curious what kind of beautiful recipes are in the book and I can’t wait to try all of them out! Probably if I don’t win, I think I will buy the book 😀 Thanks for creating these recipes and putting a lot of love in them. Today you put an extra smile on my face 😀

  5. Hey,
    I love to enter as well. Would be more than amazing to have a signed copy of your book. I’m Such a great fan of your cooking program(s) and recipes(I hope they well air your London cooking program in Belgium as well soon).

    I’m from Belgium so it would be in my language as well 😉

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

    Lots of love,


  6. Hey,

    I would love to enter as well. I’m such a great fan of your cooking program(s) and recipes (I hope they will air out soon your London cooking program in Belgium).

    I’m from Belgium, so it will be in my language as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Lots of love,


  7. J’adore vos recettes, j’adore votre style! I adore your recipes and most of all, I love your style! Love, Charlotte

  8. Hi Rachel!

    Great to hear that you had a good time in Amsterdam!!

    I’m a big fan of your books! I admire you moving to Paris and following your heart and passion! One day I hope to do the same and be a great chef, just like you!!

    I’d like to enter the competition and I would be very happy to win your new book!

    Good luck with all that your doing!!

  9. Hiii Rachel!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe you are in Amsterdam!!! would have loved to see you:)
    Love love love this giveaway (and the book ofcourse, Bretagne is my favorite region in france) , because i love your cooking it Always works out perfectly! and you live in Paris which is something i hope to achieve someday as well, especially sincde my education to become a food technologist is almost at an end i cant wait to take that step.

    Love Lis

  10. Oh La Laaa…c’est un cadeau fantastique!! I’ve been a big fan from the very beginning and love your modern touch. In our home we enjoy all your recipes; from the roasted red wine chicken to the granola bars from your first book. I already have your latest book (I HAD to have it when it came out even though it’s in English) but I would love to own a signed edition. Love from Holland and good luck with your preparations for your kitchen notebook, can’t wait for it to come out…

  11. Hello,

    I love your cooking, and after buying you first book, I could not wait for this new book! I would love to win it! You’re a fantastic chef!

  12. Unfortunately in Holland we do not have such a sophisticated cuisine as in France, so I would really like to win your book to make some good French dinner. Really looking forward to try your French pintxos, I never knew they ate them in France as well! I absolutely loved your first book and I am really curious to read this one. I have seen a lot of tasty pictures from the foodbloggers you had a workshop with, so i am sure I will not be disappointed :).

  13. Hi Rachel,

    I got your first book from my boyfriend and I love it. Every week I make a nice recipe for friends and family. My favourite one are your picknick recipes, your poulet au citron et lavande, your canard a l’orangina which I made for Christmus and your mousse aux éclats de chocolat I think every woman will like that one. I already saw you on a bus stop poster and I begged my bofriend for your new book. I hope I win your book.

    Greetings Hannah

  14. Hi rachel,

    I’m working in a community center just around the corner of Speijkervet. I learn young girls (age 10-12 years) cooking and the diverences between cuisines. Most of the girls are Moroccan and know a little bit of cooking. I learn how to make a good couscous. Last few weeks we were cooking French and I used your book Chez Rachel, because it’s my favourite book. They loved alle the recipes! Now they are standing in the kitchen and they like to cook with red lips, because they saw your pictures in your book. We really want your new book.

    Greeting from all the girls of the girl club

  15. I would love to get your new book!
    I’ve been making quite a lot of recipes out of “chez rachel” and I’m looking forward to try out your new recipes!

  16. Too bad I purchased your new book last week. But if I’d win, I’d give it to a close friend of mine who can really use some non diet cookbooks 🙂

  17. Dear Rachel,

    A BIG HELLO from Rotterdam!
    I’ve been a long time fan. Just wanna say I’ve caught many episodes of your shows on BBC – I not only love your recipes but your unique sense of fashion!
    I would love to win this signed copy of your cookbook. Definitely will blog about this and mention this on my FB page as well.

    Keep up all the great work, you are an inspiration! ^_^

  18. Hi Rachel –
    I’d love to have your book!! I’m French, living in Holland, and that would be a great way to get my partner to venture out of traditional Dutch cooking. No more boiled potatoes!!
    Save my relationship!! 😉
    PS – just kidding there are definitely nice things in Dutch food – loooove the haring 🙂 !!

  19. Hi Rachel,

    We greatly enjoyed your first book, and we enjoy it still. I am very curious about your new recipes!
    Greetings from Alex

  20. Coolish, a giveaway for the Dutch (and the Belgians? I love my Belgian neighbours too! Alléz Belgen, u ook veel succes!)
    If it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much :p, but seriously, that’s only true if it has a little French kitchen touch!

    btw have you had any “stroopwafels” when you were in Holland/Amsterdam?

