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April 23rd, 2015

Recipe: Chocolate hazelnut pots {video}

For all you Nutella fans, this recipe is definitely for you. I’m a lover of chocolate and a bitter chocolate pot is one dessert that I particularly enjoy – though it’s not something one can consume too often!

I’ve often experimented with my desserts, to see how traditional ingredients can be replaced. This recipe is a triumph for anyone who’s vegan, can’t eat dairy or has chosen to avoid refined sugar – but unfortunately not at all suitable for nut allergy sufferers. You could leave out the nut butter and garnish if that’s the case.

Chocolate hazelnut pots

Makes 4
Preparation time 10 minutes


100g Hazelnut butter
2 very ripe cold avocados
2 ripe cold bananas
2-4 tbsp cocoa powder
2-4 tbsp carob or maple syrup
Pinch of salt
Handful of chopped toasted hazelnuts


1. Blend all the ingredients (apart from the toasted hazelnuts) together.
2. Divide between the pots.
3. Before serving top with hazelnuts.

Get ahead

These pots will keep for a day in the fridge (best to top with the nuts just before serving).

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4 thoughts on “Recipe: Chocolate hazelnut pots {video}

  1. Thank you Rachel for this recipe ! It’s awesome and tasty. I really liked way I was blending all ingredients – such an incredible view!
    I love it!
    Greetings 🙂

  2. This looks healthy as well!
    I can’t wait to get my avocados first thing i go into a store.
    Thank you Rachel

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