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June 4th, 2013

Polish book launch and giveaway

NOTE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Agnieszka, Natasza, Ania, Edyta and Sylwia. Your copies are on the way 🙂

Excited that my book ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ has recently launched in Poland. Hope my Polish readers are enjoying it! For details on where to buy the book in Poland you can visit here or here.

GIVEAWAY: I’ve got five copies of the POLISH version of LPK to giveaway. Leave a comment here on the blog (bonus points for sharing this blog post via your own social media) and tell me what French dish you’re looking forward to cooking, for your chance to win a copy.

I’ve be drawing the winners on Thursday June 13 so you’ve got until Wednesday June 12 to enter this giveaway. Spread the word!

Bonne chance and powodzenia!

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76 thoughts on “Polish book launch and giveaway

  1. I think that I will be cooking Tarte flambee because it`s my favourite French dish. It`s simple to do and always tastes good. And with your book maybe one day my tarte will be look so good like your tarte:) Pozdrawiam!

  2. please let me win the book
    so I can satisfy my french husband taste buds .. 🙂 he is missing french cooking so much as we are living in Ireland.. French soup is next on my list 😉

  3. Last year I lived and worked in Paris as an au-pair, and I had a chance to try many delicious dishes cooked by my ‘famille d’accueil’. The thing I miss the most is ‘boeuf bourguignon’, so this one I will prepare definitely! And then… Chocolate mousse! Fortunately my kitchen at home is a little big bigger then your’s in Paris 🙂

  4. I’d like to try French classics like Crème brulee and Tarte tatin, looking forward to read this book as I’m interested in French and British cuisine, greetings from Poland, your big fan (I’ve shared this post)

  5. French cuisine is still uncharted territory for me, but I do use puff pastry, use a butter and I love fresh vegetables and fruits. I think that the book will help me to learn about new flavors;)
    Greetings from Polish 🙂

  6. Beef bourguignon, onion soup and creme brule. And maybe something with spinach (got plenty in my garden) 🙂

  7. What I am looking forward is your English twist on French cooking. I really want to try out all the desserts – especially madaleines, since I recently bought the special moulds…

  8. I have a copy of your cookbook and LOVE it! I have made several dishes and they are all delicious! I’ll be making your lemon and lavender chicken this weekend. I would love a Polish copy of your book for my girlfriend who is polish. So enjoy your show as well!

  9. I would like to cook all this wonderfull dishes, one by one.
    Maybe I could start with Coq au Vin, Madeleines or fabulous “tartelettes au pamplemousse et poivre meringuees”.
    I’m sure I can make something delicious in my little polish kitchen with Your help 🙂
    With best wishes,

  10. Macaroons, macaroons! The most adorable dessert ever that I would like to try. 🙂

    I’m so glad your book is in Polish! Can’t wait to get it. Pozdrawiam 🙂

  11. I love making french soufflés. I have already tried an amazing Julia Child’s recipe, but can’t wait to see if you have your own special version of this dish.
    warm regards,

  12. Halo!

    I am most looking forward to cooking “Moelleux Au Chocolat.” Chocolate. Caramel. Melting. Oh my sweetness! What’s not to love?

    I must say, I am so in love with French Food right now. Just watched The Little Paris Kitchen for the very FIRST time last Thursday here in Australia. I’ve never wanted to cook and travel more! Truly. 

    The Boeuf Bourguignon with Baguette Dumplings looked so irresistible I cooked this already > http://instagram.com/p/aGPjkct0mv/ 

    Congratulations on the Polish Publication of The LPK. Can’t wait to read the recipes in Polish (fingers crossed). Thank you so, so much for sharing your brilliant view of Paris, and cheers to the cutest little Kitchen in the world! 


    Sincerely me,
    Krizia Fundano.

    You can find me here:
    Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/cookiesnkrim
    Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/KriziaFundano

  13. I was in Paris in April, for the first time in my life. I spent there the most adorable birthday ever.I totally fell in love with French cuisine and mousse au chocolat just stole my heart. I can’t wait to get your book and try your recipe for chocolate mousse! Pozdrowienia

  14. Coq au Vin on a stick 🙂 and Madeleines, and then I will try to master the French cooking using your cookbook 🙂

  15. Dear Rachel,
    Please give one copy of your fabulous book to my best friend! Tomorrow is her birthday:) She loves to bake and I have to say she’s really talented;) Last year inspired by you I bought her a madeleine pan as a birthday gift:)This year I would like her to have your book!
    I think that after receiving the book she would try all tartles, cakes and pies recipes;)

  16. Great to hear! This means I do not have to translate for my mum any longer 🙂 Rachel, not only you frenchinized our kitchen but also inspired to ‘dress’ our lips in juicy red :)As for the dish, stil looking for a good Brandade recipe 🙂 Very best wishes!

  17. Every French dish makes me so happy and so inspired! Always when I have an opportunity to taste the French food I’m in heaven. The flavor, the esthetics of the whole dish and the name… yes, the name of food matters to me. I am enjoying every single name, for example: crepes or crème pâtissière sound so wonderful that I desire to taste all of them hearing only the name! But if I may choose something what I always wanted to bake is the sweet French brioche.

