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June 20th, 2013

Where to buy LPK in Australia + book giveaway

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Anna and Katrina – your books are on their way!

‘My Little Paris Kitchen’ TV show continues to air Australia this week. Great to hear you’re enjoying it 🙂

Click here for more information (and to search what time the show is airing in your state on SBS).

Here are some ideas of where you can buy a copy of my book in Australia, if you’re keen to try out the recipes that I’m cooking on the show!


Angus & Robertson

ABC Shops

SBS Shops

Collins Booksellers

Via Penguin here

GIVEAWAY: I’ve got two copies of my book ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ to giveaway to Australian readers. For your chance to win, leave a comment here on the blog (bonus points for sharing this blog post via your own social media) and tell me what French dish you’d love to master! I’ll be drawing the winners on June 26, so last chance to enter this giveaway is June 25.

Note: This giveaway is open for residents of Australia only. In order to be eligible for entry, please post a comment (answering the question listed above) here on my blog. Any queries, send me an email 🙂



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286 thoughts on “Where to buy LPK in Australia + book giveaway

  1. I would LOVE to win a copy of your book! I really love watching your show and are amazed at how well you use the limited space you have!! great recipes but also great storage ideas 🙂
    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Love your show – I am travelling to France in 3 weeks for a month and would love to master Beef Bourguignon – it is winter here in Australia so this dish would be perfect for the gloomy grey days we have had. I would also like to dish up something French to inspired our travels!

  3. Whoops – forgot the dish I would like to master!
    I always wanted to try the Boned Duck in Julia Child’s Mastering the art of French Cooking (which I have in storage)

  4. I’ve been surprised how much I’m enjoying your show on TV. I’m a 28 year old male and not only think your gorgeous, but love the little dishes you come up with.

  5. I would love to master those gorgeous little lemon cakes with the gooey centre and the lush meringue blow torched topping, yummo

  6. I absolutely adore your show and am pleased that its finally airing in Australia! I would love to master the desserts as I adored eating french sweets when I was in Paris! Its great to see that french food is not as complicated as I always believed. Thank you for sharing your tips to create successful and delicious French meals.

  7. Hi Rach,

    Really enjoying your show; a different pace from other cooking shows we have experience. Favourite meal from your show so far is hotely debated; mine is Coq au Vin while Elissa’s is anything with chocolate in it

  8. Like many, many, many before me, I’d like to master the peasant version of boeuf bourguignon. love the show. love the one pot and one pan concept to complete the kitchen.

  9. Hello Rachel! I love watching your show. You make everything look very easy in that ‘little’ kitchen of yours! I would be very happy if I could master anyone of your dishes…including Oeufs en cocotte (Eggs in Pots) or Cheese, Pistachio & prune cake looks fabulous as well!
    Thank you..Marie.

  10. I’d really like to master the French Bagette… What do you think? Do you think it’s easy to replicate in a home kitchen? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

  11. Firstly loving your show. Look forward to Thursday nights now. I really want to master that beautiful choccy mousse you made. My gosh it looked Devine. The caramel lava cake too. Clearly I have a sweet tooth. Thanks for all the kitchen inspiration.

  12. Hi, my daughters and I are loving your show – it’s the highlight of our week and gives us some great bonding time over your gorgeous show.
    I’d love to master cassoulet.

  13. I would love to master your Eggs en cocotte. I have tried the recipe 3 times now. Twice with creme fresh, and once with bechamel. Yet, your cooking time seems rather short, with 15 min meaning the egg whites are still raw. I have heated the ramikins and also had boiling water in the bath… nothing speeds it up!

    That being said I love your riette… nom nom nom!

    Cheers and Happy eating.

  14. Hi Rachel! I’m absolutely loving your show and all your recipes- you simply make it look so easy!! I’d love to master the macaron!! Though may be a bit dangerous for my waistline 🙂

  15. Bonsoir! I came across your show yesterday, funnily enough, after I finished my French exam! It was such a wonderful way to unwind. My absolute favourite foods in France are fromage et pain. I would love to learn how to master the baking of delicious baguettes, as well as those gorgeous French pastries you see in the windows of patisseries in Paris, especially macarons, which I find super-hard but so tasty! They’re almost too pretty to eat – well, almost…!

  16. I LOVEEEE your show Rachel! I am currently at university and as such, I have little time to watch TV – but I make time to watch your show each week with a glass of red!
    I have only visited Paris for a whole of 4 hours whilst staying in London in 2008 but your show makes me want to go back each week!
    PS I LOVE your lipstick choices!! Its great to see people prettily dressed up whilst cooking!!
    Please give me the chance to cook through your cookbook- I would love to master the art of your chocolate lava pudding- or as the french say moelleux au chocolat to show off to my housemates during our exam periods!

  17. Would love to master the elusive soufflé and the yummy chocolate mousse you made on the show for my French husband. Love the show 🙂

  18. Hi Rachel, I am really enjoying you show. Lots of inpiration to get in and give french food a go.Especially liked your chouquettes because I want to master the eclair. And my daughter wants me too as well.

  19. I absolutely LOVE your show!! My husband and I stumbled upon the Little Paris Kitchen online and have watched all the episodes religiously. Do let us know when you come by Australia, my husband and I would love to go to your book signing!!

    We would be absolutely thrilled to win a copy of your book!! The dish that we would love to master would be the PERFECT French Croissant!

  20. Hi Rachel,

    I just love your show and recipes so much, very French yet with a quirky twist on tradition, which makes your food very interesting and “now”. I also enjoy your style of presentation as you are very humble, easy going and your food preparation is down to earth and delivered in way that is easy to follow if viewers are not experienced cooks.

    As a lover of Paris, I also enjoy seeing shots of the city and, as a foodie myself, relish the food shops that you visit. I feel like I am there with you and can almost smell the produce!

    I have recommended your show and your LPK recipe book to all my foodie and Paris loving friends.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Carolyn

    Please, please make another series soon.

  21. I love your television show on SBS – it’s fantastic!
    I would love to master beef bourguignon for main course and also crème caramel for dessert. So rustic & also so very French!

  22. I’d love to master a real Provencal fish soup, rich with saffron, garlic, tomatoes and of course several kinds of fish. The sort one used to find in some little bistrot in the back streets of Nice in the 1960s. It sould bring tears at the memory and the pleasure!

  23. Loving your show! I heard about your little restaurant while travelling in Paris 2 years ago. So glad glad your show has made it to Australia and congrats on all your success so far!

    What would i cook? I’m obsessed with French patisserie (mostly eating them) and would love to master the amazing art of baking mouthwatering French cakes!

    But during this chilly Melbourne winter, i couldn’t imagine something more delectable than a warm Cherry Clafoutis with a spiced cinnamon ice cream… Mmmm.

  24. What an awesome show! I love the little short scenes about France (cheeese, baguette, honey etc) in between each dishes, an eye opener for the people from down under. Also doing it in that tiny kitchen give the viewers no excuse not to cook great dishes and be creative! Dish to master would definitely be oeufs en cocotte, simple yet delicious, flexibility in the ingredients also provokes creativity.

  25. Hi Rachel, I am absolutely loving your show. Thursday nights are my favourite! I make sure the kids are asleep before you come on TV!
    I would love to master a French Souffle or a Macaron any flavour!

    Thanks, Rachel


  26. I would love to master anything with dark chocolate. Your chocolate mousse looked beautiful and i have bought the ingredients. You have introduced me to cocoa nibs which are deliciously crunchy, I may have to get some more to make the mousse. LPK is an excellent show!

  27. Fell in love with your show when some friends recommended me watch it over a year ago! You really make French cooking and dishes seem incredibly easy and love your tiny kitchen!! My dish to master would be Macarons – I’ve done them well before but sometimes I fail so it’s quite frustrating knowing I can do them and coming out with crack shells or no feet on my macarons.

  28. Ooooooh goodness!!

    I’ve never mastered the simple baked egg, and was blown away by your oeufs en cocotte, so I’d love a good crack at that. (Sorry about the pun…)
    Other than that, there’s nothing like perfecting the best home baked baguette, boeuf bourguignon, or coq au vin. Especially now that the temperature is dropping down under.

