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March 10th, 2015

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook – Dutch edition (giveaway closed)

Rachel Khoo's Kookschrift

Today is publication day in the Netherlands! Really excited for all my Dutch fans to see my new book ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kookschrift’, which has been published by Kosmos.

For those of you who don’t know, this book was the culmination of months of travel, research, planning, testing and drawing in my notebook, which ultimately ended up inspiring the design of the book.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook - Rachel sketching in Istanbul

Sketching in my notebook in Istanbul

Did you see the TV series ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook’ which shows my travels to the various places which inspired lots of the recipes? You can see all my own illustrations in the book, as well as some of my Instagram snapshots from these places.

Have any of you made any of the recipes yet? Make sure to send me your photos using the hashtag #rkkitchennotebook, so nice to see what you’ve all been making. You might feature on the blog if you do!

If you haven’t got a copy yet, you can order your copies online here, but you could be in with a chance of winning a copy…

Giveaway alert! Thanks to my lovely Dutch publishers I’ve got FIVE copies of the book to giveaway, and each of them has been signed by me.

To win, all you need to do is tell/show me what or where most inspires your cooking, you can send me a photo on Twitter (@rkhooks), Facebook or Instagram (@rachelkhooks) or leave a comment below – bonus points for anyone who shares the competition!

Make sure you include the hashtag #rkkngiveaway. Can’t wait to see your entries. Good luck!

Small print: The competition will close on Wednesday 18th March 2015. It is only open tothose who live in the Netherlands or neighbouring countries who are Dutch speakers, e.g. Belgium.

There are five copies available only.

If you can, include a valid email address with your entry. You will be contacted by email or via social media if you win.

The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified after the closing date.

A limited time frame will be given for winners to accept the prize. If in the event a prize is unclaimed, a new recipient will be redrawn.

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20 thoughts on “Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook – Dutch edition (giveaway closed)

  1. Why only open to people living in the Netherlands and not Belgium 🙁 I speak Dutch and would love to participate…

  2. Okay so I migh have also posted this to your Instagram @rachelkhooks but I would really like to get inspiration from ‘het kookschrift’

    wow what great news that your book is translated in Dutch! And never been so happy to be a Dutchie right now, lucky me – what inspires my cooking? the faces of happy people when sharing a dish, weather it is with family, friends or a loved one. Food just makes everyone come together. I get inspired by so many things, I seriously write things down that I’am still dying to try!! inspiration I find everyday, outside, in the supermarket or while standing in the kitchen with beautiful products, and travels help, you just get involved is so many different flavours and cultures – and well the cookbooks help in case I lack inspiration or want to try something else than what I’m used to. Now I’ll go to the blog cause I’m sure to get more inspiration from you @rachelkhooks #rkkngiveaway

  3. As an Indonesian-born Chinese married to a Dutch girl, our family likes all kinds of food: from Dutch ‘stamppot’ (mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables) to Sichuan beef to Italian meatballs. I love looking at all kind of cooking tv programs for inspiration (saw you yesterday in Malaysia

  4. I love buying ingredients I’m not familiar work and finding out how to prepare it. I also like trying 1 or 2 recipes from blogs so I can try new foods every week

  5. Oh my.. I’d love to win a signed copy of your book! What most inspired me is all the fresh produce available at the Friday market.. Every friday I make a rough outline of what I would like to eat that week and then go down to the market to get veggies and fresh herbs. The changing of seasons, with different vegetables and fruits coming in season are also a big inspiration!

  6. What inspired me to start cooking was actualy my stay on chambers in Brussels. I had two choises. Get a weekly survival foodpackage from home or go to some fast food bar in The neigberhood. So i choose option 3, start cooking for my own. And yes my kitchen was a bit bigger than Rachel’s little Paris kitchen, but not by mutch ;).
    And I can say that cooking is something that got out of hand FAST! But I love it! If it’s just for me or for quests I make a feast of it. There is nothing I like more than dive into my kitchen and start cooking, not matter The hour.
    Now friends and family are asking me to come over and cook. Or to make some special desserts. I even have own recepices. My ex-girlfriend mom tried to remake some of my dishes, she failt. I just hope that was not The reason she dumpt me :).

