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August 28th, 2012

Fruitful foraging in Småland

Touch down in Copenhagen, then a two hour train ride up across the bridge to neighbouring Sweden, and me and my little Swedish adventure team (more on that to come) were in the heart of Småland.

After braving a swim in the chilly sun-basked lake, we got down to business; heading off to hunt for a basket full of wild berries for making … a pre-dinner cocktail. After being ravaged by mosquitoes, will definitely deserved the drink. And there is even a bowl of berries left over for breakfast.

Even the dog was foraging for berries.

Dog waiting for a blueberry.



Lingonberry and blueberry martini

2 parts mixed lingonberry and blueberries
1 part lemon/lime juice
1 part sugar syrup
1 shot gin per glass
Tonic water to top up
Ice, to serve

Forage for a big basket of berries. Wash well, removing the remnants of the forest floor (wet leaves, dead bugs, worms) and measure out as desired. Crush the berries well. Add the lemon juice, sugar syrup and taste for acidity/sweetness (we like ours quite tart).

Get yourself a tumbler. Add a shot of gin, an ice cube, and add some of the berry concoction. Pop up with as much tonic as desired.

If you are being fancy about it, whack it in a cocktail maker and strain the berries through the filter. We enjoyed ours chunky and scooped out the berry mush with a spoon when we were done. Dessert and drink in one!


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3 thoughts on “Fruitful foraging in Småland

  1. Nothing like having deserved that cocktail! I love the mix of lingonberries and blueberries. If only I could find the former in Southern Germany. Did you also forage for mushrooms?

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