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March 8th, 2017

My thoughts on life, food and creativity in Paris

The #littlepariskitchen is being repeated on BBC Two, and with it comes a whole host of happy memories. Most of them involving food, cooking delicious recipes, sharing picnics with friends along the Seine and painting with my set of watercolours. Those watercolours, along with my trusty Moleskine notebook, went everywhere with me. Illustrating all of the daily quirks that came with living in Paris allowed me to be inspired and creative wherever I went.

Besides for perfect pastries and artisan cheese, Paris is renown for something else: creativity. If there’s a rare chance that you’re feeling uninspired in The City of Light, it offers an abundance of art galleries, museums and breathtaking architecture right outside your doorstep to discover. Simply head out and about you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Today, I’m sharing my favourite things to do in Paris, along with other tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way in my kitchen, running my online lifestyle magazine and through finding my personal style. Get those creative juices flowing again, and look at life with a new, inspired perspective.

Finding inspiration in Paris

Rachel Khoo’s 24 hours in Paris

Five Parisian places to inspire your creativity

Creative tips and tricks

Khoollect watch: 9 films to spark creativity

Khoollect tips: the mini guide to creativity

9 tips for perfecting your phone photography

Changing up your look

Khoollect tips: adding more colour to your outfit

Behind the doors of Rachel’s beauty cabinet

Rachel Khoo’s five-minute fresh face makeup tutorial

What are your top-tips for creativity and where do you find inspiration in The City of Light? Comment below …

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