  29. Rachel am enjoying your show via SBS on demand and cooking along with you. Would love to master the Madeleines with lemon curd. Tried our your Boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings last night – delicious!

  30. Hi Rachel, your show has truly inspired my cooking and photography. I would love a copy of your book to give away at my next charity dinner I am hosting. I Started a new venture called “The Long Table Secret Supper Club” where I host an underground restaurant from my home- donations will go to various charity’s. The first one is being held on the 6th July and I will be show casing two of your recipes in the 3 course menu. I would love a copy to give away to one of the guests as a lucky door prize! This would just top off the evening nicely. We are raising money for the A21 Organisation which helps rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. I have mentioned your give away on my blog and FB page. xx Corrina

  31. Hey Rachel, loving your work! I would love to master the classic tarte tatin (but with a little Aussie twist)using an array of our organically grown apples, don’t think It’d get much better than that!

  32. I’m LOVING your show! My boss texts me every Wednesday night just to make sure I’m watching and taking notes, in hopes that I’ll bring in some treats.

    My boss (and I, I suppose!) would love to master the chouquettes. He’s expecting me to wake up early to whip up a batch for the office for brekkie. If I had them down to an art, I’d be up for a promotion within weeks!

  33. I forgot to mention what IO want to master- definitely the Boeuf Bourgignon as I am making it for the special dinner- but I have never tried souffle or madelaines and creme broulee…… how do I choose? xx Corrina

  34. Rachel I would love to master frogs legs and to walk around in my kitchen in stockinged feet as you do gorgeous girl!

  35. I LOVE your show, Rachel! We were in Paris last year and my heart sighs every Thursday when your show is on.
    I would love to master the Baguette. I do make my own bread, but making the perfect Baguette is still eluding me. Part of the secret is the flour. It’s quite hard to get the exact flour here in Oz. I’ve bought some from bakers’ suppliers which come close but don’t have the storage space for a 25kg bag so have to settle for what I can get in smaller quantities. There is nothing on earth like a fresh Baguette, warm from the oven, with a thick, crunchy crust. And lashings of butter… 🙂 The real taste of France in my eyes.
    Oh, and those Madeleines with lemon curd. Yes, I’d love to master those too!

  36. One of my favourite shows!
    I made the madeleines avec lemon curd this morning- soo yummy!(Rachel Khoo + BCC recipes)

    i would love love to master confit du canard.

  37. Hi Rachel,

    I’m a woman obsessed, I even stole my sister’s copy of your book that she got for her birthday to try out some of your recipes. So I’m sure you can appreciate that I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to possess a copy of my own 🙂 I made chouqettes but adapted them a little due to not having a great access to unrefined sugar pearls in Australia, I used sprinkles instead! I’m still craving EVERY SINGLE DISH you’ve made so far. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your talents. xx

  38. I’d love to master the croquembouche. We recently had one for my Dad’s 70th, and my nephew (who just turned 12) was so impressed he wanted me & his mum to make one for his birthday. We had a go, it tasted good, and the family enjoyed it (even though it caused a few laughs along the way…). After all good food is really all about good family and good times, it doesn’t have to be overly comples, and I think your style of cooking reflects this. Rachel, congratulations on the TV show, I’m really enjoying it.

  39. cool show! and I like how you’ve managed to fit a kitchenaid mixer in that kitchen!
    I’d like to master making macaroons- especially piping them out perfectly.

  40. I love Paris! The people, the language, the food! What I love about your program is that your recipes make me think I can achieve these beautiful dishes.I have always thought them too hard! I would love to master the Mousse au Chocolat!

  41. Hi Rachel

    I just j’adore your show! It’s inspired me to start cooking in my own little kitchen in my Potts Point apartment in Sydney – I’m even hosting a Bastille Day soiree in a few weeks with your tartiflettes and mousse au chocolat on the menu!

    The French dish I’d love to master is the perfect soufflé au chocolat – because for me it is the ultimate decadent French dessert!

    Looking forward to your new book and a second season of the show perhaps??!!

    Hope my posting to facebook and my followers on twitter and instagram can help score me triple bonus brownie points – can’t wait to have a little more Paris in Potts Point soon!

  42. Hi Rachel,

    8 pm Thursday is a must in our house. We love your show and love how you share your Paris with us along with your fantastic food. Definitely the cheese, pistachio, and prune cake. Wouldn’t last long in our house with two hungry teenagers

  43. Hi Rachel, I’ve been just adoring your show and your beautiful little kitchen! I would love to master the Madeleines with lemon curd.. YUM! And one day I’d love to try my hand at macarons too! Thank you so much, you are so very inspiring!
    Sophie xx
    PS. I’ve shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  44. Hi Rachel, your show on SBS is fantastic and you are an inspiration to me. I am also trying to moving overseas! I would love to master any kind of pastry dessert or macaroons. Thanks for such a amazing show!

  45. I’m so glad that your show is telecast in Australia. I can’t explain it, but there is something about your show that I can’t stop watching. Everything you cooked looks so delicious and scrumptious…. Can wait to win your book…. Thank you for making your show so attractive and lovely to watch.

  46. Love your show like everyone else here. I am especially mad about the way you dress. The Moroccan-look splashback tiles at the washing sink in your kitchen is to die for! Every Thursday night at 8pm, I get a free holiday seeing the gorgeousness that is Paris. Winning your book would really take me back! Thanks Rachel!

  47. Love the show Rachel! I’ve made the lava cakes and the pistachio prune and goats cheese cake – both we’re delish. I really want to master the Madelines with lemon curd. Maybe this weekend? I have a fabulous lemon tree…

  48. Hi Rachel, I have been to 5 bookshops searching for your book but it’s so popular it has been sold out! I love your recipes and have made a few, like you I love French patisseries. The French dish I want to master is the croissant! I would love to win a copy of your book as I will have to return the copy I borrowed from the library soon! Thanks

  49. Your name catch my eyes when I was browsing the penguin website because I thought you might have some Malaysian-Chinese background due to your surname (me too am a Malaysian-Chinese fellow living in Melbourne:D)
    Absolutely love your show showing on SBS and would love to master your steak tartare with an Asian twist!
    Keep up the good work and hope I can add your cookbook to my recipe books collection:)
    PS Love your style too and all those vintage kitchenware and tools you’ve got!

  50. Bonjour Rach,
    On a cold winters night in Melbourne I would love to cook the Boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings sounds amazing. You are a breath of fresh air to cooking.

  51. Hi Rachel, my family and I are loving your show. I even bought 4 macarons to eat while we watch it tonight.
    I would like to master the macaron.
    Thanks so much!

  52. Ahh Rachel I adore your show and have been inspired by a few of your dishes. Being a mad keen baker of breads I would love to master the baguette! I admire your simple approach to food and the use of great produce. As an apprentice chef I think your book would be a valuable resource and sit quite nicely next to my Larrouse! Xx

  53. I would love to master the Bouef Bourginon. Such a hearty, satisfying dish that goes with one of my favourites…red wine!

  54. Hi Rachel. We’re loving the show over here, you are an absolute pleasure to watch! I really want to learn to master Duck Confit. One of those special dishes you always order when you go out that would be so lovely & indulgent to learn to occasionally spoil yourself at home with. Wish me luck!

  55. Up until this point, I’ve actually been too scared to try any French cooking – so I’m a couple of steps before ‘mastering’ anything. I’ve been religiously watching your show though, and think now that maybe French cooking isn’t quite so scary after all…

  56. I’d love to master the simple croque madame and loved your muffin version of it! Pretty much lived off these in Paris

  57. Hi Rachel, congratulations on your tv series which I just love! You present the show so naturally and all the food you cook look amazing. Having borrowed your book from the library, I attempted your lemon curd filled raspberry madeleines for my friend’s daughter birthday party and it was a complete success. A French dish that I would like to master, would simply be the quiche. To make a good quiche with a base that doesn’t get soggy, pastry that is not tough but hold itself well, and filling that just set perfectly. I look forward to watching your show on SBS tonight!

  58. Hi Rachel,
    A way to a man’s heart is to feed him great food! I can say that each week I have been writing down the steps to create your delicious French Food and then cooking up a storm over the weekend.
    I invite my extended family and friends and there is much laughter and many compliments regarding the delicious food. I love how you show us a bit of Paris on your show. One day I look forward to visiting Paris. Thankyou for the inspiring many generations of French Cooks, you make it look so easy!

