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May 22nd, 2013

USA: Book signing events

Super excited to visit the States this July on my book tour for ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’! Can’t wait. I’ll be posting more information here on the blog over the coming weeks, but here are the details for two of my book signing (and cooking demonstration) events at Williams-Sonoma stores. Visit the bookstore’s website for full details. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

New York event:
Columbus Circle

Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 5:00pm

10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-1146

Chicago event:
Lincoln Park

Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 6:00pm

1550 N. Fremont Street, Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 255-0643

See you Stateside 🙂

And just a quick note: As part of this event, I will only be able to sign copies of ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ purchased at the Williams-Sonoma store where the event is held (keep your proof of purchase). Thanks for your understanding!


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73 thoughts on “USA: Book signing events

  1. Come to Atlanta!! For one, you’ll love the South and secondly, I’ll make sure to bring a hoard of peeps to your signing! Such a big fan!

  2. Come to Atlanta please!!!!!!! Such a big fan here. Been waiting for you to tour the US. Why only 2 stops? We have so many Williams Sonoma stores here.

  3. Sooo excited you’re visiting Chicago! Can’t wait! Hope this is the first of your many more visits to come!

  4. Sooo close yet so far away 🙁
    When ever you are able to grace Los Angeles with your presence I will be the first one in line!
    Those New Yorkers and Chicago residents are so lucky. Je suis tres jaloux.

  5. Come to Texas! We’d love to see you in Dallas or Fort Worth, and I’d happily make the drive to Austin. Hope you enjoy your visit!

  6. How about the Baltimore / DC area? I’d be happy to host (if you agree to cook!). We’d love to see you in this area!

  7. Come to Book Revue in Huntington, New York! It is one of the best independent book stores in the US and in a town with lots of great food and foodies.

  8. I’m one of your biggest fan! I reside in both NY & Chicago! Looking forward to meet you in person! When you are in Chicago please come to Saigon Sisters for lunch/ dinner. We will take good care of you! Ask for Theresa/ Mary. So happy you’re coming to the stateside!

  9. It’s called The Paris of the South. Come to Asheville, NC.We have a Williams Sonoma and one of the best culinary scenes in the US

  10. Another vote for Atlanta! I was lucky enough to take your macaron class in Paris a few years ago. I knew you had that je ne sais quoi then. Congratulations on all your success, including the new book!

  11. Bonjour Rachel,
    je suis française mais en ce moment j’habite en Turquie, j’aimerai me procurer ton livre, est-il en diffusion en turquie? merci 🙂

  12. you should visit downtown Chicago as lincoln park is very close. Staying only in Lincoln park would be limiting. Sailing in Chicago is fun here. It’s not Paris or London but down town is pretty in the summer especially on the lake front. We have family visit from Alsace (young and old) often and they seem to enjoy the lake, some of the typical Chicago things: sears tower, music, the Chgo. yacht club, the river tour, and down town night life.Best of wishes to you on your trip. Hope you have a great time.

  13. Come to Florida (preferably Jackosnville, I can find you a location if necessary!)! Where it’s always sunny, and everyone smiles (so the opposite of Paris ;P).

  14. Hi Rachel! I’m just infatuated with your cookbook! It reminds me so much of my time in Paris. Although I was a nanny, your shots of the market remind me of our open air market in the place du marché. I just loved going and seeing all the different food vendors and trinkets shops!

    I would love for you to come to San Francisco so I can get my cookbook signed!

    Hope all is well with you and I hope to see you on your tour of the states!

    À Bientôt!

  15. Good luck on your US tour. Sounds like you might be planning other stops? I’m talking about Williams-Sonoma there’s a great location in Newport Beach CA it’s on the beach practically. Enjoying your book.

  16. Bonjour Rachel:

    Yes, I will also host for you in Baltimore /DC are and actually I will cook for you!

    I have been following you since you first started, unfortunately, you were not available when I was in Paris, then of course your book and and your series.

    I am out by The Inn at Little Washington, Patrick O’Connell’s Relaix & Chateau, would be fabulous to meet up. Missed you signed at Colette. Bisous!

  17. I absolutely love your cookbook and can’t wait for the next one!!! I hope seattle becomes one of your stops here!!! We’d all love to meet you 🙂

  18. Rachel coming to the states without stopping in atlanta on your way back to Paris A CRIME!
    I am a chef and a fan of your you have a home waiting for you here! and to see Atlanta !!!! 2 wiliams sonoma here!
    come on let hear it you R coming!

  19. I am in Ohio… a couple hundred miles from Chicago… 100 miles from Pittsburgh… 40 miles South of Cleveland.. have fun on tour! Would love to show off our local flair flairif you are driving through!

  20. Bonjour! Love the show, the book…and you! If you ever get to the Jacksonville, Florida area, there’s a killer little Frrech place in nearby Ponte Vedra called JJ’s Bistro. Run by a real Frenchman…it’s an awesome little place with a restaurant and gourmet food store. C’est magnifique! Best of l’UCI with tour awesome venture! Jim

  21. I would say Boise, but I doubt you will make it here, maybe just somewhere in the pacific northwest at least?!!!

  22. Another vote for coming to the DC area! I discovered you on the Cooking Channel, and fell in love immediately with your style- in the kitchen and in fashion!

  23. I’m an aussie living abroad not far from St. Louis Mo. in the usa and have loved watching and reading of your adentures and imspiring me to have some of my own. You are adorable!! Bless.

  24. Bonjour Rachel! I read your book and made a lot of the dishes before I moved to Paris last fall! I am a huge fan of your work and you 🙂
    Unfortunately was out of town when you did the book signing at La Cocotte last October and was so bummed. Will be home visiting in Boston in August so hope to catch you there or somewhere, one day!

  25. Hi Rachel, my new favorite chef. My kitchen has new life and I am once again experiencing the joy of cooking all thanks to you! If your journey takes you anywhere close to Reno, NV, say, San Francisco, a culinary experience of its own, I will surely see you there. Thank you for being such a joy!

  26. Hi Rachel … hope you will visit the Napa Valley. I’d love, love to see you and Napa would be such a perfect fit for you. If not, I hope you will plan a visit / appearance for the San Francisco Bay area. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wonderful food with all of us who love you!

  27. Hi, yesterday I was in downtown Chicago and I was thinking about all the places you can visit. Chicago is beautiful in the summer (mag mile), the lake front by the chicago yacht club and columbia yacht club (the walk way) , and much more. hope you have fun. You are welcome to contact my family if you are in town and we can take you to lunch. we aren’t anything fancy but you are welcome any time.

  28. Really should schedule a San Francisco area stopover. If not, I’ll have my daugher drop by for a copy of the book and to meet you.

  29. Hi Rachel,

    I love your show and I am looking forward to visiting Williams Sonoma on Thursday in Lincoln Park to meet you, watch the demonstration, and to get your book! 🙂 Paris has been such a special place to me, as my husband and I got engaged there and also visited the city on our honeymoon. We both love to cook too, and you and your show have really been such an inspiration. I am so looking forward to meeting you!

    I hope that you have a wonderful time in the city. I am sure you have a packed schedule, but in case you are looking for ideas, there is a great little french pastry cafe in Lincoln Park called Floriole Bakery. They started as a just a stand in the city farmer’s market, and grew into a full brick and mortar location. It is one of my husband and my favorite places in the neighborhood. http://www.floriole.com/

  30. I hope you’re able to make it to Los Angeles !!! I think alot of us out here would be so greatful to meet you! Regardless of where you go we all hope you have a safe flight and thank you for gracing the states with your presence 🙂

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