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July 3rd, 2014

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook is airing in the USA

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook London television show

© Des Willie / BBC Worldwide

Hello to readers in the USA. From this weekend (starting Saturday July 5), my new show ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London’ will be airing on the Cooking Channel. The episodes will air every Saturday at 11am EST starting July 5.

You’ll find all the details here on the Cooking Channel website. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy the recipes!

P.S. here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my new show, on set in London.

And here’s the trailer:


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12 thoughts on “Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook is airing in the USA

  1. I have been watching past episodes of “Little Paris Kitchen” and I’m so pleased about your new show. I also look forward to your reading your posts. Great food and great style- wish you all the best.

  2. I was able to watch your new show this morning on the Cooking Channel and I loved it! So happy it’s airing in the US. I want to try the chocolate bowl desert. Totally love your outfits. I can’t wait for next week’s show.

  3. Saw your show here in America and it was great! Your trick with the balloon was great to make chocolate cups. I love anything from London. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Thank meine gott the vacuum is broken! we have not had re-run of Little Paris Kitchen here in West Michigan -so I missed your exquisite culinary artistry for some time now.
    Looking forward to you new show once again & savoir a wee bit of icy Chassagne-Montrachet whilst I watch your real magic. ~all the best to you.

  5. So glad your program is showing n the US again. Have loved u from the beginning. I love the French food. Would love to go to France n UK one day. For now, I watch you.

  6. My daughter and I enjoy your shows and have your Little Paris Cookbook which is beautiful and gets a lot of use. You are quite talented.

  7. I enjoy your show and effortless, yet elegant recipes. Your wardrobe and set are desirably classy. I have been searching for your cottage cheese recipe, but unable to find on Google, Cooking Channel, and your website. I haven’t had a chance to steal the remote from my kids and husband to check On Demand before falling straight to sleep after work and home life. May I trouble you for a recipe response? I look forward to your response and to watching more of your shows – time permitting.:-) Thank you, Cheryl

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