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May 20th, 2007

La Cocotte

Welcome to La Cocotte! The tastiest bookshop in Paris. Based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris on rue Paul Bert we add another flavour to the already quite ‘gourmande’ street. Le Temps au temps, Unico (I had a delicious dinner there this week), Bistro Paul Bert…are just a few of the excellent restaurants on the same street.

Rachel Khoo Paris La Cocotte Shop 2

La Cocotte [kɔkɔt] 1 nf A cute, slightly cheeky combination of a bookshop, a boutique for unique household objects and a tea salon.

Rachel Khoo Paris La Cocotte Shop 3

The shelves are laden with various different books from all the big French names: Escoffier, Ducasse, Bocuse, Sophie… to the more unusual titles (Food manga anyone?) you’re find it here. You’re also find beautiful books on design/photography/architecture, fiction…the list goes on. Each book always ‘taste’ related though.

Rachel Khoo Paris La Cocotte Shop 1

It’s not just books, books, books. There are quirky, unique household objects like these hand-printed/dyed tea towels.

La Cocotte Torchon

And after all that exhausting browsing why not sit down and have a cup of tea (or coffee) and a coquetines (the delicious biscuits with confiture de lait made by me!).

Rachel Khoo Paris La Cocotte coquinnes biscuits

‘Les Coquetines’: Delicious biscuits with confiture de lait (made by me!) in a handmade origami box.

And the people behind this all:

La Cocotte staff coquette x 4

‘The famous four’ from left to right: Laetitia, Andrea (big boss), Me & Nathalie

Andrea: The big boss. She’s the one who came up with this genius idea, masterminds all the projects in the bookshop and chooses all the great books.

Laetitia: Concept creator/designer. Laetitia makes the beautiful origami boxes for the coquetines.

Nathalie: Visual merchandiser & Graphic Designer. Nathalie chose the colours for La Cocotte and then spent hours painting La Cocotte to perfection.

And then there’s Me: Official patissière/food stylist and part-time Cocotte assistant.

So after that ‘mini virtual’ tour I do hope you’re pop by for the real thing. We’ll be doing plenty events at La Cocotte aswell. This Thursday evening we’re hosting a tea tasting.


Opening of La Cocotte

La Cocotte, 5 rue Paul Bert 75011 Paris Tel: 01 43 73 04 02

Open: Tues & Wednes 10.30-19.30 Thurs – Sat 10.30 – 21

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  1. WOW! You’re idea is amazing! A taste bookshoop is a wonderfull place and it really impress us. If yuo’re thinking to open a new place around the world, we’re from Prato (15km from Florence-Italy) and we’re very interested.

    Thanks for your talent,

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