  18. Hi Rachel,

    I think I will go for tartelettes au citron. I just love them. Thank you very much for all the culinary inspirations you provide us with!

    All the best,


  19. My choice is a bit boring, but what the hell;) C’est quiche lorraine evidemment. There are two reasons for that: it makes me think of my friend who lives “a Paris” now, and who taught me how to cook it. De plus, elle est tres facile a preparer, mais, en meme temps, tres delicieuse:)


  20. I just saw the episode in which you made quiche lorraine, wow, looked so delicious. I am dying to prepare it asap. I have already tried few recipies but was never really happy with the taste of the pastry, hope yours will be perfect! btw, a great Polish blogger Liska: http://www.whiteplate.blogpost.com wrote a really nice review of your book, really looking forward to reading it myself.

  21. Rachel- how amazing! You must be so blown away to see your book going global! I would be such a proud mumma if that was my book. Congratulations, you deserve it xx Corrina Tough

  22. I’ll definitely go for desserts, as I am constantly on a diet they make my mouth water. So if I don’t win, I’ll be slimmer. If I do, I’ll be much happier! To tell the truth – I prefer happiness 🙂

  23. Once LPK was published in English I bought one.I have followed BBC serie which is sadly not available on DVD. Now I am a master of “Truite en papillote avec fenouil,etc” and “Lapin croustillant a la moutarde…”But what I love to do is 3 condiments for oysters.As well I need fresh oysters in Warsaw i wish to have polish version of the book. What if I not quite understand and going wrong this receipies or ingredients?

  24. Mademoiselle,

    tes madelaines sont ma folie! Je les cuis avec du pavot.

    Je t’embrasse

    Marcel Proust

    PS La crème de marrons est mon rêve, je voudrais la prépare pour ma soeur cadette, elle est la maîtresse de crêpes!

  25. It’s fantastic that your book is in Polish version too.
    I think I will cook all delicious dishes from your book, but I will start with raspberry and lemon madeleines, because my kids love madeleines:) second will be probably quiche lorraine…

  26. I really love french dishes and I would like to prepare ‘Tarte flambee’ because mix this simple ingredients like onions and sour cream makes very elegant dish.
    My dream is living in France and learning sophisticated cuisine and traveling around the country.
    Your books will give me a chance to know better this cuisine and broaden horizons about that. I saw few times your programm in polish bbc and I really like it, you gave me a lot of inspirations 🙂

  27. Dear Rachel, I’d like to thank you for your tv show and for your book. The tv show was first for me and my Mom and we totally felt in love with it. We travel to Paris a lot but never really got into paris kitchen. I got your book in english from my Dad for Christmas and now such a surprise – it’s in polish! My Mom got it as a gift from my Dad also. We are more than happy and I just can’t believe I didn’t know about this blog before. Consider me as a follower from this day on. And let me share a secret: sometimes when I feel tired or sad I just read your book. It helps very time! Have a really nice day 🙂 Love, Ola

  28. Hi Rachel!

    I have already been cooking your dishes so what can I say… The last one I tried was the cake aux pistaches. And the next one on my menu will be des moules avec du cidre 🙂

    As you see, I already know your recepies but I’m Polish and I would love to have a Polish copy of your cookbook in order to offer it to my Mum 🙂

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers from a Polish girl living in Paris,

  29. Dear Rachel
    I heard few times about Your blog:) in another cooking blog also, all good reviews. One of my( and my partner:) favourite french dish is creme brule, I always order this dessert in restaurant but I have never tried make it myself( I even get utensils to prepare creme brule from my friends:) Maby Your book will be stronger motivation;)Another thing is gratin dauphinois- I love it!
    Greetings from Krakow!

  30. Welcome in Poland Rachel 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m waiting for your book in polish. It will be my birthday gift in July 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would like prepare Croque Madame, like Meryl Streep in “It’s Complikated” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. The thing I love the most is the idea of your book in Polish as well as ENGLISH for we Americans! I have two Polish Sisters who clean for me and they love my food and kitchen and would love your cookbook in their language! My fave recipe of yours is FLOATING ISLANDS IN THE CREME PATISSERIE …takes me back to the early days of my marriage when I cooked after working at a children’s hospital and finishing college..those were the days and now I can relive it all in my 65th year…Viva La FRANCE ET la belle Rachel! ( shared on my FACEBOOK WEBPAGE..marykayscatering.com!

  32. Hi Rachel!

    I’m dreaming about perfect spring lamb stew and second dish I’d like to cook is three-coloured ‘shepherd’s pie’. I’ve already been cooking most of your dishes but these two are quite difficult to cook (I think so..;) )

    Hugs from Poland!

    Shared on my FB (https://www.facebook.com/ania.tosta)

  33. Róbcie terrine z grzybów (Terrine forestier) str.131. Wychodzi od razu, a te nasze grzyby! (nawet jak mrożone). Who picks mushrooms other than Poles?

