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December 4th, 2012

Christmas ideas for foodies

Here are my Christmas gift ideas for the food and kitchen lovers in your life. Foodies are often the easiest people to buy for, I feel 😉

* Looks familiar? This bowl is a bit like the one I use in my show – but it’s a whole set. You’ll need to drop, bash around, and basically over-use it to get it to look like mine!

* If you’re feeling creative in the kitchen, how about making your own edible Christmas gifts? You can also find some fun ideas in this new e-book.

* Alternatively, if you know someone who is dreaming of building their own food empire, this might come in handy.

* Scribble new recipes down in style.

* I have some of these at home. Beautiful sturdy jars are great for keeping dry ingredients in, making for a stylish and functional present. All you need to do is fill them with delicious treats, like these fairtrade cookies or some handmade fig snacks.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas ideas for foodies

  1. I just purchased the prep enamel set! It’s so beautiful and handy and real! Thank you Rachel ! You’re amazing person and beat cook ever in the world!
    Thank you X

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