  21. Hi Rachel,

    Ooooh! Youre new cookbook (in dutch) is in the bookshop. Very nice!!
    I am totally excited! I already made a lot from book 1, so book 2 is very welcome.
    I also liked the tv programme a lot, is there another television-serie coming up? Hope so! Good luck/bonne chance/veel geluk,


    ps: I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully winning the new cookbook. 🙂

  22. Hi Rachel!
    I love to see the way you cook in your o so tiny kitchen in Paris.
    The recipes you use are easy to follow, so I really would love to get your book!!!!

  23. Wow, this is amazing! I would love to win your new book! I love cooking, but I love learning new things about cooking even more. I am so curious about all kind of cooking books, especially from different cultures. The more I can learn, the more interesting! I don’t have any books of the French kitchen, so it would add so much to the few cooking books I already have!

  24. Hi Rachel,
    I always enjoyed your tv show in which you prepare wonderful dishes in your small french kitchen, because just like you, I also have a small kitchen. Thanks to your show I’ve seen that that’s no limitation for cooking. If only I could cook like you. That’s why I really would love to win your book 🙂

  25. Was very happy to see what you’ve been doing we are off to Amsterdam next week
    by chance and can’t wait to check out restaurants you mention, like your cooking style and have kept your Evening Standard receipies too! Bit late to win you book in
    English but good luck to all in Holland.

  26. Dear Rachel,

    Ni Hao, Hoi, Gruss Gott, Bonjour, Hi 😉

    I’ve enjoyed watching you cooking away. Especially with the clear language and explanations of the recipes, next to a great presentation of the show (kuddo’s to the crew and your own styling).

    I love classic French dishes myself very much and although at some point in time I was thought the ‘Bocuse way’, I love the ‘simplicity’ of your way.

    Thanks for sharing your passion.


  27. Recently my huisbrand starter working regular office hours. Meaning, he now cooks twice a week! And although I don’t mind his Jamie oliver 15 minute meals, I would very much like him to make me your French Cuisine 🙂

  28. i would love <3 to have your book. i always watch you on tv and i like your style of cooking. I always look at your TV program. I like the way you French cuisine prepared so delicious and simple. I've even recipes passed on to my mother. so cute anyway. I would really like to win your new cookbook. then I get a signature from the chef??? please. by the way the pictures from the billboard is near my house. in Amsterdam. How so random hahahah isabella rohring from amsterdam

  29. Ooooooohhh your book is on my wishlist, so YES I want to win!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Much love from Groningen

  30. I’ve been reading your book for several minutes in the Albert Heijn yesterday, haha. I really adore the French kitchen, and I love to receive more inspiration to impress my family and friends! My boyfriend Oscar loves cooking as well and we like to cook together and enjoy eating it with friends and family. Oscar and I were on our first holiday together, on a campsite next to Paris. His mother has made such lovely diners that day, I started loving the French kitchen since then. Next summer, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary together! I am planning to surprise him with an unexpected journey to that same campsite in France….and since his mother is not going with us, it would be great to show him my love by cooking a lovely French diner for him! Your book is going to help me a lot by surprising him! 🙂

  31. I’d love to win one! I love your recipes =) Especially the moulleux au chocolats! I have made them several times!
    I have seen al the episodes of “little paris kitchen” (I love it, we recorded them, so that I can see them again =) ) and I was wondering: are there going to be more episodes?
    We wanted to eat in your restaurant in Paris, but when we tried to search for a reservation, we saw it is closed =(

  32. Hey Rachel,

    I’m a big fan of yours and I’d love to give this book to my friend in Holland. I just bought your book “la petite cuisine a Paris’ and I use it with my students (I teach English to adults) and they’re loving it!!

  33. Dear Rachel,

    You make me smile every time i see your programme. The joy and pride when you show us what you have made. That special twinkle in your eyes.

    Love you.

  34. Hoi Rachel,

    My daughter and I are great fans. Love to win your book, so we can cook your delicious recipes together.

    Groetjes José

  35. Hoi Rachel, ik zou heel graag je boek willen winnen! Ik heb vorig jaar in Frankrijk gestudeerd en ben dol op het land en de keuken. Translated: I’d love to win your book. Last year I studied in France and I really fall in love with the country and the cuisine. One day, I hope I’ll make the same steps as you: move to Paris and cook!


  36. Hi Rachel,

    I’d love to win your book, already enjoyed your Dutch book “chez Rachel” very much. It was a gift from my husband and also he would really like me to win “mijn franse Keuken” as he enjoys your dishes. The dishes makes us feel like we are on holiday in France!

    Hope you will bring out many books to come!!


  37. Well, I see I’m just on time, haha! I had already seen the adverts at the bus stops, so awesome. 😀 I’m going to France every year and I absolutely love the mediterranean food there! I really love cooking but never really tried the French kitchen. Would love to win your book! I hear so many good things about your recipes, haha.

  38. I would love to win this! I love your cookbooks & I love making your dishes. I enjoy cooking very much and the French cuisine is one of my favorites! 🙂

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