  7. Love to win your new book! What inspires me to cook is to create new memories and hold on to the old.
    It gives a great feeling and it makes me cooking with a smile.

  8. Love this giveaway! My inspiration for my cooking mostly comes from the person I’m cooking for! I like to either make a dish with flavours I know they like or surprise them with flavours they’re not familiar with:-) Thanks so much for a chance to win this book!

  9. My inspiration comes from my holidays! When I go to other countries I allways buy things I don’t know and then trie them out when I am back home. So I allways have a little bit of holiday left when we return home. I love strolling on little markets and supermarkets and discovering things

  10. my inspiration comes from people mostly, I love looking at people and wonder what ‘dish’ they would be. It’s very funny and inspiring! I have your other books as well and just yesterday I baked 50 madeleines from your book as it was my daughters birthday!

  11. My lovely new kitchen will give me the inspires to cook, and ofcorse i have seen a lot from you on BBC, so i can do it al in mine kitchen with Rachel Khoo’s book behind me.

    Lovely greets from the Netherlands

  12. Wow, that’s great news! Thanks for that!

    What inspires me is three-fold:
    1) I used to travel the world for my job and loved seeing new things, getting to know other cultures and trying out new foods. Not that I am *that* adventurous, but it certainly influences me trying to cook dishes from around the world. I usually cook in a country theme when I invite friends over…
    2) When I see pictures e.g. on Pinterest of dishes that have a special yet simple presentation, I love to try that out myself. E.g., when in a quiche you don’t put the veggies just randomly, but you dress them in the shape of a flower over the top (like with leeks or Belgian endive).
    3) I love dishes with little ingredients that are surprising in the tastes that are combined. Often for e.g. a Thai soup you need lots of ingredients, which I love to “remake” in my own kitchen, but sometimes the simple little things are most appreciated!

    Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to participate! Love your show! xxx

  13. Besides those lovely young energetic cooks like you I feel inspired by the current season we have and my little toddler, too. Since he’s the centre of my life I started cooking the healthiest way I cab and got to know new veggies I didn’t know before. So I visit a beautiful little market in the city that sells organic seasonal food and I always feel inspired afterwards. Thank you Rachel for being also a great inspiration!! It’s always a pleasure watching you travel around the world and showing us new recipes. Oh, I forgot the fact that I’m a German with Turkish roots which makes me combine both cuisines quite often. And of course travelling inspires me in my kitchen, too. The last time I tried to recreate a recipe was after our trip to Australia and New Zealand. Actually every part of life can be an inspiration to us, can’t it?! Love, Deco

  14. Lots of things inspire me to cook. In this season it’s the fresh green leaves that start growing, the little flowers in the backyards and the warm day’s that lure people outside. They make me want to prepare light spring risotto’s and use all sorts of fresh young veggies like sprouts, radishes and peas. I try to give people some sort of feeling with the food I cook, just like I try to give people a feeling when I paint or draw. To me it’s closely related to each other; I try to paint with different flavours, just like I mix colours for a painting. The things around me inspire me to cook, like good food inspire me to see new things around me, it makes you think . #rkkngiveaway.

  15. I like to cook and i try a lot of different recipes that i find everywhere. Your books are new to me, but i like to try your recipes!

  16. I’m an English woman about to marry a Dutch man, and would love to win a copy of your book because what inspires my cooking is HIM!

    We love exploring new places and trying new tastes, then coming home and recreating them. We talk about who’s going to cook what each week, and he’s always my first taster when baking something new.

    Love your work, Rachel, keep it up!

  17. I grew up in the Caribbean and have been living in the Netherlands for the past couple of years. I learned how to cook when I was 20 and have been absolutely in love with it ever since. My cookbooks are my biggest inspiration. Learning about new cuisines and cooking techniques/ combinations are a great way to stay motivated especially on days when certain dishes don’t turn out the way you would like. The access to the different produce and spices is so wonderful that it has been a fun journey growing as a cook. #rkkngiveaway

  18. You inspires me to cook each day with a lovely smile on mine face.Also going to small shops and markets.So much fun and joy, and then in mine kitchen cooking just like you, this book is great for having next to me when i do not no what to do else.

    Regards from the Netherlands #rkkngiveaway

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