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August 28th, 2013

Seeking ideas: blog revamp


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With my new book and projects on the way, I’m going to have loads of new content to share with you, so I want my blog and website to be in top shape in the new year. This means, it’s time to research revamping my site (daunting, but exciting task!).

Would love to hear your feedback and ideas. First up – what kind of blog posts would you like to see more (or less) of?

More recipes? More photos? More behind the scenes? Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

For an overview of my current blog content – you can browse my regular features and blog posts (Q&As, book reviews, recipes) by having a glance at the categories in the sidebar to the right 🙂

Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below.


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25 thoughts on “Seeking ideas: blog revamp

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Would have to agree with Carly about more behind the scenes and more mains without meat would be fabulous.
    P.S. Love your site design you should definitely keep that!

  2. My suggestion is to add a little colour to the blogs main design. Turquise and white together is pretty but very pale. I run my own wevbsite and adding some colour makes all the difference 🙂 All the best- Milla

  3. Hiya For me I would love to see more about you, your style, what makes you tick, behind the scenes. I also love your blog posts where you feature other creatives. I love the colour choice of the blog it is fresh.


  4. For the Monday Musings: Instead of the photo followed by a list of the 4-5 posts with links on keywords, make the list a visual one with each separate post having its own picture with a caption so we click on the photo instead. This takes the list from wordy to visual which is much more interesting for a food blog.

  5. ** Puts on website hat **

    OK.. More recipes, photos and behind the scenes yep, but also still keeping some of the non-cooking side, whether that be design inspiration, playlists, style and so on. As a reader it really helps to give a context to the foodie side, given that food is such an important a lifestyle choice. Also maybe a little insight into the French lifestyle?

    On the recipe front, I really liked the broader ‘Technique’ tips Gizzi has on her site (plus less specific things like those would stop the publishers from getting narky if you give away too many of the best recipes!)

    Design-wise – which I guess will be another post – it’d be great to see it reflect *you* a bit more.. Things like your Little Paris Kitchen illustrations were great – we need your doodles all over the place! And although I’ve not seen the new book yet, I’d imagine it to be just as visually ace.

    On a technical side, I reckon you could properly push WordPress to the limit too, hooking it into your Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram in all sorts of extra cool ways. I’m guessing you have someone lined up to help with the tech side already, but there’s a foodie, webby, font geek over here if you need another hand!

  6. First off – I really love your blog and your posts – they’re always interesting! I really enjoy your travel entries and the photos you post (both here and on instagram!)

    I’d love to see more personal posts – maybe about your style (your clothing and makeup are always spot-on!) Maybe also posts about places you like eating at when you go out for meals! I also agree with Carly – more vegetarian/vegan posts would be great!!

    Thanks so much for keeping your blog up – I love it! xx

  7. hi Rachel, keep the layout, it’s fresh and cute. i like the monday musing, the peek-a-look, the loves, like,bits and bobs, always inspiring/ and the recipes, of course!

  8. Bonjour name-twin Rachel,

    Not only do you have an experience palette in all things food-related, your musical prowess is impressive too. I thoroughly enjoy all of your Spotify playlists, particularly any and all French music. The Monday musings are a continued must (s’il vous plaît).

    A suggestion for the layout of your website would be having each post be completely viewable, if possible. For example, most if not all require a “read-all” hyperlink that takes you to a full view of the post. That’s certainly not the most urgent or important of issues, but a suggestion none the less. Since you are such a cultured, well dressed, and sensational person, how about adding more color to your blog? I just think you are marvelous. Hope to see you in Paris when I move next month! 😉

  9. Hi, I love your show and can’t wait for your book to come out.

    My suggestions for your website are:
    – to add interesting background, maybe illustrations inspired the watercolours you have done but isn’t to over powering that it takes away from your content. A cool logo/Logo type for the heading, maybe something hand drawn to reflect who you are and to make you stand out.
    – have the sections of your website all on one space across the top of the page so it’s easier to see them all, took me a while to see your about page. also make the recipes a key feature and have it that you can sort into sections so people can go to what they like:) (which for me is everything).

    hope that helps I love what you do.

  10. Bonjour Rachel, i just ordered yr new book in amazon for oct! i love wat you do and hoping you have more cooking video/tv instead!

  11. Hi Rachel
    I would love to see more recipes here! And I agree with people above; your drawings are lovely, use them on the blog. Also, I really like your (instagram) pics, you have a good eye. Ok, so for things ‘missing’; more glimpses in your life aka more storytelling, but I realise you might not want too much personal life online. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Bisous

  12. Hi Rachel! I love your teeny illustrations. They would look adorable peppered on your website. Also, perhaps you could include a ingredients products list with linked websites? It’s so interesting to learn about the ingredients you have chosen and where they come from. 🙂 xoj

  13. Hi Rachel,
    I love your cookbook, watch you on Youtube, (I don’t get the BBC)and I just find you delightful! Love your style!Would love to see more of your drawings, recipes, things you love, pictures,etc..Wish you were on U.S. television! How about little contests, maybe to win signed cookbooks, little paintings and things like that. Check out http://www.susanbranch.com, she’s an American cookbook writer/artist that has a lovely colorful blog. So glad to have found you, I have pre-ordered your cookbook and can’t wait till October!!

  14. First of all, thanks for having us in mind when revemping your blog.

    My first suggestion is to make the content column wider, to get larger pics(I love photography).

    I am agree with the people that ask for more vegetarian/vegan recipes.

    The categories I like the most are Quizzing the Creative, Travel, On my bookshelf and Ingredient of the month(we have a section like that in our blog).

    I suggest you to give the blog a little bit more color.

    Note: sorry for my English!

  15. I love your tv series “Little Paris Kitchen” and hope you will consider shooting more.

    Re: website. I am a professional website developer and would recommend you reference the website development standards for website text and layout; you can continue to indulge your creativity within the standards. But, there are certain things that diminish the effectiveness of a site. For example, the blue you use to highlight certain elements of your text is very hard to read.
    The advantage of using the web development standards will make the development of your site faster, maintenance easier and faster and provides a certain level of consistency that can easily be maintained within your site.

  16. Hmmm…i love everything just as it is i’m afraid. I lovemthefeel of the blog as your personal notebook with little jottings of disperate things. I even like the surpise links listed that take you to unexpected places full if inspirations and GREAT ideas. I’ve discovered so many new things here.
    Will we still be able to access the old blog after the revisions? I would miss it for sure. I do agree about using blue for links but thats so minor…As for more recipes i don’t agree. There are plenty here as is but so many other blogs fill that need and I love the spontaneous, serendipitous feel here and hope we don’t lose that with the new changes. As is it’s always full of surprises.

  17. Love the show. Wish I could visit your “kitchen”. Would you please publish a “set list”; i.e., all the equipment you use, makes, models, sizes? I am particularly interested in the green enameled cast iron dutch oven you used for the lamb stew. It looked like the lid doubles as a skillet. I LOVE this sort of multi-function equipment. Could you possibly email me the name of the manufacturer/brand and model? I would be so gratful. And I look forward to a set list. I am certain that I am not the only person who would like to study how you get maximum performance out of minimal space and optimize tools. It could support the show and the book launch (which I am really looking forward to reading). TY

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