  34. My boyfriend is currently living in France and it has become my dream to learn a thing or two about the French kitchen. At the beginning I would like to to make a typical aromatic onion soup! But of course that is just the first of many French dishes I want to prepare!:)

    kind regards

  35. Rachel,

    I would like to make the perfect macarons, such as can be found in Paris. Until now, I prepared them a few times and they were very tasty, but still a little too low …
    The second recipe I would like to try is the one for crème brûlée, because it’s my favorite French dessert right after tarte tatin.

    I hope to see you in Poland on books signing.

    Best regards,

  36. Crème brûlée. There is no other dessert like that – romantic and subtle… I have a very nice memories with that dessert. My husband proposed to me in old-fashioned restaurant in Paris when we were waiting for this dish.
    We have been married since 1982.
    Best wishes from Poland,

  37. Hi Rachel, how are you? I’ve just discovered your show and I am absolutely addicted to it!You have inspired me!I want to cook, try, get dirty and make some special people around me happy!Your colorful show, great music, and your fantastic personality make my rainy days here in Basque Country soooo much better. Thank you so much!I am going to try to make Quiche Lorraine firts, which until now, seemed to be completely out of my competence. Thanks again and good luck, I am really enjoying my new discovery and sharing that with my friends! Eli from Poland

  38. Hello,
    I just watched your show and I love it. I wonder will you make more episodes of lpk? I love everything you make! I never knew French food could be so easily prepared. It is one of the things that always put me off because everyone always said how difficult it was. Thank you very much for showing the world that it’s not that difficult! Hope to see more of your shows they are really cool, in that you show us bits of Paris and make us fall in love more with the city, the people and the food! Best of luck to you!

  39. Sorry I am going to bake the chocolate lava cakes because just looking at the caramel bubbling away when you added the milk was enough for me to get out my pot and make some!

  40. It’s so many things that I would like to try, but French dishes always seems to me difficult and expensive. I change my mind when I tried French onion soup –mmm… so tasty. After that I’ve start searching for some other classic recipes. I found out that one of my favorite dishes from childhood in France is called ratatouille! (I thought that it was invented by my mother, when we had plenty courgette in garden, and I’m pretty sure that she think the same). So I hadn’t choice – I loved French cuisine long time before I realize that.

    I really like to try some new way to prepare quiche (I like this dish for its wide variety of ingredients), and learn how to prepare sea food in delicious way (it’s really terra incognita for me).

  41. Hey, i’m so happy you had your book published in polish 🙂 i’m leaving for paris for my studies next year and i’d love to try some of your recipees, especially over there 😀 2 desserts i’ve always wanted to make: creme brulee and crepes suzette 😉

  42. Having spent some time in France I noticed that just one dish for a meal it is not enought. I mean that to cook “truly french” I need to choose more dishes. So I would start with a truffes de fois gras to suprise and give a sublime delight, as a main dish I’d like to prepare boeuf bourguignon to face the challenge, than creme brulee to just enjoy the moment. Than of course a good Camembert and glass of a good wine. I am sorry that I haven’t chosen one dish but for me it was impossible to pick just one. However, there is still so many french dishes I’ d like to cook:)

  43. From the moment when I have seen Amelia for the first time and the way she “cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon” this is the dessert I want to prepare. Now, I have a necessary “equipment” – special baking trays, reall vanilla pod and even mini blowtorch :D! I think I’m finally ready for this challenge, I just need perfect recipe for Crème brûlée from your book 🙂

    Best wishes from Poland!

    shered on my facebook and http://pinterest.com/pin/533817362052231736/

  44. I want to try everything! Absolutly everything! At first – mushroom terrine, madeleines with lemon curd, millefeuille aux pommes and chicken dumpling soup. Sounds and looks soooo good! I’m only an amateur, but I just love food! This is my passion, my whole world. Love to cook, love to eat, love to prepare.
    Best wishes 🙂

  45. Hi Rachel,

    Your book is just adorable. The pictures inside of it are cute and make me want to try every dish from the LPK. I humbly wish you all the best with your upcoming projects! Greetings from Warsaw! Bisous.

  46. …No results of the contest? :)))))

    Cheers from above the plateau télé filled with French cheeses, tarama & cherry tomatoes 😉


  47. Your book is on my wishlist and I will buy it as soon as! Just wanted to tell that you are absolutely amazing and you inspire me every single day. Thank you so much for doing such amazing things! xxx

  48. Hello Rachel,
    we fell in love with your show. We love your accent and your responses even when you stuff up. We were in France 2 years ago, but could not find the eating places that feature on your show, but they do bring back memories. When are you coming to Melbourne, Australia?

  49. Dear Rachel, your book is splendid. I bought it without any expectations. It was a great suprise, I found all of your recipes worth trying out.
    I did the Puy lentil salad and soupe au pistou so far.

  50. Hi Rachel,
    I buy your book as soon as was it possible. I baked a lot of from your recipies. Brioche with dulche de leche or Croque Madame Muffins are some of exampels. Sorry, from my english. 😉 I’m not use it so often. I waiting now for you in Poland.
    Pozdrawiam i nie mogę się doczekać spotkania autorskiego

  51. Hi Rachel! I have just purchased you book [and made a review on it today on my blog, saying the nicest things about it:)]. Looking forward to see you in Poland! Cheers!

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