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September 12th, 2012

Paris in meiner Küche – German booklaunch and TV of The Little Paris Kitchen

Touchdown yesterday in Hamburg for a whirlwind of press events for the launch of the German Little Paris Kitchen book and TV show. We set up a little Paris kitchen workshop in the lovely cookery bookshop and café, Koch Kontor.

Koch Kontor was the perfect place for the workshops, a beautifully equipped kitchen surrounded by an amazing selection of cookery books; I was totally in my element.

The workshops wrapped up with tea time, some pastries I had been teaching how to make from the book and a pot of earl grey. You can take me out of Britain but you can’t take the Briton out of me…

Paris in meiner Küche – RTL Living – First show airs Thursday 20th September 8.15pm.

Paris in meiner Küche – the book is released by DK Verlag on the 24th September.

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7 thoughts on “Paris in meiner Küche – German booklaunch and TV of The Little Paris Kitchen

  1. Hey Rachel- Sooo cool!!! I am from Hamburg originally, in Munich now and have been cooking from your fantastic book since it launched in the UK. It feels like you finally found the words, pictures and magic to give me little recipes, that I can use like legos to do your recipes and evolve to do my own. THANK YOU!!!! Will you also be in Munich for a signing any time soon? luv, muzi

    1. Thanks, Muzi! Not planning of going to Munich unfortunately. I went to school in Landshut when I was a teenager so went to Munich quite a few times a while back. Fingers crossed I’ll get to go back soon.

  2. Hi Rachel, I watched your show on German television yesterday evening!It was amazing! I would love to see you in Munich as well!Love, Nilay

  3. Dear Rachel,
    I have just see you on TV and couldn’t believe it!
    We were together in a class in LA 🙂 Good to see, that our home economics education paid off 🙂
    Wish ya all the best

  4. Hi Rachel,

    Very happy to see that season 1 will be aired on the German TV Channel “Sixx” starting on July 25th. I had the honour of translating the show for the German market.

    All the best and hope you read this.


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