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July 26th, 2013

North American Book Tour

If you have been following my blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, you might have noticed I have been on a whirlwind tour of the US and Canada, visiting New York, Boston, Toronto and Chicago over the last two weeks. My North American publishers, Chronicle, organised a great line up of events, kicking off with a podcast for David Leite’s Culinaria. david leite rachel khoo Then it was off to Anthropologie in Short Hills, New Jersey. rachel khoo anthropologie shorthills The lovely Anthropologie ladies put on a great show at the store, with nibbles from the book showcased and styled on the store’s pretty crockery. anthropologie rachel khoo   The next day kicked off with a shoot with Sous Style in Madison Square Park, where we pulled together a delicious picnic from Eataly over the road and a Marimekko table cloth. We tried to take the shoot onto the grass, but we weren’t quite quick enough before the security genteelly removed us from the area, before complementing us on the pretty spread of fruits and cheese. We’ll be quicker next time. sous style rachel khoo In the afternoon, Williams Sonoma, the city’s perennial kitchen store, had me in for a demo of my cafe gourmand from The Little Paris Kitchen. cafe gourmand rachel khoo Aside from one lady fainting in the crowd (low blood pressure), it was a great success with the book selling out in no time at all. Exciting to hear that I was sharing the same stage that both Heston Blumenthal and Rene Redzepi have both cooked on. book signing williams sonoma Next, I jetted off to Boston for another Anthropologie signing on Newbury street, the city’s smartest shopping street. anthro boston The turn out was impressive (there were people queuing from 10 am for the 11 am start) and again, the Anthropologie ladies went all out with the nibbles, featuring the strawberry and creme fraiche tartines from the book, and drinks in Eiffel Tower hand stamped cups with stripy straws. anthropologie rachel khoo boston It was then over the border to Toronto, where I had a live interview on Global TV’s Morning Show, where we discussed what we should all be eating right now and life in The Little Paris Kitchen. snapshot tv Indigo, Canada’s answer to Borders or Waterstones,  put on a luncheon at the Indigo head offices for me to meet the staff, sign some books, and shoot a video with them, around 80 people showed up, by the end I was struggling to keep my voice going, and there was still the book signing at the main Indigo Store to come. IMG_0352   After a slightly nerve racking talk to the gathered crowd at the Indigo main store, I got to meet all the lovely people who had traveled some impressive distances to come to the signing. I signed a few extra copies which are still in store (call @IndigoBayBloor 416-925-3536 to reserve one!). indigo talk   Last, but not least, I was back on a flight to the US, for the final stage in my 2 week tour. I was back at Williams Sonoma, the brand new store opened this Spring in Lincoln Park, with a swanky demonstration kitchen and plenty of kitchen paraphernalia to swoon over. cafe gourmand

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10 thoughts on “North American Book Tour

  1. Rachel – it was lovely meeting you. Thanks always for the inspiration – Angela K.

    (Little Bronx Kitchen is in the works) xx

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I have to confess that until yesterday I haven´t been told about you. Yesterday, I was looking for a new cook tv program and I found yours. It is lovely and amazing. I wantto congratulate you for your job. Your kind of cooking is what I love: simple, tasty, lovely and enjoyable to cook. I hope some day you can come to visit Ecuador. Here we have amazing traditional food that you´re gonna love!…

    I hope we can meet one day!

  3. I absolutely love watching your cooking tutorials on the Tele. whilst wearing socks! Very down to earth. Becuz most of us aren’t Martha Stewart Proper. lolol.

    You are Smashing with the signature red lips as well!

  4. Hi Rachel! I am a big fan! I love your work! Everything from the food, your fashion, your finishing touches! Absolutely love it!
    I finished watching your Little Paris Kitchen TV series and was salivating for more. I managed to watch your London series online (was hard to find it) and can’t wait to watch your newest one soon. I wish I knew about your book tour last year, would have loved to have met you! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Rachel! When are you coming back to the Us for a tour? I just started watching your show on the Cooking channel and I love it- please come back for more signings! Love how your show is so fun and you make food enjoyable and approachable!

  6. Hello Rachel!

    I discovered you on television one Saturday on your show Little kitchen in Paris. As a person who has traveled and lived in England and Germany and traveled to Paris, it sparked my memories.

    I absolutely love your cooking tutorials because they are simple and everything I have tried so far has turned out well. The chicken dumpling soup is superb and quiche Lorraine was lovely.

    I presume the new show will be in England now and you won’t be going back to Paris. I’ll have to keep up with you on Twitter. Please keep filming. I have your books on my iPad. Love them!

  7. Hi. Love all your TV Shows. So genuine. I love that you seem so content cooking/sharing recipes with your audience.
    One episode was called DIY in London where you cooked a brined roastbeef with a dill vinagrette. I enjoy seeing what tools, equipment you cook different recipes with!
    Would you mind sharing with me the name of the tall aqua blue grinder you used
    for the dill. I’m sure it’s European but I haven’t been able to find it on the Internet.
    Thanks so much!!

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