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April 23rd, 2012

Episode 6 of The Little Paris Kitchen

Episode 6, the final in the series, wraps up with a few French classics. I show you how to make a classic Quiche Lorraine, not a sprinkle of cheese or onion in sight. I’ll be learning to make a crêpe on the street, from an expert batter spreader at a Parisian market who I offer a taster of my favourite crêpe filler, a luscious crème de marron.

Venison Wellington is on the menu as I invite some discerning diners into my little Paris kitchen restaurant for my take on the classic Beef Wellington. We also pay tribute to the Vietnamese community in Paris, which inspires my take on the classic southern French soup, soupe au pistou. And with summer finally in sight, I head to my local park armed with some light summery salads for a picnic with friends.

I hope you enjoy the last show, and if you miss it on Monday 23rd April on BBC2 at 8.30pm, and was repeated on Sunday morning on BBC1 at 11.30am.


Take a look at how to make Quiche Lorraine:


If you liked the soundtrack, check out the track listings below:

Si tu vois ma mere – Sidney Betchet

No Hay Problema – Pink Martini

Ever Fallen in Love – Nouvelle Vague

Chungas Revenge – Gotan Project

Tu Misterio – Gotan Project

La Gloria – Gotan Project

Tu Es – Mathieu Boogaerts

Shack Up – Nouvelle Vague

Into Each life some rain must fall – Ella Fitzgerald

Back to Front (Instrumental) – Eliza Doolittle

Blister in the sun – Nouvelle Vague

Douce France – Charles Trenet

Go Home (instrumental) – Eliza Doolittle

Skinny Genes (Instrumental) – Eliza Doolittle


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30 thoughts on “Episode 6 of The Little Paris Kitchen

  1. I love this show, but there is this one little thing niggling at me, there’s this tune (on this episode at around 16:45 minutes in) a slow, accordion and guitar number sounds like a ‘Beirut’ song its not on the tracklist above and noone seems to know what it is! Can anyone tell me? Thank you!

  2. I just love your new cooking show The Little Paris Kitchen. Why only 6 episodes??? Why is your tiny flat restaurant closed??? Your show is so wonderful and refreshing I do hope it continues. Merry Christmas Rachel!!!

  3. Saw you on episode 6 for the first time, and have been searching for a written recipe for your quiche lorraine. Judging from Google, many people are also looking for the written recipe. Most hosts do provide this either on their personal website or a PBS-related page. A suggestion would be to put a search feature on your blog, as well as written recipes from your TV series. Thanks!

  4. Love the show…unique and lovely..only thing…can’t find all recipes written…I am still looking for Rachel’s quiche lorraine. Other than that…perfect!

  5. I’m another one looking for the Quiche Lorraine recipe and not having any luck finding it anywhere online. Great show! Hope Rachel will come back to TV soon!

  6. Hello Rachel.
    There is a song which seem like a mix of accordion and guitar. I cannot find it of any of your playlists. Could you tell me which song it is please? 🙂
    And thank you for your awesome recipes. 😀

    1. @Silpa – is it the theme song at the start of each episode that you mean? It’s a 30 second snippet that Samuel Sim composed and the singer from Baxter Dury did the vocals for. Hope this helps! Rachel 🙂

  7. Merci beaucoup de m’avoir répondu.:D
    But the music i’m looking for starts at about 17.56 mins. could you tell me the name please?
    Looking forward to your reply. 😀

  8. The recipe for the crust is simply incredible. I love the simplicity and every time I have made it, it came out perfect. I think that the white egg spread over the crust is key to success.
    Thanks Rachel-love your show.

  9. Bonjour Rachel!
    Can you please tell me the song playing when you are making crepes with Alan? It has a clarinet playing – sounds quite old school and then there is a cool beat that comes in.
    Merci! A x

  10. Oh and P.S – I’ve bought your book for 5 family members! We live across the Australian continent and they have heard me carrying on about how wonderful it is, so it only seemed fair 😉 x

  11. Rachel I have made your quiche a few times,it is the best ever,I am about to cook a roasted vegetable version,hope it’s as good ,,,

  12. Hi Rachel!

    I’m French but live in London and your show is just amazing!!

    I so wish you could make it a regular series…

    I recorded the 6 episodes and kept watching them, not only because the recipes seem gorgeous, but also because I found it extremely entertaining.

    I made the Croque-Monsieur muffins and they were luuuuuush!

    Thank you so much for the great time I spent watching your show!


    P.S. My aunt has got one of your cookbooks and I can’t stop reading it every time I get to hers 🙂

  13. Hi Rachel, i really love your show <3 your food are really simple and delicious
    um… i was wondering what was the name of the piano song when you were rolling the dough on the tin, when you were making the quiche
    Thank you…

  14. Hi, Rachel!

    I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m a fan of your culinary recipes. 😀
    You’re amazing cooking and fun. Thanks for all episodes. I Miss them.

    Please, can you tell me the song playing when you finish making the “Goat’s Cheese, Pistachio & Prune Cake”?

    That song it’s like a mix of accordion with guitar.
    I’m looking for this song for months and cannot find it, any of your playlists. 🙁

    If this is possible, could you tell me the name of this beautiful song? *-*
    Thank you for your attention and for your show! 😀 <3

  15. Hello, Rachel!

    Thank you for respond me.
    You are very dedicated and kind..

    I will continue to see your recipes on facebook and instagram.

    Kisses! 😀

  16. Hi Rachel,

    I’ve only just discovered your show and your cookbooks and have completely fallen in love. Your wonderful character and passion for food really shine through. I’m now dying to got back to Paris!!

    I really want to make your crème de marrons, however I was wondering how much cream I need to add.

    Look forward to hearing back from you! 🙂

    Sophie xx

  17. Hi Rachel,

    I saw that video, but the only measurement that you didn’t mention was the amount of cream that you added 🙂 I just looked in your book and you have a recipe there that says 250mL of cream, however the picture in your book of the creme de marrons looks very runny in comparison to the creme that you made on your show, so I was wondering if that time you might have used less than you state in your cookbook. Or is it simply a matter of the thicker the creme the longer you leave it on the stove to reduce?

    Thanks Rachel,


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