  59. I would like to master coq au vin, and I really like your Little Paris Kitchen. Coming to Paris in August this year!

  60. Hi Rachel

    I adore watching your show each week – it takes me back to my trips to Paris. Your fabulous style and unique take on French dishes make for superb viewing!

    I would love to master the art of baking a perfect macaron!

  61. Love your show. My favourite part? You actually EAT your food. Your croque madam was quite delicious too! If I could master a French recipe, it’d be Duck liver pate and also how to make crepes. Keep up the great work lady. You rock!

  62. Nothing beats a fabulous creme brulee and that’s what I cook…nothing like a creme brulee….SOOO my desire is to master the art of the creme brulee and surprise my husband and friends. Just adore your show. My husband and I put everything aside and just sit and watch your show together…so romantic, so French!!!

  63. Hi Rachel, love love love your show! I actually watched a few episodes Of LPK on Youtube last year before it came to SBS! I would love to learn to master French desserts – creme caramel, creme brulee, a dacquoise of some sort and tarte au citron! I DO hope you make it to Australia, particularly Melbourne soon! I also love reading about bits and pieces you get up to in Delicious magazine! Hope your week has been filled with lots of fun, food and frivolity! Mary Anne 🙂

  64. I love your show! I have a French mum, grew up in the UK and now live in Australia so all your recipes bring back memories of the food I grew up with. I love your take on tartiflette, I used to bring roblochon back to the UK every time I went to France but unfortunately it is rather hard to find in Oz. I’m planning a round of cooking classes here in Sydney for the winter months inspired by fantastic cookbooks and would love to do one based on your recipes using great butter, cream and cheese! I haven’t bought your book yet, just checked out the series and the blog, so I would really love a copy 🙂

  65. Hi Other Rachel, I’m loving your show. It always makes me long for a European jaunt. The French recipe I most wish to master is Lemon Tarte. Absolute heaven, when done well. Rachel

  66. LOVE your show Rachel! We’re off to Paris next year and can’t wait to try the Parisian food. I’d like to master those little Madeleines with Lemon Curd you made in your first show – they got me hooked on your program. You make it look so easy!

  67. Hi Rachel I love watching your show each week. If I can’t be in France I go there each week through your show. Wish there was smellevision so I could smell your dishes. I would love to master bouillabaisse which is such a special dish to serve up to guests. Keep on smiling Rachel Ps love your lipstick colour

  68. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my standard go to recipe for last minute afternoontea is madelienes so I am dieing to try some of my own rhubard jam instead of lemon curd the next time I bake them. x

  69. I just love Little Paris Kitchen! I am so impressed that you create amazing dishes in your ‘tiny’ kitchen. You inspire me to want to create amazing dishes which I never thought I’d be able to do in my small kitchen!
    The dish I would love to master would be the Coq au Vin. I have always been intrigued by this dish. Beautiful meals are created with love and patience.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  70. Bonjour Rachel! I would love to master a Turkducken! Thank you for existing! Every time I watch your show I just want to jump on a plane and live in Paris! I am an aspiring food journalist and hope to end up right where you are one day, cooking in a tiny Paris kitchen and eating cheese and bread all day!

  71. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for your fantastic show, it takes me straight back to the fantastic food I was eating in Paris a month ago. I would love to be able to master chocolate foundant but now as I am watching you cook Îles flottantes. Delicious

  72. I stumbled across your show tonight by accident & LOVED it! Want to try all of the recipes especially the dessert mmmmm island! I would love to master a croque Monsieur…. I know that seems basic but I have not been able to master it!! ☺

  73. Brilliant show Rachel, screamed with laughter at the madeleine pan that won’t fit into your tiny oven. Sounds awfully familiar. I’d love to learn how to bake a Mille-Fueille like the one I ate in France in 1978 from an amazing market. Nothing has ever compared to that delight.

  74. Hi Rachel, I had a crack at the beef Bourguignon which was delicious. I would love to also try Cheese and potato nests and the chicken dumpling soup with the carrot and chicken stock. It looked amazingly simple too. Thanks Kath

  75. Love Parisian food and the fabulous food markets. Can’t wait to live in Paris again one day. Would love to master Îles flottantes. c’est si bon!

  76. I so want to make the chocolate fondant you made with the salted caramel centre!! Yum yum. It’s such a romantic little daydream watching your show, I dream of another life lived in Paris.

  77. Loooove your show so much! You make everything seem so easy, when so many other French cooking shows make it seem so hard and daunting!
    Many many French dishes I would love to master but macarons are number 1. Going to France very soon and taking a class so I hope I can learn why mine always turn out to be such a disaster!

  78. Would love to have a tiny kitchen so as not to be distracted whilst creating sumptuous scintillating dishes for my friends. Was inspired by Floating Islands, as a non custard lover, as this looks so delicious I’m sitting on the sofa waiting to make it!

  79. Hi Rachel .Just got your book today 🙂 now i will try and master some of the recipes,starting with Chicken dumpling soup YUM

  80. I have been making cassoulet for years and would love to master the preparation of duck confit. Enjoying your programme. You are living the dream of many of us.

  81. Hi,
    Being a meat & red wine lover I would really love to learn to do a Beef Wellington well. I have never had the nerve to attempt it, and would like to see you do it.

  82. Hi Rachel
    Thank you for making this wonderful show. Not only was I inspired to get in the kitchen and cook some fine French fare, I wanted to pack up my life and move to Paris! I have shared my new love (your show) on my twitter Facebook and Google + in hopes my friends will love it as much so do xx

  83. Bonjour Rachel, I am french – and now half australian, a bit homesick and enjoying your show so much! Your kitchen reminds me of my own little Paris kitchen in the 19eme arrondissement, same oven I bet, but so much good time cooking for friends.
    I would love to have your twist on la blanquette de veau, such a favorite and everyone has its own way to … twist it! Merci encore pour les recettes!

  84. Rachel I love your show!,it’s my weekly escapade to Paris with inspirational recipes & informative shopping trips.Thank you for showing us that french cooking is not as complicated as it is believed.Love your refreshing,authentic & simple approach!i’d like to master the french croissant.

  85. And to answer your question….I would love to learn how to cook the perfect creme brulee. It is mine and my boyfriend’s favourite dessert YUM!

  86. Absolutely loved your show, the food, the people, your cute little kitchen, music snippets & camera shots all make for a wonderful show. Thank you! Aw also you’re very cute 🙂 my favourite dish that I would love to make would be your cosy comforting dumpling recipe just loved the flavours & the simplicity of it. (Love dumplings!!)
    I would also like to give the floating meringue a go. Mmh

  87. I adored watching your program in London, so when I moved back to Australia and discovered I could rewatch all the episodes it was an exciting coup! (All my friends texted me saying: I think this new show on SBS was made for you!) Gave your show a plug via my blog The Bulb a couple of weeks ago on Twitter. I would love to master the humble but rich and beloved French onion soup! Sarah

  88. You inspire me (I am 59) to create your simple, delicious meals. Your program also brings back memories of a short but beautiful stay in Paris.

  89. Hi Rachel,

    In my house we count down the minutes until we get to watch the lip licking, drool worthy magic you create in your petite kitchen!

    One dish which we have tried, and haven’t quite mastered, is the notorious macaron!

    All the best,


  90. I now have been drawn to the telly every Thursday evening to tune into The Little Paris Kitchen on SBS. Your chirpy personality and contagious smile make it a joy to watch as you roam the whimsical streets of Paris in search of the freshest seafood of the day, or as you magically navigate that tiny kitchen trying to find several utensils. A French dish that I would love to perfect is boeuf bourguignon. Your take on this classic dish is a refreshing revision on a recipe that has seemed to elude many home cooks like myself. Mastering this dish is only a short ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ book away.

  91. Loving your show Rachel, you inspire me to try something new each week…as for my French cooking nemesis, that has to be the humble macaron, i never manage to get them quite right and they always get the better of me!

