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March 26th, 2012

Episode 2 of The Little Paris Kitchen

The Parisians’ daily visit to their local boulanger is one of France’s sacred traditions, and in Episode Two I spend some time at one of my favorite bakeries, Du Pain et des Idées, where expert breadmaker Christope Vasseur teaches me some tricks of the trade for this fundamental part of the French art de vivre.  One of his fresh baguettes will be perfect for dipping in my tasty oeufs en cocotte, or eggs in pots. I’ll also show you how you can use up your leftover stale bread with my twist on the classic French recipe Boeuf Bourguinon with baguette dumplings.

I also whip up some chouquettes–sweet, flaky little choux pastries topped with sugar.  Then I head to a local fish market where the fishmonger gives me some tips on how to best choose my fish for my trout en papillote, an easy, healthy dish perfect for a light spring or summer meal. Finally, save room for dessert because you won’t want to miss my divine Moelleux au chocolat*, a chocolate lava cake with a gooey, salted caramel filling.

*Note: Moelleux au chocolat – 170g dark chocolate, finely chopped • 170g butter, cubed • 170g light brown sugar • 85g plain flour • 6 eggs, beaten.

Watch a clip from episode 2 below to learn more about making chouquettes:


Don’t forget this week’s soundtrack listing!

Go Home – Eliza Doolittle

The Fix – Elbow

Ophir Dub – Dub Colussus

Canal du Midi – Jack Emblow and the French Collection

Ever fallen in love – Nouvelle Vague

Skinny Genes – Eliza Doolittle

Shack Up – Nouvelle Vague

Claire – Baxter Dury

La Conga Blicoti – Edmundo and his Rumba Band

La Gloria – Gotan Project

Pigeon Vole – Charles Trenet

Quand J’etais p’tit (je vous aimais) – Charles Trenet

Heaven – Nouvelle Vague

Si Tu Vois Ma Mere – Sidney Betchet

Verlaine – Charles Trenet


The Little Paris Kitchen episode 2 aired Monday 26th March at 8.30 pm on BBC2. It was repeated on Saturday 31st March at 11.30 am on BBC One.


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44 thoughts on “Episode 2 of The Little Paris Kitchen

  1. I watched this show on telly tonight (in NZ) with my kids and they were fascinated. I think I’m going to have to try those recipes now… just one question – how many eggs in the chouquettes? I checked the video and it *seems* to be 2….

  2. Just a question about the Moilleaux au Chocolat. In the recipe above, the butter is listed as 170g, but in the episode, Rachel says 85g – which is it?

  3. Excellent, thank, Rachel.
    Since having a baby four months ago, I have been restricting my diet by limiting sugars and fats. Now that much of my baby weight is gone, I’ve decided to eat one meal per week that answers only to my heart’s (and stomach’s) desires. This week I’m kicking things off with your Beef Bourguignon and the decadent Moilleaux au Chocolat. I absolutely loved your series and have ordered your cookbook. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I watched this episode here in NZ last night for the first time. And I made the Moelleux au chocolat tonight. They turned out perfectly! So amazing! My flatmates and I were very impressed. Must get that book.

    1. That’s possible too although I find sometimes you end up adding too much egg in one go when you beat them all together.

  5. I’ve lived in Paris and the “moelleux au chocolat me manques bcp”! The recipe is great. I tried the last night. Tks!

  6. Bonjour Rachel,

    I am having problems trying to find your video for Moelleux au chocolat recipe,can you tell me where i can find it ?
    Thanks for a fabulous series the french realy know how to live don;t they ?
    merci beaucoup mademoiselle Rachel

  7. Does anyone know the measurements for an american? I dont seem to know what the measurements are for this recipe, I dont understand them 🙁

    1. Hi Sandy, my book is now out in the US (published by Chronicle Books). The US edition features some little changes (from the original English book), including cup measurements and Fahrenheit temps etc, hope this helps! Rachel

  8. Love your show, thank you! Am still confused though on quantity of butter for the Moelleux au chocolat – is it 170g or 85g? Please help

  9. Thanks for your response Rachael, will be making these tonight. Congratulations again on a beautiful series, I have enjoyed every minute.

