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January 7th, 2015

My YouTube channel is here!

It’s always good to start the New Year off as you mean to go on, and I’m really happy to say my YouTube channel is officially here!

You’ll have to bear with me while I figure out what works best. It’s all a bit trial and error as there’s no big TV channel/production company behind this. But I’m really excited to try out a few different things in the kitchen from ideas for using up leftovers, to vegetarian dishes and how to guides.

Last year, I asked you all for your suggestions of what you’d like to see, so watch this space as I’ve taken your comments on board when coming up with ideas for my channel.

I hope you all like what you see and don’t forget to subscribe!

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22 thoughts on “My YouTube channel is here!

  1. Dear Rachel

    My name is lee hsin ying 李欣穎
    i’m come from Taiwan.i majored in visual design.
    i’m very love your cooking style,and your homing foods,thats very adorable!!
    i like to watch your TV show in BBC life style channel,and i also bought your Recipe books^^
    love you!
    very very expect your new TV show!!wish i will meet you someday in UK or Paris or anywhere if i go abord~ haha

    your little fan

    best wishes

    希望將來有一天我能在國外或是世界其他的角落巧遇妳♪( ´▽`)


  2. Hi Rachel!
    Here is Leopold from Germany!
    Lovely website and cool videos!!
    My Mom is your bigges fan!
    She loves your clothes and is amazed of you!

    xxx Leopold

    ( had seen you at big festival last year!)

  3. love your posts Rachel, keep it up, love your cutesy kitchen when you did Quiche Lorraine, been hooked to all your posts since. Oh btw I think you are great, from London to Paris, learning the language, cooking like the french do, hope to see more of your episodes on YouTube. & Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush looks so great on you, should make it your signature color. Cheerio and all the best for 2015

  4. I look at you on tv most. You are so good. I see you been i sweden. Maybe you can visit me in Sweden and learn how to cook next time you visit. I go to Ecuador in the end of feb. Have you been there? Have a good weekend. Big hugs

  5. When is Rachael Khoo next demo in KL? Is she interested to cook in an apartment (slightly bigger then her Paris apartment) in Sydney???


  6. Hi Rachael, love your show and cook books and excited to see you doing more vegetarian recipes this year too. I am a travel agent and am asked from time to time about things to do on holiday in England.
    Do you allow a live audience when you tape your shows? I have a few customers who might be interested in being there for a show, and could maybe organize with a local book store if you can come to Nashville. We work with Parnassus, a locally owned book store.
    Thank you,
    Tommy Thompson
    Herron Travel
    207 29th ave north
    Nashville TN 37203

    1. Hi Tommy

      I don’t have space for live audiences! Lovely idea though. I’d love to visit Nashville one day.

      Hopefully you’ll enjoy my recipes that are coming up, some lighter and vegetarian ideas in there.

      Best wishes

  7. I would like some info on baking a leg of lamb other than the classic French way which I can do well. I really need something a bit different



  8. It was really amazing to see how ice cream can be made, unbelievable!!! And I really love the way you make the caramel pop-corn too!!! Really can’t wait to try it myself! You are really stunning!~


  9. Hi Rachel,

    Saw your programme ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ on TV. I think it is awesome. I have family who live in Paris but I have never been !! Anyway I have just ordered your book, and will love to start cooking the dishes.

    So like your style too and I wish you well in your future work.

    I live in Ireland.

  10. Hi Rachel! I loved your show “Little Paris Kitchen”! You are an inspiration for those of us who want to blaze our own trail by doing what we love!

    Quick question. Do you have any tips on pitching a TV cooking show to your production company, Plum Pictures? I already wrote a query letter and will send it soon. I can really use some guidance…such as some “Do’s and Don’ts” since I have zero connections in this industry.

    Thanks so much Rachel. Wish I can see your new show, I’m in the US.

    Good Luck in all you do!

    Cheers from Texas~

    1. Thanks, Connie. RE: pitching – it might help to pitch to local production companies (I see you’re from Texas) rather than ones based in another country (Plum pictures are based in London. P.S. They’re not my production company). It helps if you already have some kind of ‘brand’ whether it’s a blog with a strong following/instagram/youtube. But most of all a strong idea and persistence. Good Luck!

  11. Hi Rachael,
    I would like to know what is the brand of the knife that you use in your preparations in your youtube channel. Can you inform me?
    I await your reply 🙂

  12. I think your cooking style and how you presented them on tv are very natural, with passion and straightforward. It seems that you got it all blended in well, ambiance, colors, culture and the most of all your sincerity in cooking, it shows.

    Well done.


  13. Salutations Rachel,

    Just wanted to say I am a new fan, discovered you via Zumbo’s just deserts, and am enamored by your delightful demeanor and stylish class. I am eager to watch your own shows and thank you for making Mr. Zumbo’s show one of my favorite shows ever. Blessings to you !

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