  92. I so enjoy your show and the way you cook!
    I would actually love to master the dumpling soup you made this evening. It also reminds me of my childhood and my mum’s dumpling soup.
    Best of luck with the show and to many more! 🙂

  93. One French dish I’d love to master is a chocolat soufflé!
    I enjoy making crepes in my kitchen (always with chocolate filling) so I can’t wait for the next episode!

  94. I discovered your show on SBS 2 weeks ago, I immediately have set series link to capture each episode, love your style and the fact the you cook simply in your lovely wee kitchen…no need for fancy gadgetry, very inspiring. The French dish I’d love to master is the perfect Madeleine

  95. Hi Rachel,

    I discovered your show a while ago on Youtube and was so excited to see it air on Thursday nights! It is a highlight of my week – combining my love of Paris and all things French, and my addiction to cooking and recipe books. What I especially love about your approach is how accessible you make your cooking look – simple home cooking with a focus on flavour! There are so many recipes I would love to master that I can never stop adding to my list, but the ultimate would be Coq au vin!

  96. The grapefruit and pepper meringue tartlets are singing my name and I will most definitely be taking as many attempts as necessary to get them right 😉

  97. Hello rachel, ive only recently discovered your show, love it! My kitchen is almost as small as yours and to see what you can do in such a small space is amazing. A french dish id love to master would be crepes…or croissant..or macaroons! Ahh so many!

  98. Hi!!!! Love! Love! Love! I love your show and your recent mixtape! It is on heavy rotation on my Spotify playlists! ATCQ! Woooooo! So I would love to master making ‘Coq au Vin’…Both the traditional version and your version on skewers 🙂

  99. G’day Rachel
    Terrific programme and mouth watering delights. I’m always making notes of all your dishes (remember this..remember that..not too much of this). Pinnacle of the week on tv for me.

    I would love to perfect the cheese and potato nests, especially with the cold weather we’ve been having here lately. Also the chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs..definitely a ‘pick me up’

    Looking forward to many more episodes and your enthusiastic, rapturous persona. You certainly have a great sense of style and class.

  100. Hi Rachel, i would love to master so many french foods – top off my list would have to be an almond croissant… and maybe a tart au citron. loving the show – makes me want to run away and enrol at the sorbonne!

  101. Hi Rachel,

    Total culinary crush on you. I’ll be honest.

    Not so much what I would like to master, but I trained as chef (though not doing so at the moment, but the food passion is still lingering around somewhere) and the thing that keep coming back to my mind at the moment are revisiting the mother sauces and their adaptability of their children.

    Be well and happy,

  102. I am determined to master your sublime Îles Flottante – I watched you make it tonight (on SBS TV) and it’s on my To-Do list for tomorrow. I have been following you on Facebook for over a year – I love what you do and congratulations on your success. (Have also shared this on my Facebook page but I recommend you to my friends constantly – especially those who travel to Paris). XC

  103. I love your show and your kitchen! Am feeling very inspired to cook french food and be creative. I’d love to master a yummy Bouillabaisse this winter

  104. I have just moved back to Australia after living in Paris for a year … I miss it sooo much ! I want to master your cassoulet soup … it looks delish !!

  105. I would love to make your Madeleines with lemon curd. I have made lemon curd (even have some in the fridge) but don’t have a Madeleine Tray yet 🙁
    Love the show.

  106. Hi Rachel

    Loving the Little Paris Kitchen <3 I would love to master a delicious bouillabaisse to soak up with some crusty baguettes!

    I dream about living in a cute apartment in paris, strolling through the markets for ingredients and picking herbs from my windowsill garden!

    Living vicariously through you! Hehe


  107. Bonjour Rachel!
    Love you show!
    I’d love to master the traditional dish Bouillabaisse – would you please show me how?
    Ta muchly.

  108. i would love to try the madeleines with raspberries and lemon curd, i made madeleine so many times but never tried them with lemon curd ps love the show

  109. Hi Rachel, I love watching your show! Your inspired me so much and show me one important thing with cooking: one do not need a big kitchen and fancy stainless steel equipments to make great delicious food! Over years I have watched many cooking shows and you are the only one whom I can really associate with in terms of domestic cooking. I guess the item I would like to master is macaroon – esp the French style macaroon (as compared to Italian). Will you consider visiting Australia?

  110. we love LPK! We have been making our own bread the past few weeks (we’ve even grown a sourdough starter to which we have become quite attached ;)!) I would love to bake some delicious crusty, chewy french baguettes.

  111. Love TLPK, but unfortunately the digital signal dropped out in Melbourne last night during your puy lentil salad – luckily I can catch up with SBSOnDemand over the weekend! I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the idea of French cooking, but I’m dying to have a go at your version of cassoulet – I think that might be achievable for me! I’m about to refurbish my little Melbourne kitchen (at least as small as yours) and keep thinking about your tiled splashback…

  112. I would like to make a perfect, beautiful St Honore Rose….and then devour it! Loving the show (and all your cute skirts!)

  113. Hi Rachel,
    Stumbled upon your show last night and was delighted with your cooking, your darling little kitchen and of course your scenes in Paris. I was reminded that my favourite book as a kid was “The young French chef” and I would be allowed to cook a french feast during school holidays for the family, (always the macaroni and cheese).
    Thanks so much for your beautiful show and I look forward to seeing you in Australia some time soon,
    Love Dom

  114. My friend told me about your show last night and I caught the tail end and was in heaven! I am going to spend the weekend watching all the eps I have missed 🙂 I would love to master the art of making french bread!

  115. Rachel! I just discovered your show last night and will be looking up all your previous episodes 🙂 I would love to try the fish with lemon and brown butter sauce, you made it look so easy and delicious. Looking forward to my new Thursday night viewing.

  116. Salut Rachel! Your show is the highlight of my week and my cooking inspiration! I’m cooking up a Parisian storm with your cookbook. My husband believes if I keep this up, he will get gout! You have made French cooking accessible, practical (especially using the one pot) and a joy–thank you! Also, you inspired me to wear red lipstick for the first time the other day, and I somehow felt French *hehe*
    PS I don’t need a book (already purchased), but just wanted to thank you!

  117. My housemates and I are holding a Paris-themed night this weekend. We’re digging out our striped tops, donning our raspberry berets and drawing on curly moustaches. And I’ll be damned if I don’t finally master the art of cake. I’m thinking that your cheese, pistachio and prune cake, being savoury and all, will help ease the this-sweet-treat-requires-levels-of-exactness-that-I-don’t-possess nerves, which have prevented cakes from rising or not rising in the past. Here goes nothing!

  118. As a mum and naturopathic student after a hectic week I get sooo excited to settle in with a nice red wine and yummy dinner and watch Little Paris Kitchen on thur nights…it’s my down time and i am so thrilled to have discovered you 🙂 you show that space shouldn’t be an issue and as long as you have beautiful ingredients you can create beautiful food. I would love to master creme brûlée…it is my fav dessert…the crack of the toffee and silky velvety creme anglaise aaahhh,,,,,so far i’ve only gotten as far as buying the blow torch 🙂

  119. I would love to master the choux pastry puff recipe and the Parisian Meringue custard dessert!

    I adore trout and make sure I go fishing to catch it fresh every year. I love the idea of putting potato in the cavity of the fish to soak up excess liquid.

    I’ve always imagined French cooking to be heavy, fatty and complex. Watching LPK has definitely changed that perception, I need to give it a crack!

  120. Actuellement en stage en Australie, je regarde votre émission tous les jeudis soirs afin de retrouver un petit peu de France a des milliers de kilomètres (et de trouver des idées de plats a cuisiner a mes colocs). C’est un vrai plaisir de regarder une émission culinaire qui fait la part belle aux classiques de la cuisine française en les revisitant simplement! Pendant une petite heure j’ai l’impression de revenir a Paris (merci pour les belles images des marchés, petites rues et monuments parisiens), et je suis déjà triste que l’émission se termine la semaine prochaine!
    J’adorerais vous voir revisiter une recette de lapin (lapin a la moutarde, lapin en gibelotte…). Et merci pour la recette des chouquettes!!

  121. THANK YOU for The Little Paris Kitchen. I’ve never loved Paris more!
    With every beautiful view of the City Of Blinding Lights, and a foodie’s dream lurking at every corner, makes me want to cry. Or think I’ve died. Not from all the glorious French Butter, but that I’ve died and gone to Foodie Heaven. And let’s not even start with the cutest “Little Kitchen” in the world. We could be here all day. Basically, I’ve never been more INSPIRED to cook in my life!

