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May 21st, 2013

The Little Paris Kitchen TV Show Now Airing in Australia


Hello Australian readers! The Little Paris Kitchen television show is coming to Australia. The show premiers this Thursday, May 23 at 8:00pm AEST, on SBS, and will be on every Thursday at 8:00pm for the following 5 weeks.

Click here for more information (and to search what time the show is airing in your state).

What’s on the Menu?

Episode 1 – I cook up a unique take on a croque madame and conjure up some madeleines (airing 23.05.13)

Episode 2 – I craft baguettes with a master Parisian baker (airing 30.05.13)

Episode 3 – We try a twist on the cassoulet, one of the most classic French dishes (airing 06.06.13)

Episode 4 – I am treated to succulent scallops in mustard-mayonnaise by the seaside in Trouville (airing 13.06.13)

Episode 5 – I prepare gourmet garnishes with a Parisian chef and make iles flottantes (airing 20.06.13)

Episode 6 – I cook more great dishes and explores the Asian food trends finding favour in Paris (airing 27.06.13)

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41 thoughts on “The Little Paris Kitchen TV Show Now Airing in Australia

  1. Rachel
    We have just watched the SBS first episode. You now have a husband demanding I make Croque Madame for him. Merci beaucoup.

  2. Loved your 1st episode on SBS – makes my husband & I want to move to Paris! BTW fabulous tiles in your kitchen too 🙂

  3. I stumbled onto your show on SBS. Great food and a lovely show. Cant wait to try your spring stew and skewers at home! xx

  4. Hi Rachel,

    Im in Perth Australia and just watched your first episode that aired on SBS tonight and I have to say I am already a fan. I will be making those croque madame cups this weekend and maybe a madeleine or two. Love your work, happy cooking. Zoe 🙂

  5. Just watched the 1st episode of your show and it’s fantastic! Definitely going to make the croque madame cups. Also, I like your style!

  6. Rachel!

    My name’s Renee and I work at BBCWW in Toronto, Canada. I’m on the TV and Digital side and made it my personal mission to get LPK on our digital partners! Would you be interested in mentioning the release of LPK on your FB, Twitter, Instagram as well as this website? If you want to know more info, please contact me at the email provided.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  7. Hi Rachel
    While channel surfing last night I arrived on SBS just as your show was starting. Instant love, am baking the madeleines this weekend for my mums birthday. She was also watching the show and was so enchanted she called me to make sure I was watching too. You have two instant fans.

  8. Watch you show last night on the catch up SBS on line. Love you show and can’t wait to go and buy your cook book.Watching your show brought back so many memories of my time in Paris. Made some Croque Madame this morning for the family and we love it !

  9. LOVE LOVE this show on SBS Australia… Going to purchase your amazing cook book – so want to return back to Paris.

  10. Hello from Perth, Australia. I used to live in a 41 sqm flat. Everytime I cook, the smoke alarm goes off. You dress well too. I can’t wait for your next episode. Meanwhile, I have ordered your cookbook.

  11. Loved your show and am definitely going to try the Madeline’s. Enjoyed the segment on the Parisian Honey and wondered if I can purchase some online?

  12. Hi Rachel,
    Thumbs up from your cousins in Sydney (ex-KL). Watched your first episode last week and can’t wait for today’s episode. Chin Leng’s bought your cookbook too! Cheers, Caryn & Chin Leng

  13. A hello from outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia….Fabulous show, eagerly awaited after I bought the book last year. Great job Rachel, keep it up, making the fresh and tasty available to all skills levels!
    best wishes, Gail

  14. your show is great! bought the book last year, didn’t know it was a tv show, even more happy.why did i buy the book..i have a little aussie kitchen, which is proving i can do anything after reading your book. thanks rachel

  15. I love what you can do in your little Paris kitchen, will be trying out many of your recipes in my very little Blue Mountains kitchen 😀 Thank you rachel and thank you SBS

  16. Also stumbled across your link on SBS… was enamoured from the first moment. What a lovely, beautiful show… has been the creative bright spark in this week for me. Am annoying all my friends, telling them they must watch it!

  17. Starting watching you here in Australia. I love your show! You’re awesome and inspiring! Don’t know if you’re still running your tiny restaurant but would love to come dine one day!

  18. Started watching your show here in Australia, and love it! Your kitchen is so small but you manage to cook some great dishes! Keep up the great work.
    And loving the red lipstick, it really suites you

  19. Hi Rachel,
    I love your show! I’ve spent the day making my 9 year old daughter a vintage style skirt so she can dress like you too. We saw our first of your shows on Thursday and have YouTubed the rest. Thank you!

  20. Hi Rachel, I discovered your show tonight via SBS online and love it. You are such a likable presenter. Can’t wait to see more.

  21. Hi Rachel I love your well presented and mouth watering recipes along with your cosy little kitchen from Perth

  22. Hi Rachel I love your well presented and mouth watering recipes along with your cosy little kitchen. from Perth WA

  23. I love your show!!! Just bought your book online as well. Finally someone can show me how easy to cook French food.

  24. Rachel, I found your show by pure accident and found myself unable to move. Fabulous you showed me that I can take on those French recipes in a small kitchen with 2 burners and a bench top oven. Wow I was under your spell apart from the fabulous food you are simply gorgeous. Thanks for the show PLEASE keep it up all me best Ricky

  25. Hi Rachel! My wife and I adore your show as we are massive francophiles. We will definitely get your books, but so far don’t know where to get your Paris kitchen dvd series. Hopefully it will be here soon for Christmas 🙂

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