  10. Oh..my..lord! This is all I would need as a last request if I was on death row. It was absolutely delicious, very naughty and satisfyingly devine. Definitely a keeper! X

  11. Hello Rachel!
    Episode 2 aired in Sweden today (might have been a re-run) and I really would like to try out your Moelleux au chocolat.
    Ive been googling for full correct recipe, but can only find the note above + some interpretations of your recipe. 🙁
    Can you please post a full recipe including directions?
    Thank you!

  12. Hi, just watched the last part of a chocolate and caramel pudding. I think it was “moelleux au chocolat”. On the Food Channel. ( 20th Oct 2013) But I can’t find the full recipe anywhere on line. It looked really sumptuous, can you help? Thanks. JS.

  13. For us in the USA you can Google on how to get the correct measurements. I’m going to try Moelleux au Chocolat this weekend. I need to indulge myself after a hard week. It looks like just the thing. And I’m NOT sharing. LOL

  14. I watched the first episode on Cooking Channel in the United States. How can I watch all of your other episodes and other shows? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeanie 🙂 I’ll keep you posted when I know more details about the show airing in the States. Keep an eye out on the Cooking Channel website.

  15. Hi Rachel! I just discovered your show a week ago and now I am hooked! Lol. You are just the CUTEST little thing and the way you cook these yummy dishes in that little kitchen is amazing and hypnotizing! My little girl Cydney says that your apartment is just like the one in the movie Ratatouille! Hahaha! Love you bunches from a little Georgia Peach in the south, Victoria

  16. Hi Rachel! I just discovered your show a week ago and now I am hooked! You are so cute and My little girl Cydney says that your apartment is just like the one in the movie Ratatouille! Hahaha! Love you bunches from a little Georgia Peach in the south, Victoria

    1. Hi Lisa

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      A lot of the props I use are vintage or things I’ve picked up from independent shops and markets. Also work with a prop stylist on books so some of the things aren’t mine – Elodie Rambaud was the stylist for this book, here’s her website http://www.elodierambaud.com/

      Best wishes

  17. Hello!
    I just tried the recipe for moelleux, I never had them before so am not sure what they were meant to be like. Mine seemed a bit to eggy for my liking, especially the cooked bits. Did I do something wrong? Could I use less eggs and still keep the inside runny?
    Thank you!
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Manouk,
      Great to hear you tried the recipe. Did you weigh the ingredients? I used medium eggs which weigh roughly 50g with the shell. So maybe your eggs are too big? I wouldn’t change the recipe as using less eggs will make the recipe more stodgy and less likely to have the runny centre.

  18. I have been looking for the music from this series for ages. Can’t believe the track listings were here all along and I’ve never spotted them before! Still looking for a particular piece and I can’t remember which episode it was from. Do you have a link for the track listings for episode 1? Can’t seem to find that one. Thank you x

  19. Hi Rachel,
    The Moelleux au chocolat is a very interesting recipe with my favourite salted caramel. Been dying to try it out ever since I saw your show on TV.
    However I ve two queries.
    1. Is there a substitute for double cream, can I use fresh cream instead? Maybe I would have to alter the quantities?
    Or is thick cream the same as double cream?
    2. Also the caramel, coat the back of the spoon, do you mean it needs to be thick enough. How do i know its ready, thickness and colour?

    Kindly reply. Thanks a lot! 😀 Love your show and especially the way how everything is presented.

    1. Hi Jessica, great to hear you’ve been watching the TV series and enjoying it! Ok, to answer your two questions:
      1. Yes, thick cream will do just fine
      2. ‘To coat the back of the spoon’ essentially means that if you dip the spoon into the caramel, it should leave a coating on the back of the spoon, rather than running off quickly.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  20. hi rachel, i love your show and i will try the moelleux au chocolat this christmas. i live in germany and i could not find the double cream. does usual cream works as well or do i need to add something else?
    is the receipe for 6 people?

  21. Hi Rachel.
    I ve tried it out and it came excellent. Baking again for my family. But I m out of brown sugar. Is there any suitable substitute?

  22. Hi Rachel.
    I ve tried it out and it came excellent. Baking again for my family. But I m out of brown sugar. Is there any suitable substitute?

  23. Hi Rachel!
    I know this post was written quite some time back but I have a question which is baffling me ever since I bought your book…in “Moelleux au chocolat – Chocolate lava cake” the recipe states for 170g of butter, but in the video of your show “The Little Paris kitchen” you say 85g of butter, and I’ve seen blogs with both measurements. So, please, can you tell me which one is the right one?

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