    The French Dish I would most like to master is the LPK – BOUEF BOURGUIGNON with BAGUETTE DUMPLINGS. Watched this episode two weeks ago, and I’ve already cooked it twice. A lovely recipe.
    – It’s like a warm cozy winter hug from an irresistible, handsome burly French man!
    > http://instagram.com/p/aGPjkct0mv/

    I would love to make a Baguette from scratch too, as I can’t think of anything more French than that. It’s like an instant accessory must, when elegantly strolling Paris.  

    And there’s just something about that Little Kitchen that gets me. I think it might be a dream of mine too, a 25 year old girl who loves cooking, exciting food, a beautiful setting, and lovely people. 

    Next week is the last LPK episode here and it’s “AU REVOIR,” for now and “BON JOUR” to a new book! Irregardless of this outcome, I will definitly hunt down a book and dvd. “BONNE CHANCE” to everyone! That’s about all the French words I know. Just one last thing…

    For everything.

    – Krizia Fundano.
    Ps. I’ve shared the LPK on all the social media I’m on, ever since the first episode. Can’t help it. So much to talk about! You can find me here…



  122. You are so charming, delightful & competent! Thank you for doing your show. Look forward to you coming to Australia. Any thing you want to do is sufficient for me.XX

  123. J’adore The Little Paris Kitchen. You have inspired my entire book club to want to move to Paris and live in a tiny, cramped apartment and make divine creations in a little toaster oven! And if you can do that then I’m sure the book will help us all achieve just a taste of that life. I’d love to master so many dishes (anything from the perfect souffle/croissant/baguette through to Coq au vin and Galantine) but mostly I would like to master my kitchen in such a way that you have done with yours. I think it goes to show that you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to achieve great results. Très inspiré!

  124. Love your show – and your jewellery! I want to master the perfect vegetarian quiche – it’d be pretty hard to beat the ones I bought still warm from the oven last time I was in France.

  125. last night on sbs you made Îles flottantes…they looked just divine…custard and ‘poached’ merengues…unlike anything i have seen before!

  126. Hi Rachel,

    I would love to be able to master making croissants as they are so yummy and versatile with both sweet and savoury dishes!

    Danielle xo

  127. Hi Rachel … As a quarter French myself, I would love to master the perfect creme brulee! There’s nothing like cracking the slightly warm sugar then dipping into the cool custard below. On paper, such an easy dessert, but in reality I’ve very rarely had an exceptional one!

  128. Your show brings back memories of living in Paris for 2 years, not far from a great market in Bd Richard Lenoir. I have tried cassoulet several times and despite doing OK with buying saucisse de Toulouse, my home made confit wasn’t brill.



  129. Rachel…you are such an inspiration, cooking up such wonderful delights in your tiny tardis kitchen! Fantastic! Escargot…or more the matering of the tongs to hold the little buggars still! mmmmmm yum!

  130. I don’t have a TV so haven’t actually seen your show, but think I need to! It sounds wonderful. I would love to be able to put together a good cassoulet. So warm and good for the soul!

  131. Hi! Thank you, Rachel Khoo! You have now given me something to look forward to after a tiring Thursday; I now make any excuse I can to stay at home and indulge in your amazing cooking and life in Paris.
    I would like to master Croissants aux Amandes, almond croissants! Perhaps not a meal per se, but I love French pastry enough to make it so. Growing up with it as my dad’s favourite, it earned a special place in my heart. However a good croissant has become somewhat of a rarity here, often spotted for AU$4~6 (3~4 EUR?) at a cafe/patisserie. That is why I would love to taste a Saturday morning-worthy almond croissant created by own hands.

  132. Your chicken dumpling soup is just the recipe I need to win over my harshest (yet most fun to cook for!) critics – my two daughters..and thank you for inspiring a new culinary journey for our family 🙂

  133. My wife and I just got hooked on your show two weeks ago. We love it! My wife doesn’t think her kitchen is so small now and realises that she really has quite a few power outlets!
    Would love to try those Normandy oysters some time with that awesome looking recipe of yours!

  134. I think choosing just one recipe to master is too hard! There are so many to choose from: choux pastry for eclairs, croque Monsieur for a tasty lunch, choquettes as a treat…all bring a little bit of France to a Sydney kitchen.

  135. Rachel, your show is my new favourite thing. Your cooking, apartment, vintage wardrobe – I love it all. I’d love to master the perfect pastry for a (seemingly simple) croissant – to get it so light and buttery would be amazing!

  136. Me me me me me me 🙂
    Just discovered your show with the parental units – obsessed – and that kitchen you have – WOW – and that lipstick = WOW haha
    I really want to learn how to cook the perfect Cassoulet but also anything with foie gras as, well, this is what I think of with French food – if you Google French Food – did you know there are a million recipes for French Fries – appalling – keep up the wicked work!!

  137. Love your show! You showed us how we can turn great produce to something magical without fuss. I would love to master cheese souffle. The shape, the taste and ingredients – all really Frenchy! Australia started to produce great cheeses so I am sure we can recreate great cheese souffle in Australia. Looking forward to more episodes in the near future:)

  138. I fell in love with your show over our long weekend and you inspred me to try and make my own delicious soups and desserts! I hope there will be a LPK S2 – would love a copy of the book!

    As for a recipe i would like to master, i have seen french recipes for chocolate crepe cakes – oh my!

  139. Hi Rachel, love watching your show as it reminds me of the time my husband and I had in this gorgeous city. We had one of my most memorable food experiences in Paris. We bought filled baguettes from a ‘hole in the wall’ and sat on steps in the Opera region and watched the people pass by. As our French was not good, we didn’t get what we ordered but it didn’t matter, as it was one of the most delicious things we have ever eaten. It would be lovely to master the baking of such lovely baguettes. Hope to see more of you on Australian TV.

  140. Hi Rachel,

    My wife, Krissy, has become an avid fan of your show and has even taken to using ‘SBS on Demand’ on her iPhone to show me some recipes. The Little Paris Kitchen reminds us both of our trip to Europe a couple of years ago, when we had an opportunity to spend some time in Lyon, Fréjus and, of course, Paris.

    Krissy is a die-hard gourmand, but has the misfortune of being on a rather strict diet at the moment. Still, this hasn’t stymied her enthusiasm for food and she is eating vicariously through your show and using it as inspiration to cook gourmet food for family and friends, which has been one of her favourite pastimes. (Actually, I think she might be sneaking a quick bite when nobody is looking.)

    If I could present Krissy with your cookbook and be able to say that it’s a present from you, I would immediately become the best husband in the world and she would be greatly encouraged to continue to cook for her nearest and dearest while continuing with her difficult eating regimen.

    Love your work,


  141. Just discovered your show. I love it!!!! I would love to master the chocolate mousse. Can’t wait to see more of your little Paris kitchen.

  142. I got your DVD and would be super cool to win the cookbook! apart from your awsome recipes, I also love your dresses and kitchenwares (teacup and enamel bowl and cast iron pots!) Love the tiles on your kitchen…. love your show!! I have made madeline from your show twice and it’s my to go to cake when I have guest around, so simple and taste amazing!

  143. Oh RK, I just adore your show… You’re living the life I would like!
    I would love to master a perfect croissant… They’re just not the same outside of France

  144. Love your show!!! I would love to try all your divine recipes but if I had to choose one it Would be croissants. With a family of croissant lovers it would be amazing to impress them with my newly found cooking skill!!!

  145. I think your show is absolutely magical….I feel as though im perched on a stool in the corner of your kitchen, not on the other side of the world…and much to my dissapointment it finishes next week…to be able to access the sights and delights of paris through your book would help ease that pain!

  146. And if I had to choose but one recipe to master it would have to be those delighful little madelines…so pretty and filled with promises of joy with every bite!

  147. Hi Rachel! Love love love the show! I wish it aired in Australia prior to my trip to Paris, but it has inspired me to go back on day! I would love to master the Creme Brulee in different flavours because I have a MAJOR weakness for sweet things.

  148. So love your show Rachel although sad to find out The Paris Kitchen no longer open. Would love to master the honey lavender chicken I saw recently. How delicious!

