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April 15th, 2012

Episode 5 of The Little Paris Kitchen

The aperitif is a fundamental part of Parisian living, and easily one of the easiest customs to adapt to! In episode 5 you meet some of my friends, as I try not to get apartment envy at my chef friend Benjamin Darnaud’s house (you might remember him as the handsome tanned chap who can’t pronounce ‘yummy’ in the BBC trailer), when we exchange The Little Paris Kitchen for Ben’s large lofty kitchen down the road. Together, we whip up a tasty aperitif for a handful of friends. If you have been looking for some French inspiration for snacks to accompany your tipples, make sure you tune in for some neat ideas for party food.

I also head out of my little Paris kitchen to meet a rather special oyster seller in the 7 arrondissement, and I show you how to shuck your own and make a medley of condiments to accompany them. There’s a quick and healthy beetroot and lentil salad on the menu and my version of the classic Sole Meunière (a great show off dinner party dish). And for those moments where only grandma’s food will do, I show you how to make an Austrian family recipe of mine, chicken dumpling soup. Finally, I know there are a lot of patisserie fans out there, so I take on a bistrot classic, Iles Flottantes, puffy poached meringues with an almond praline and crème anglaise.

Bon appétit, mes amis!


Sole Meunière from The Little Paris Kitchen:


The Little Paris Kitchen episode 5 aired at 8.30 pm on BBC2 this Monday 16th April. It was repeated on BBC One at 11.30 am on Saturday 21st April.

Liked the music in episode 5 of the show? Check out the tracks below:

Tu Misterio – Gotan Project

De Hombre a Hombre – Gotan Project

Into Each life some rain must fall – Ella Fitzgerald

Quand j’etais p’tit (je vous aimais) – Charles Trenet

Back to Front (Instrumental) – Eliza Doolittle

Blister in the Sun – Nouvelle Vague

Douce France – Charles Trenet

Go Home (instrumental) – Eliza Doolittle

Si tu vois ma mere – Sidney Betchet



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24 thoughts on “Episode 5 of The Little Paris Kitchen

  1. I love your site and your show. I ordered your book from the UK, it would be very popular here in the states. I have told so many friends here in NYC about your show and blog. How terrific!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Melissa. The US version of the book will be published by Chronicle in April 2013. I’ll also be coming on a book tour to the US too. I’ll post more details closer to the time.

  2. Your show is terrific!!! It would be great to get it here in NYC, USA. I have to watch it in bits on UTUBE. I have ordered your cookbook from the UK. YOu should have a release in the states. Word is spreading here about how fabulous you are!!!

  3. Oh Rachel;

    I just discovered you and your little kitchen – divine! And I’m sure you get asked this all the time…but what lipstick do you wear? You wear it incredibly well! x

  4. A watched back to back episodes last night missing my hubby who was in Paris, totally loved it. So elegant and fun – thank you for making such a great programme – if you get a chance to pop in to the above – that would be lovely.

  5. Love watching your show – the food always looks amazing. I’d like to make the chicken dumpling soup – is the recipe available anywhere? Thanks

  6. Merci beaucoup! I made my own version of chicken dumpling soup yesterday for friends. Excellent idea that I will be cooking more often!

  7. A big fan of the show, love the she manages in that small flat!!!

    What is the music playing in the background when she is cooking the fish???

  8. When I saw Rachel make the Chicken Dumpling Soup, I just knew I had to make it-knew it would be perfect-and it was!! Just like I had as a child, too. Thanks so much for helping me revisit a childhood memory:)

  9. Hi Rachel,
    I LOVE your show & cookbook, it is like a little ray of sunshine (& Paris) in my world – so thank you!
    I would love to know one thing, there is a song that has been played across a few of your episodes that I cannot find anywhere, it is a jazz clarinet remixed over a modern beat (sounds like it old Johnny Dodds, or a version of Sweet Georgia Brown). Anyway – if you could enlighten me that would be *amazing* – otherwise thank you for being such an inspiration! x

    1. Hi Alice! Thanks for getting in touch. Maybe the song you mean is the theme tune? It’s a 30 second snippet that Samuel Sim composed and the singer from Baxter Dury did the vocals for. Hope this helps! Rachel

  10. To watch your show is to be transported into the world that Lewis Carroll must have imagined for Alice when she needed something even better than the mad-hatter’s tea party.
    I adore the food you cook, it looks like a poet’s sigh met a painter’s vision, and the music in the background has me falling in love with the entire experience.
    You are possibly the reason why the word Goddess was invented.

  11. Oh my goodness dear one, you are amazing!!!!! Love love love everything you cook,and your personality. You are a joy to television. You Are the best program yet. All the others cannot compare. Please stay on!!!!! Thank you for your commitment, to help others.

  12. Hi,

    My Gran loves your show and has asked me to find out what the background music is. It’s french jazz and she says it isn’t the theme tune- no vocals. She loves it and I’d like to buy her it for Christmas. Please help!!!


    1. Hi Emma, I’m really sorry to say but we’re actually not sure who the background music is by. We’ll keep researching and let you know as soon as we do 🙂

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