Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen

Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen

Rachel’s personal life has taken her north to Sweden where she has now lived since 2016. Her new adopted country is the inspiration and setting for this beautifully 8 part TV series. She hits the Swedish road where she meets passionate foodies, cooks and producers. After her travels in each episode Rachel returns to a little Swedish ‘stuga’ (Swedish for cabin) to cook up recipes inspired by her visits.

The show aired on The Food Network UK in the summer of 2019 and has since aired on Choice TV New Zealand, NHK Japan, SBS Australia, RTL Living Germany and is set to air in further countries around the world in 2020.

Episode 1 – Swedish Pantry: Rachel meets passionate forest forager who turns the fruits of the forest into delicious pickles, oils and jams. She also discovers an old flour mill specialising in hardy flours perfect to bake some treats back in her cabin.

Episode 2 – Sausage from scratch: The humble sausage is the hero with a visit to Rachel’s local hotdog stand to eat a Swedish classic, have a go at making her own sausage with two passionate artisan sausage makers aswell as rustle up a quick and easy dinner.

Episode 3 – The forest flavours: Autumn is the season of plenty in Sweden with the forests abundant with mushrooms. Rachel sets out to make the most with what is on offer in the forest aswell as pop by her local ice cream parlour for some Swedish ice cream inspiration.

Episode 4 – Swedish house man’s food: Comfort food plays a big role in the Swedish cooking tradition. Cold weather requires hearty flavours and robust produce to match. Rachel heads to a farm by the sea aswell

Episode 5 – A new diverse cuisine: Rachel heads to the Malmö Sweden’s third largest city to explore the diverse food culture and enjoy coffee and a bun with a Swedish fika (Swedish transl. to have a coffee and sweet treat) expert.

Episode 6 – The streets of Gothenburg: Rachel’s journey takes her to Gothenburg, the only Swedish city right on the Atlantic hence also being known for having the best seafood in Sweden. Naturally all things seafood are on the menu. Back in her cabin she also makes a burger with all the Swedish garnishes and a typical Swedish chocolate cake but with a Khoo twist of course!

Episode 7 – Fishing on the west coast: With lots of little colourful cabins dotted along the coastline it’s no wonder the seaside town of Smogen is the most liveliest Swedish summer town. It’s also where Rachel has a go at fishing for lobster.

Episode 8 – A festive ending: In the season finale Rachel hosts her own crayfish party before however she has to catch some. She also has her hand at blowing glass and visiting a glass factory where the furnace to heat up the glass is also used to cook.

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