  149. Hi Rachel
    We love the LPK and have made something from every show. Importantly we are spreading the word.

    When is Strasbourg last year my partner had this magnificent desert. He has been raving about it to everyone. A beautiful custard with delicious soft egg whites. But what is is called he didn’t rmember! How do you search for something you don’t know.
    He couldn’t stop crying when he saw last weeks episode. The quest is over.

    “Iles Flottantes”
    Merci Beaucoup
    A copy of LPK (Signed?) would be the ultimate gift.

  150. Mademoiselle Rachel
    I have an obsession.
    Croque Madame.
    I’d love a copy of The Little Paris Kitchen to help me find a way out of my obsession.
    Thanks for the show.

  151. Rachel! I absolutely fell in love with your show after watching it on the SBS! I adore your way of life and your creativity! It is really inspring to see how far you have come chasing your dream with so little to begin with 🙂 Keep up all the hard work and will always support u!

    I would love to learn to master the classic foie gras as it is so delicious!


  152. Hi Rachel!

    I just want to say that I’m so glad I can watch your show in Australia!!! It is by far the best cooking show I’ve seen with your charismatic presence and the beautiful sceneries! I’ve recommended your show to all my friends and they also absolutely love you and your show too! Can’t wait to see more work from you!! It would really be the awesomest and special present to receive LPK from you and I want to recreate all the yummy food you’ve made on your show! The raspberry and lemon madeleines are my favorite and something I would definitely want to master!

    Thank you for creating such an inspiring and enchanting show!!

  153. We just got back from our first trip to Paris last month. I had an entree of roasted marrow on farmer’s bread with fler de mer salt, in a cafe near the Montparnasse Station. It was an absolute knock out. I got my butcher to cut me some bones and i tried it at home but it was nowhere near as nice. I’d love to know how to prepare this one..

  154. My wife and 12yr old daughter were in Paris in April and we fell in love with all things Parisian..especially something which I cannot seem to make very well..Creme Brulee

  155. Hi Rachel, I started watching your show after 3 people independently told me I had to watch it because you reminded them of me (I too am Eurasian and love to cook). With my interest piqued, after watching in episode I am now officially your biggest fan (I am definitely trying your lavender chicken recipe tomorrow)! As for a recipe to master – I visited Paris a number of years ago and fell in love with Laduree – my visit there started me on a journey of discovery with pastries – there was one in particular that I would love to be able to make: the rose and raspberry sainte honore. I have only been speechless a handful of times in my life and my first mouthful of this delicacy was one of them.

  156. My grandmother got me hooked on your show when I visited her in England in January, just after we came back from Paris! 🙂 I would love to master coq au vin, French comfort food……

  157. I have been watching and recording your show from the beginning so i can go back and make things when i get the chance. Would love to get the book, and really want to make a decent Coq au vin. The few i have tried i always seem to overcook them! Shared to my twitter too because i have so many foodies following me, they always make me hungry. @AdsJustSayin

  158. Apart from the exquisite chocolate mouse and cheese related goodies you have cooked on your show, the French food I would like to master in my little Melbourne kitchen would be the humble baguette!

  159. Hi Rachel, j’adore your show! I love your take on french cooking and how you make it seem easy and something that can be achieved without a grand kitchen! I’d like to try making a souflee – sweet or savoury – i don’t mind, so long as it is light and fluffy and not a flop!

  160. You’ve inspired me to cook and master the fish with lemon and brown butter sauce from the show that aired here last week – this is a big deal as I am not the biggest seafood eater, i’ve barely moved off fish fingers. My husband is excited for cooking adventures!

  161. I’m totally inspired by My Little Paris Kitchen….! I look forward to your stories, travel, cooking and fashion every week. I love Paris, the language,the people, fashion and most importantly the food. Je suis en admiration devant votre vie Parisienne!

  162. Wow you inspire me so much to cook. France is the next place on my list for traveling… I’ll have to book in early to get a seat at your restaurant. More than anything I would LOVE to be able to master the perfect Crape…. Hope to meet you one day Rach !!! From Rach in OZ xoxo (PS…I shared your post too !!!)

  163. Hi Rachel, I love your show and I’m very impressed at how you can make such amazing meals in such a small space. I’m not sure many of us over here could do the same, we are used to much bigger kitchens. I would love to master a proper french baguette as french bread is the best in the world, and my attempts are woefully below par. Love your blog, and your show, and please visit Australia soon.

  164. Hello Rachel,
    I really don’t want to master any dishes. But I would like to be inspired to create food of my own that people would enjoy. Watching your show, and others like it, has been an inspiration for me to cook as I have recently had to take over most of the cooking duties as I now care for my elderly grandmother. She always enjoys the things that I make for her and she especially liked your version of the bacon and egg sandwich, the one with the béchamel sauce.
    Keep making great food and television shows.

  165. I would love to master all of your dishes, especially Madeleines with lemon curd. Mum and I watch the show together, it really inspired me to try many new dishes. Rachel Khoo inspiring young people, amazing!
    P.s. Crêpes forever

  166. Hi Rachel, it’s true what they say great things do come in small packages;-) I love to master the croq Monsieur ( my French might not that good)

  167. I’m entering this for my work colleague Bev, she loves everything French and would love this book, she is changing companies and leaving on the 11 July, and would be the perfect thankyou gift
    I have a copy already and love the show

  168. Firstly you are an absolute delight to watch Rachel I look forward to My Little Paris Kitchen every week. I would most like to master your Madeleines and have been inspired so much so that I am taking market cooking classes when I visit Paris in September. Best wishes for your future.

  169. I’m entering this because you’re the reason why I watch SBS. I don’t mind croissants either, so if you can teach me how to make them, that would be great.

  170. Hi Rachel,

    Wow! What a brilliant series on your little paris kitchen! I have loved it. Before I watched your show, I was very critical of french cooking. I would always think that it was time consuming and lots of fiddling around. You have proven that these classic french dishes can be simple. It is amazing, your choc mousse has been my favourite but I would love to master the chocolate eclair. So excited about the book! And heading to Paris later this year to visit all the shops on the show.

    thanks!Your a life saver!

  171. I never miss your show on SBS. And, ouiiiiii I’d love to win the book. I’m also going to be in Paris in August and was wondering if it’d be possible to have lunch/dinner at your little Parisian kitchen with some of my Australian friends who live in Paris. Merci.

  172. I would love to master Confit de Canard – my absolute favourite French dish! If I am in a bistrot, I will almost always order it. It’s so French, so delicious and crispy, served with roast potatoes, salad and a good bottle of Nuits St Georges wine. P.s I just adore My Little Paris Kitchen! You inspired me to buy Madeleine pan on the weekend and try your recipe out for myself. And the result? Miam!

  173. Just love your show and cannot believe what you can achieve in such a confined space! I’d love to be able to master the art of making true French baguettes…I cannot get enough of the crustiness and fluffability of them, and to be able to make them myself…oh, pure bliss! Bonne nuit, Mademoiselle Khoo!

  174. I love, love, love your show! I wish I had of seen it when I was living in Seoul so that I could have whipped up your amazing dishes for a slice of paradise.

    The French dish that I would love to master is boeuf à la Bourguignonne!! 🙂

  175. I would love to master duck confit. It was one the most memorable dishes I had just outside Nice, and I would love to be able to replicate it for my friends and family.

  176. Hi Rachel,

    Congratulations on your show. I truly enjoy watching it every week. You make french cooking uncomplicated and fun. Having a space challenged kitchen myself, I’m inspired to try your recipes every weekend and my wife loves you for making her weekend meal special :).

    All the best. Looking forward to your new adventure.

    The weekend chef.

  177. Hello Rachel,
    I am a fan of your recipes and cooking show; they are both great!
    I would like to master bœuf à la bourguignon because I just love the richness of that dish and the fact that is a hearty meal ideal for the current winter months we are experiencing in Australia.
    Best wishes,

  178. I would love to be able to cook croissants , so French, so yummy 🙂 Love your show, just the idea of it is wonderful and it works so well. Keep making episodes please

  179. Hi Rachel,

    Congratulations on your show. I truly enjoy watching it every week. You make french cooking uncomplicated and fun. Having a space challenged kitchen myself, I’m inspired to try your recipes every weekend and my wife loves you for making her weekend meal special.

