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October 10th, 2010

Morrocan madness in Milano

I headed off to Milano last week to bake some sweet ‘Morrocan’ treats. The sights, sounds and Morrocan cookery classes I discovered in Marrakesh in June came in handy. Instead of shopping at Armani or Prada I went trapsing around the rather unusual Milanese neighbourhoods in the search Rosewater, Orange flower water and other essential ingredients for the cakes.

My partner in crime took care of the savoury side of things so I could concentrate on getting the sweet side sorted. We had bought enough food to feed to several large Italian families which we just about managed to pack into the taxi. A short ride across town we took over a stunning apartment and the magic (or hard graft) began at 10am and didn’t finish until the guests arrived at 9.30pm.

Here’s the list of sweet treats I made:

Cornes de gazelle
Mint & coconut cakes
Walnut baklava
Cardamom, pistachio and semolina cakes
Rosewater and lemon yoghurt cakes
Almond snake cake
Morroccan ‘strudel’ (not pictured)
Orange, orange flower water and chocolate trifle (also not pictured)
Cinammon raisin and walnut rolled biscuits
Black & white pinwheels
Rosewater cheesecake

Most of the recipes aren’t what you call classic Morrocan pâtisserie. It’s more taking the flavours and adapting them into a ‘simpler’ and sometimes ‘lighter’ version.

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