    Being a sweet tooth. I would like to perfect making the molten chocolate cake…craving for it now 🙂

    All the best. Looking forward to your new adventure.

    The weekend chef,

  180. Rachel,
    Love watching your show – and would love a copy of your book (so I can stop printing recipes off the BBC website!). I would love to master a good steak tartare.

  181. Hello Rachel, big fan of your show, i think you are Fabulous, and your cooking is amazing, i would love to master on how to make a perfect creme brulee.

    Best wishes, Vesna L.

  182. Love your show Rachel, especially when you make things with cheeeeese! Yum yum. The French recipe I would like to master: well, I have tried many times and will keep trying until I can make the perfect macaron. What is the secret to those little guys? Keep up the great cooking!

  183. I had never heard of you before until my mum ma=ade me watch your show as i am currently doing my Commercial Cookery course at the moment, i love cooking so much and as soon as i saw your show i was inspired to one day end up in France. One day! i should mention i do have a 2 year old son, so lets make that a few decades. Anyway i adour your show now and i cant and wont miss it. Big hugs and kisses Catie xoxox

  184. Salut Rachel 🙂

    I have been glued to the television each Thursday since The LPK began airing – it takes me back to fond memories of trying to cook in my own tiny piece of Paris .
    It’s a bit of a typical answer, but nobody does classic like the French – I would love to be able to master the boeuf bourguignon(…followed by your tasty looking grapefruit meringue tartlets to finish)!

    I have shared the giveaway on twitter @_emstuart for a few last minute entries!


  185. Rachel you are the most beautiful chef on television and there is NOT one of your recipes i do not want to try at home. I never miss your show. If i dont win your book , i will just have to watch you on TV . Which wont be a too much of a challenge ! x

  186. I first watched your show on a flight from Melbourne to San Francisco. I think you’d do well creating your own Parisian version of Escargots de Bourgogne. With love from the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne.

  187. Hi Rachel, I love your show and your quirky, fun way of cooking really delicious, simple food. After the first time I saw your show I immediately cooked one of your recipes. My husband gave it a ’10’. Cheers, please keep us in Oz in your heart. <3

  188. Hi Rachel,
    Totally love your show. I’ve recently downsized my home and have a super tiny kitchen. I’ve been inspired by your show and want to master your quiche lorraine. I look forward to more seasons!

  189. Would live to win a copy of ur book but if I don’t I will still be buying it. I would love to master all aspects of French cooking as I’ve been to afraid of it. Your show has shown me how easy it can be to cook French food at home.
    Can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂

  190. Love Paris, the worlds greatest city but through Rachel’s show I’ve learnt to live it more. Great city, great food and a great chef

  191. Hi Rachel,
    I stumbled across your tv show on Thursday night, and I haven’t looked back since! I would absolutely love a copy of your cookbook so I can treasure the recipes which you’ve carefully curated for anyone and everyone to master French cooking. I’m thinking of making your crepes this weekend 🙂

  192. A little left of centre but I’d like to master the Tom Ford Cherry Rush laden lips and vintage 50s threads! We, including our 9 year old son and 13 year old daughter, love, love everything about what inspires us to be more creative, proactive and balshy with our cooking. Growing up in an Italian household where black pudding, after ‘doing the pig’ for a day, was a staple during winter, I’d really love to master your boudin noir and apple sausage rolls.

  193. Hi Rachel LPK is the highlight of my week and I am hoping there will be more series as I am already dreading this one ending. I would love to master your chocolate mousse as well as the chouquettes which I have attempted once already but would like to try again to see if I can really perfect them like you do.

  194. I’ve never cooked fish properly before, but made your Poisson meuniere last weekend and my “Better Half” said it is the best meal I’ve ever cooked for us in more than 14 years! I’m keen to learn more, particularly Nicosie style fish which looks tasty.

  195. I’m so thankful my lovely friend directed me to your delicious program, to which my entire family is now addicted for the recipes, scenery & snapshots of everyday Paris & her people. So many desserts I’d love to master, but at the top of the list is mille-feuille!

  196. Hi Rachel, I am in my forties and can honestly count the number of times I have cooked on the one hand. My husband jokes that I only visit the kitchen for drinks. However, your show has inspired me and I am now feeling confident that I can actually tackle the kitchen and attempt to cook. Thanks for being so down to earth and inspiring.

  197. I’m so in love with the show I can’t even tell. Thursday night’s happiness!
    I love how you source locally grown products and the way you combine them all together with a lovely and original twist. As I love desserts and fruit, I’d love to a master a Blueberry Wine Coulis! Hope i’ll get that magic book!

  198. Hi Rachel

    Absolutely love your show & the concept of cooking in a tiny kitchen. Would’ve loved to have eaten at your little restaurant!!
    The dish I’d love to learn how to master is the croque Monsieur!! After many attempts it still fails me….

  199. Love the show. My parents love watching your show as well!
    I would love to master a classic coq au vin but then with a twist ~ perfect for the winter months ahead here in Australia.

  200. I would really love to master macarons, they seem so daunting to make and I have never managed to recreate the crunchy/gooey/flavoursome combination of a french bakery that I buy them from sometimes.

  201. Although I’m vegetarian and many of the amazing french recipes are meat based, I love watching your show!
    I would love to master the chocolate lava cake with salted caramel. Delish!
    I would also love to win one of your books!
    And I hope you do another series! X

  202. The cheese, pistachio & prune cake looks and sounds entirely intriguing to me. I look forward to mastering (or at least attempting it!) the styling and imagery of the show is amazing, I love it.

  203. Stumbled across your show on sbs. Absolutely love it as it reminds us of the incredibly time we had in Paris, our favourite place!! Can’t wait to take our little girl over there in a few years. Love watching your simple way of explaining delicious food. i would love to master crepes and galettes, we lived on them when in France! Delicious

  204. Love you r show it’s refreshing to find French food shown simply we fell in love with Paris on our travels last year and your show bings back those memories. The dish I would like to master would be Boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings I loved the baguettes in Paris

  205. Rachel,
    I would love to master your moelleux au chocolat with the gooey caramel filling – because I have the biggest sweet tooth and seeing that cake reminded me of everything that is good about being alive – yummmmooo!!!
    P.s. love your show, your cooking is like the iphone of the culinary world – simple, innovative, creative & so very stylish. Keep living the dream & inspiring us all from beautiful Paris.

  206. Gday Rachel love watching your show. We enjoy your food and seeing the interesting people on your show. Would love your book. Have French in my family background. Keep up the great work girl love your work.

  207. Bonjour! You, your style and your passion for cooking bring joy to my Thursday evenings and manage to take me on an enchanted journey of comforting French cuisine. Thank you!
    I would love to master the humble croissant in all it’s buttery glory.

  208. I would just love to master something simple :p I remember looking up French desserts for a dinner party a few months ago and found a recipe for Strawberry Savarin, sponges and cakes have never been my strength so I gave up before I started, fearing it would end up being one of my traditional overcooked, dense as anything lumps. So that would be nice to master, I’d love to be able to be more proficient at desserts 🙂

  209. Bonjour and Gday, luv your little kitchen. Everything about you inspires me to cook French food. Luv to have your book so I can learn more about your cooking .

  210. My husband & I have so been enjoying your show Rachel! The apartment reminds us of our first trip to Paris together, where our apartment was up 4 flights of stairs! My hero/ husband carried our suitcases all the way up!

    I would love to master the perfect Crème brûlée and my husband would love to learn how to make almond croissants.


  211. How do I get a reservation in ur LPK? Would love to learn how to make Creme brûlée without it tasting eggy!

  212. I’ll be honest, after a hard day at work last Thursday and whilst rummaging the pantry looking for wine to ease the stress , it was at that moment that I heard your voice on SBS tv and saw your show for the first time. I not only fell in love with your recipes and apartment but I loved that all the meals can be cooked on a two burner gas stove and tiny oven!! No gadgets to be seen! Finally a cooking show that proves you can make delicious food using basic kitchen tools. Would love a copy of your book and to be able to master a Creme Brûlée without the fancy utensils!

  213. Hi Rachel, I love your TV show! I love your French food made simple recipes. I have bought other ‘big names’ cookbooks b4 and the list of ingredients is just so long that they are not like everyday domestic cooking. But i don’t have that problem with your receipe! The dish I love to master is Filet de Canard aux Epices.

  214. Thankyou for my free trip to Paris every Thursday! I love it. The program is refreshing and fun! Please can we have more?

  215. I have an Austrian mother and a Thai father; similar in many ways to Rachel. My mother is a professional pastry chef trained in France so my fondest memories lie in desserts. I will say mille-feuilles aka the humble yet classic vanilla slice as the dish I would love to master. Sweet As ! Quite literally 🙂

  216. Hi Rachel,
    there is nothing more divine than a yummy cake with a surprise centre of gooey lusciousness and the French do these so well! I’ve always thought these cakes would be too hard to make but after watching you make those wonderful lemon meringue cakes I am going to give it a go – I just need the recipe!

  217. I would love to win a copy of your book! Have absolutely fallen in love with your show since it aired on SBS – I’ve been religiously recording it too whilst I’ve been away from home. I would love to master the creme brulee and boeuf bourguignon.. love French food!

  218. I love your show! My partner is French and we record it and then watch it together discussing how we are going to attempt your recipes!
    I would love to be able to make bœuf bourguignon!!!! Choose me to win a copy of your book! Merci

  219. Love, love, love your show… and would so love to win a copy of your book. My goal is to master creme brulee.

  220. Hi Rachel,
    I’m dying to try out your trout en papillot, it looked so simple but delicious! I love watching Little Paris Kitchen especially since I started learning French.

  221. I love your show! I make sure I watch it every week. My love of everything French has continued from the cuisine to the language, which I’m learning to speak as well. Since my wife loves seafood, I would love to master a bouillabaisse one day. Please select me for the recipient of your book, my wife loves it when I cook new things!

  222. Hi Rachel,

    I must admit that I didn’t know about your show until a few weeks ago. I was browsing SBS on demand and saw your first episode and I was HOOKED. I was that inspired I already cooked two of your dishes (the croque madame, and moelleux au chocolat) and I blogged about them (can see on my blog if you want to see how your student did lol). I also learned something that…the lava cake has to be eaten straight from the oven. I made another batch and put them in the fridge and the caramel was just soaked into the cake so no oozing effect after microwaved. I ALMOST emailed to ask you about microwaving it but I took the risk lol). Anyway, thanks for making French food look a lot more simple and easier to cook. I’m planning to make your chicken dumpling soup very soon because it’s freeeeeeezing in Melbourne…and I was at a market today and saw trout and I totally thought of your trout in the baking paper parcel dish….lots to experiment! Thanks for being so inspiring! (and we are the same age:))

  223. A big thank you to you – Little Paris Kitchen.

    Today a friend at work ran up to me after discovering your show on SBS, wanting to share it with me because she knew I would like it – she said “it is perfect for you – exactly your style!”. But I have been watching your show on youtube for a LONG time before this. I’ve also been cooking from your show for a long while now, and they have been some of the best meals I’ve ever made (my family thinks so too).

    I love how you make something that would be traditional or typically thought of as a “rule book dish”, and make it yours – you make it unique.

    It has inspired me to be more adventurous in the kitchen & not sticking to the rule book. It is so much more fun!!

    Watching your show also inspired me to go back to learning french. I studied french when I was younger, and lived in Paris for a university semester… ahhh 🙂 Now I’m back into it & loving it.

    So thank you, thank you for your little Paris kitchen, your creative and innovative mind & talent.

    I never realised when I first started watching your show what an impact it would have on me.

    I would love to own a copy of your book – there are only so many things I can stalk on the internet! 😛 I always follow your publications to see what your latest creations are too. Very inspiring after a long day of work/study. Particularly your soups now it is cooler. And my family loves it when I say I’m am attempting another Rachel Khoo recipe…they know something good is going to come.

    Keep doing what you are doing – we all love it xx

    PS a recipe I would love to master is a rough almond croissant and bouillabaisse (my mum’s & my favourites!)

  224. Bonjour Rachel,
    Like so many, I am a massive fan of your show! I absolutely love the fact that you make French cuisine so simple and enjoyable to make. Being half French, I am often asked to cook French dishes for my friends however I had always been terrified of the complexity of many French dishes! I recently made your version of the boeuf bourgignon and it was such a treat! I must admit that I was rather stocked to actually be able to make something that delicious!! What I would now love to master is a blanquette de veau or a aioli de poisson. It would be great if one of those could appear on your show! Merci et je croise les doigts pour être la gagnante de cette super compétition ;)!

  225. I would love to master ANY French pastry. Anything that involves cream, pastry, sweetness & calories sends me over the edge. I love watching your show each week, I think my toilet is possibly bigger than your kitchen yet you make do & do you do! A pretty lady making gorgeous food. The new Nigella?

  226. Bonjour Rachel,
    We love your show, and we love Paris. I would love to master braised beef cheeks like the dish I had at Chez Denise (La Tour de Montlhery) near Les Halles. Thank you for bringing Paris to our home every week.
    I wish you much success!

  227. Bonjour!

    Love The Little Paris Kitchen and I can only hope you do another series, and then another and then another…

    It might sound cliché, but I can’t go passed a good old fashioned Crème Brulee which I would love to master!

    PS Love that your passion for cooking overrides the small kitchen space you have to work with! 🙂

  228. Number 274 … Here I was thinking that australia was so backward with internet that I’d have even money on winning… :(. Still, you have to in it to eat it!
    Jesse, australia, wants to sail to the floating islands and sleep/eat their fluffy peaks!

  229. Thursday night is my favourite night of the week because of your show. Then my weekend is filled with delicious food and fab times with friends.

  230. Congratulations for making it all the way to comment 276. I’d love to master the five French Mother Sauces. My Hollandaise is almost there 🙂

  231. Bonjour Rachel!

    I love your show and personality! You’re living my dream! Always wanted to have a British accent, be a cook and live in Paris and be fluent in French haha definitely inspirational and really admire you!

    A French dish I would like to perfect would have to be “Coq au vin” and for a dessert cliché but Crème Brûlée!

    I retweeted this blogpost!

    You’re amazing! Can’t wait more shows to come, already watched all I can hehe


  232. Ooh am I too late?! Just saw this comp on your Facebook page!

    I love your show and the other day made your puy lentil salad for myself and my little brothers (12 and 14) – we’re all vegetarian and I’ve been gently building them up to more adventurous food (over a few years now! – Kids!). Who knew a plate of lentils could be so delicious – the boys wolfed it down and have requested it just just about every day since (though I’m yet to make it again).

    OK so the French dish I want to master is French onion soup. I attempted it once and it went horribly wrong. Oh boy did it go wrong! I don’t like onion, but I do like this soup, and I would be so pleased to be able to make it. Throw in some croissant skills too and I’d be the happiest kid in the kitchen!

    Thanks for your no-fuss, cheerful and eye-opening show Rachel. That’s just how I like my food! 🙂

    PS. Sharing this page on Facebook!

  233. What you show has demonstrated is that you don’t need a hugely expensive equipment to cook successfully. As you have demonstrated the little electric “counter top” oven works brilliantly and as our one does for us.

    The one recipe I always have an issue with is Bouillabaisse

  234. Rachel Khoo I love your TV series, you are living my dream!! J’adore!!
    For me I would love to learn how to perfect soufflé. I made a lime one once, lovely flavor BUT: LEATHER! Please help!! haha! Please continue to make these inspiring cooking shows… I never want them to end! Bonne Nuit from Australie 🙂 xox

  235. Hi Rachael! I was given your book as a birthday present this year! Just this weekend passed, I did a whole dinner based on your book! success!
    Your briochette with apple,
    Lavender and citrus chicken
    Potato daphinois
    and tomato and vanilla compote!
    It all turned out perfect!! Uh-mazing!!
    I would love to have a signed copy of ur book! Here’s hoping!!

  236. My favourite saying is: don’t judge your life by how many breaths you take but by how many times your breath is taken away.
    And take mine away you do: from your show, to your warm personality, to Paris, to the sheer simplicity of your recipes. To won one of your books would be bliss as you are admired, indeed 🙂

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